Year-long sissy training - 12 courses

An intense start with setting you up for a sissy year

  • Make a sissy financing plan
  • Start orgasm habit
  • Start tucking
  • Learn to shave
  • Learn internet safety
  • Acquire first set of panties
  • and more

We align your mind with the girl inside

  • Acquire pink bathroom essentials
  • Cooking – Learn cum recipe
  • Habit – anal stretching and care
  • Habit read a fashion magazine
  • Acquire small dildo to use in showers
  • Weekly sissy hypnosis habit
  • and more

Making your presence all feminine

  • How to pee like a sissy
  • How to stand like a sissy
  • How to walk like a sissy
  • How to sit like a sissy
  • and more

Learn the moves and embody the new you

  • Start to embrace femininity
  • Do daily Yoga
  • Get a female haircut
  • Measurement tape
  • Girly name
  • Start with makeup
  • Start voice training
  • and more

Grow hope as we look at what can be

  • Learn about hormones
  • Learn about vaginoplasty
  • Learn about facial feminization
  • Watch cute MTF transition videos
  • Learn internet safety
  • Make sissy pornhub account
  • and more

We show you the power of your feminine sexuality

  • Chastity regimen
  • Attempt anal orgasm
  • Sexuality reprogramming month
  • and more

Throw away any old inhibitions and grow limitless

  • Ass to mouth
  • Humiliation training
  • Slave position training
  • Sexual technique improvement training
  • Look and love out porn scenarios
  • and more

You get to take back all the lost time as a male

  • Watch chick-flicks
  • Pornhub social media posting
  • Forced Feminization
  • Find Mistress
  • Crossdress and suck men
  • and more

Start to realize who you always were meant to be

  • Trans & female pornstar idols
  • Learn manners and sissy expression
  • Career options and how you can specialize
  • Date master or mistress
  • and more

Embrace the social chit-chat that only true girls get

  • Online dating – go tease and talk dirty online
  • Sex Ads
  • Dressed up flirting with men in real life
  • and more

You stand proud of the new you and we go next level

  • Focus on trans idols
  • Start seriously consider transition – pros and cons
  • Transition plan
  • Therapy
  • Surgery planning
  • and more

We recap the training and look what may come next

  • We go over the year
  • Make plans for the future
  • What you really want and will make you happy
  • Find long-term relationship
  • and more
sissy training courses full year

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