Sissy Training Academy

sissy training academy teacher

How does the Academy work?
You receive emails that contain sissy training content. Your tasks, daily assignments, and studies gradually evolve.

It is a free training of high quality, we do sell some extra classes and career modules.

The aim is to slowly ease you into exploring your feminine sides and perhaps see how you like living as a girl. Does include adult words, non-explicit sexualized content and sexual exploration.

The goal is to get you confident, sissified, feminized, sexualized and socialized so you can graduate with maximum attractiveness and stack the chances in your favor to get a future owner, girlfriend, boyfriend, Mistress, Master or find a compelling sissy career option. Also works great if you are already in a relationship.

Do I need to pay to attend?
The sissy program is free and complete in itself, we do have extra classes and career training modules that are fully optional. You can buy if they something you want to dive deeper in.

Frida have a passion for this so she wants as many as possible to participate, and she has psychology and coaching training that hopefully helps make you all sweeties lives better while we are at it <3

How much control does a sissy have?
All participants have a lot of choice and ability to tailor their path. For example, we recommend each subject to carve out a time in the morning for tasks, but we are open that due to life circumstances some just cannot practically do this and will do that task in the evening, that is all fine. You can leave at any time (obviously) but we ask you to tell us why.

Do you occasionally chat up the sissies to see how they are doing?
We keep track of you and your daily progress using The Sissy Training Book™. You are to mark a box every day you do your daily commitment. This book can easily be shared and so it would be wise to actually update it as you go and be honest. Sure one can fake this, but it will be tricky and require some advanced math skills to get this right, something we do not think anyone can keep up for a month, let alone a year. So based on the progress we might give punishments, rewards or extra assignments. The risk if someone is caught cheating or slacking is removal from the program and no longer get further emails unless they reroll and start over.

Will I have to take pictures and send them to you?
We ask for no personal images or videos. However we do ask for collecting things such as inspirational images or images for conditioning, and we might ask you to share them so others in the program can benefit.

We might ask for taking non-identifying photos of your toy collection, or fashion items, but sharing tends to be optional. We want you to always feel safe and comfortable while getting enough push, punishment, and rewards to keep moving forward.

Is there a deadline for tasks? After all, good girls turn in their homework properly
Good girls do indeed show proper behavior at all times, and cute little rebel sissies often too quickly learn their place. You log your tasks into your training book as well. To once in awhile doing a task one day late is fine. If it happens often we will look into administering proper behavior adjustment, or that you change your educational plan to better fit your life. Of course, the longer and deeper into the program you go the more advanced and strict will your grading and monitoring be to pass.

Do I need to buy a lot of things? Anything I shall get now?
You need nothing to participate as we begin.

We do hope to equip you with toys, fashion, and other sissy accessories and things over the year that you do not yet have. Almost everyone has something already so we try to tailor this based on your needs and goals.

During the program, we will set up a plan with things we recommend you to get: sex toys, lingerie, normal grocery things, and fashion items.

In the first month, we will make a budget to help with planning expenses over the year and making a wish list.

Right now you can always save some money up so you have a buffer, that might make your year smoother.

What is the sissy training book?
It is an ambitious project of Sissy Trainer Frida. It is a place to mark of that you did a daily habit, to log assignments so that it will push/reward/punish you forward, and yes it is online so you can share it easily to deter cheating. It is quite big and advanced and at the same time, I made it as easy to use as possible.

What if I do not have that much sexual experience?
Do not worry. If you have not yet started anal, are new to it from being a bit scared, not knowing how to make it feels good, it was a long time since you did it, or maybe you want to get extra credits due to interest in introducing anal to others then we have the extra class for you: Anal Intro.

What if I already have “extensive” sissy sex experience?
An essential part of the program is to clarify your training goals and work on them.

For the final career tracks as a sissy pornstar, whore, feminization test subject or even sissy slave girl you probably would already rank high in some of the sexual skills.

That being said, there is plenty more to explore and also to each of those degrees than just sexual proficiency. We have seen sissies that excel in certain areas like sex but that had huge blind spots around how they could take their feminization to the next level, so I do think there are many aspects where a sissy with experience can grow a lot.

Those that do the program are for example assumed to have anal experience, and for those that are new, we have an extra class “anal intro” to catch them up. In other words, it is not a beginner only program.

Many love the daily habit structure since it really builds you up over time and pushes the sissy further than they probably have been able to get by themselves before.

What if I can only study certain days a week? Can I still participate?
Sounds like that will work just fine.

We do not require you to open the emails the same day they are sent. We actually recommend that each student tailor their studies to their life for maximal effect. We do have daily assignments if you cannot even do them then just be honest in your reporting. It is saying you completed a task when you actually did not might result in being banned for cheating.

After we send out a study subject, we always give you a whole week minimum before any tests, sometimes more so it could be wise to do some repetition so you are not caught off guard.

If I get career modules do they get incorporated into the school? Or will I receive something separate for this?
They are “extra study tracks” so to say. They are not part of the free program but you can do them in parallel as long as you have time. You can use the same sissy training book to track their progress and any study credits earned.

Our aim is to make career modules on topics that are not for “every” sissy. The anal intro is for those without anal experience. Career modules is a unique way to explore those kinks with a sissy twist in parallel with the program.

Depending on your progress you might want to pause some of the career modules if you feel it goes to fast in the beginning. And since they are more advanced they also assume that more of the basics are already taken care of.

What is the forced feminization test subject career?
It is an intense extra class module that introduces you to the career of test subjects. You get to prepare your own proposal along with some practical training.

We are not sending you around the world during the training program. We aid you in setting up a test subject application and if need be gain more skill to increase your attractiveness as a test subject.

You probably like it if you like the career Tumblr here: Be warned that link below contains hardcore nude sexually explicit sissy images The Acadamy’s Forced feminization Test Subject feed on Tumblr

If you like what you see there, then I think you will like the career module that builds upon this.

Where do I get the career modules and extra classes?
You can get them here

What happens if I change my mind halfway through the year?
You probably will be swept by the flow and will end up living as a girl for… No just kidding.

You can quit at any time… maybe?

Only the future can tell, but my experience says that often it is not as black and white as it might first seem. It is about understanding yourself, what drives and motivates you. This is something that grows you, no matter what you end up making for choices.

Whatever happens, we deal with it then and there, we have your back and you get in contact, please! We have a support system in place for scenarios like these.

If you really feel like you might change your mind, send us a mail first and maybe we can help find clarity and confidence in what is.

Is Sarina or Becca my mistress?
Sarina and Becca are not your Mistress, They are Academy Secretaries.

Where do I get support?
We have a very supportive community here: Subscribe to our Subreddit

Where do I sign up for free?
Click here to send your sissy training application


Sissylover Academy Board

163 thoughts on “Sissy Training Academy

  1. Darlene says:

    Just found this site and have applied to the Sissy Acadamy, hoping for admission? What a perfect way to spend time while locked in our homes with this pandemic, practicing becoming the sissy I’ve always wanted to be and am.

  2. Sissy Adriana says:

    I just want to say thank you to all the secretaries and Mistresses ~

    I am at the 5th module right now and I’ve overcome so many of my insecurities related to my sexuality because of this program. I highly recommend applying <3.

    Thank you so so much ~

    • Jessie says:

      I’m so happy. A lot of good things have suddenly come to my life. I was accepted to this training and a dominant man invited me to stay with him for a trial period. Later I may be working at his pension. I will wear feminine clothes and chastity cage 24/7. Will have heels 6 cm long periods. Hope to learn fast here

  3. Amanda says:

    This program brought me good luck as the day after I got accepted I was messaged by a mistress who now owns me. I can’t wait to start learning so that I can be better for my mistress!

  4. Sally says:

    Hi I’m sally I just got accept to this school I can’t wait to get started and hope it work out for me I wish I had some one close by me that’s taking this school also be nice to have someone to talk with and be friends

  5. Ivy says:

    I am so excited, I have been admited into de academy!!!!!!!
    I am a bit old as it took me many years to get the courage to do the step. I have always wanted to be a female but I was afraid to be discovered dresses as a woman or playing with a dildo.
    By now I mange to use women “semi-androgen” clothes outside home and confortable dresses and lingery when at home, soI hope to gain the courage, through the lessons at Sissylover accademy to go further out of my confort zone.
    I happy to join all of you in this wonderful tripof discovery and realization.

  6. Rayne says:

    Just so nervous to give this a real go at it but also excited… It may be a rough road but I want to be the girl I am inside…

  7. Bambi says:

    Hii, i just applied and i can’t wait for the reply!! I’ve been thinking and waiting to do this for ages and now i am finally ready to go 😀 can’t wait to meet everyone and have an amazing time learning!
    Love and hugs to all xxx

  8. huayin says:

    Wo,that’s good. That’s really what I want. I’m waiting to study in this academy. I pray that I’ll be admitted. The future will be nice and wonderful.
    Waiting for your email. I need it as soon as possible. Thanks a lot.

  9. flowers says:

    I want to study in this school. That sounds so good to me. I never thought I can fully study to be a sissy (I thought I should teach myself). And I like to be controled by others that makes me very comfortable. Oh,please tell me I will be admitted.

  10. Aurora says:

    I got accepted a few hours ago and I’m very excited to start my journey finally. Stop living a double life and be the woman and girl that I’m meant to be. Super nervous and anxious but hope that I’ll finish on top and finally understand what femininity means to me.

    Have an awesome day,

  11. Zsa Zsa says:

    Nice to see I haven’t missed the boat on this one. I am hoping the program can be tailored to a rubber sissy identity : )

  12. Justina says:

    I’m nervous about this as I am married to a wonderful woman and we have explored pegging as well as for (light lol) but I feel I need to embrace my submissive side further to fully embrace her dominance. I don’t know how she will take it if she finds out but I hope it will be accepted and understood

  13. Sluttysissysub says:

    It seems like everyone else is doing it so might as well join the trend.

    I myself have put in my application in yesterday and I just got an email today talking about how my training will begin soon. I’m looking forward to it.

  14. Brittnaynay says:

    Omg Omg I just got accepted into the academy!
    I’m so shy and nervous right now.
    I hope I do well I’m really going to try I’m so thankful.

    • Emma says:

      they just accepted me too! the truth is that for some time now I have been interested in delving deeper into my femininity, but I have never dared to do so. it’s a big step for me!

  15. Lilith says:

    Hi girls!
    I’m so excited to have been accepted into the Sissy Academy! I can’t wait to join you on this journey to positive femininity… and also sucking cock 😉
    A little about me: I’m a 24/7 chastity aspiring sissy and a BBC addict. I am hoping to suck my first black guy soon, and I plan on being black cock only. I’ll also be getting my queen of spades tattoo relatively soon as well. I’ve been training my ass for about a year now and am working my way up to a fairly large 9″x 7″ dildo (black of course). I really want to be dominated and be black owned and bred. My clitty still gets hard, but my chastity cage is starting to help keep me cute and limp. Beyond that, I’m 24 years old and am thinking about starting HRT, although it’s a big step and I’m a little scared.
    I’m thrilled to be in the program and can’t wait to meet all you lovely ladies 🙂


  16. Kim says:

    After being accepted, I have had so much fun setting things up and following instructions. I love the positive gentle way I am being interacted with. I’m so excited! I earned 1 credit to add for my secretary training.

  17. Alex says:

    This will be my second time trying the program. At first I wasn’t fully sure, but now I think it could be an excellent motivator for general self improvement. I have an awesome relationship with my boyfriend, and I hope some of what this program touches on could be used to help me be a little more girly for him.

  18. Vanessa says:

    I applied a few days ago i so hope i’ll be accepted 🙂 i can’t wait to learn. thank you so much for the opportunity to become part of this school.

  19. sararubio012 says:

    I just got accepted in the academy! Can’t wait to star with the program and follow up all the emails!
    Love it!

  20. christin says:

    hi everyone!
    i just wanna letting you know that i was accepted and i can start soon!!!!:-)
    i am feeling very proud!

  21. christin says:

    hello, my name is christin, i am new here and i joined the program right now! i can’t wait and i am soooo excited!!!!:-)))
    i am very proud to join this community!
    your christin:-)

  22. Maidjoanne88 says:

    Hope I get accepted in to the course because I truly want this I have plans to become a full time maid

  23. Jamie says:

    Just sent my application and I’m so excited! I’ve been practicing on my own for a while but so ready to get serious!

  24. Alison says:

    hello, I sent a request to participate in your free sissy training school, I am very motivated and I hope to be accepted. I have a little experience and I wear a chastity cage but I have really need you to get me to keep it as long as possible. Alison

  25. Tatianna Taylor says:

    I hope I’m signed up I’m so excited to do this , looking forward to meeting new people and learning new things about my sexuality I can’t wait so excited, I’m not very expierneced but after this I hope i am ,

  26. Alannah says:

    Well, I’ve applied to the acadamy. I’ve had fantasies about this kind of thing for a few years now. It’s my fondest hope that youll find me worthy to join the acadamy, so that those fantasies will finally become reality.

  27. Paula says:

    I’m more than excited to start with this training and become my true self, and let out the sissy porn star that I’m, really I hope to be accepted soon!

    • Alannah says:

      I also just turned in my application. Kinda nervous to actually be taking this step after years of fantasyzing. Here’s to hoping we both get accepted!

      • Paula says:

        I can’t barely sleep, I want to start now to be a full sissy. We will start together hun it gonna be so fun!

  28. Sissy lana says:

    Hi I’m sissy Lana just got accepted last night was so nervous and excited that I couldn’t sleep well can’t wait to start

  29. Steven - Stephanie says:

    I am so glad I found this website I really can’t to go to sissy school all my life since about 5 I’ve been into women’s clothes trying on my mommy’s panties and bras since then I was hooked I loved the feeling of softness of the silk my penis always been small still is I’m in my 30s now i really wanna be a girl so bad I get turned on so much by sissy slut memes I fantasise over being a sissy cheerleader for the football team I love big alpha men really wanna suck on I love sucking on my mommy dildos mmmmmm I’m such a slut I want to be humiliated by loads of girls how pathetic I am and how small my clitty is and laugh at me mmmmmm please help me with my fantasy’s I need locking up so bad xxxx Stephanie

  30. nicole says:

    I just applied to the sissy school and am beyond excited , will do everything I am told and hope to become the best little sissy ever ! nicole

  31. Diana says:

    I received an email saying I’ve been accepted this morning, and should start school in a week. Yay!! I’ve been waiting to take this step for my whole life and I can’t remember being this excited.
    Kisses everyone, Diana

  32. Diana says:

    Everyone sounds so fantastic. I can’t wait to make my sissy dreams come true and become a true sissy girly girl.

  33. Sissy Jane says:

    Applied for Sissy Training Academy. Received email – got accepted. Wow. Now each day waiting for paper work to be finished. Amazing feeling though. Excited and anxious. Not sure if I will be able to go through it.

  34. JennyJane says:

    At last i feel my dream of becoming a real sissy may come true, as a closet sissy always afraid of my feminie side hopefully , this will help me discover the true sissy , i hope i,am accepted can not wait to start training

  35. Sissy_Samantha28 says:

    I really hope my life long dream of becoming a sissy becomes my reality!! Every since I was young I’ve dreamed about this moment 🙈

  36. swisssissynun says:

    Ok this might be the best or the worst decision for the next year.
    I am especially weak to hypnosis already have deep programming in me which where installed long time ago but never finished. Lately my craving become stronger now I saw a girl I chated regular in tumbler is her and she is going full bimbo and transitioning I got so aroused I needed to apply.
    My kinky sub side craves to be accepted if it the right choice I dont know.

  37. Violet says:

    I really hope that everything to fully feminize me completely, mind, body , voice, and spirit . I am a little scared but I am definitely all in and won’t want or expect to go back to dreaming and fantasizing nonstop about being taken control of and realizing my true full potential as someone’s sissy sex slave getting dominated into taking it in all my desired spots for cum to be deposited and become addicted to a new sexy life.

  38. Sweetie.Sara says:

    OMG I m so excited to find this place. I just applied and hopefully I will be accepted for this training. I look forward to learn lots of new things and explore my femininity.

    • Alice.. says:

      I just applied. Hypnosis doesn’t have much effect on me. But since I look at her I would like to be female …. Although I don’t know exactly if something that I wanted since I was young, however, I hope it has its effects. Ultimately I will do my best!

    • Bianca Doll says:

      I just applied as well! I have an extensive collection of toys and a dresser full of lingerie and sissy outfits. I have been using anal dildos since a teen and my wife and I do power switch role playing. I have never been with a man and I do think about what it would be like sometimes… but my wife is not into having sex with anyone else but us which is fine with me. Just here to socialize I guess since no one else knows but me and her… maybe work on makeup technique. I do get hard every time I think about the cock worship kit though… maybe I’m bi?

  39. kimberley says:

    hi to all
    i am a married secret closeted want to be sissy that my wife and no one else knows about, i have not had sex with my wife for the last 14 years due to her ill health and unlikely to ever have sex with her again, i have alone time 4 afternoons per week, would i still be allowed to join and train to be a better sissy as i feel i should be serving all the real men in this world still or would i have to be able to carry out dutys and training 7 days a week?
    i am currently 1 week into the purchased sluttification course and loving it already,
    and already feel i need to be on my knees pleasuring real men
    hugs and kisses kimberley xx

  40. Mandee says:

    This course seems amazing. I’ve always tried to categorize myself and my feelings and the term sissy is it! I am genuinely excited to be accepted into the course and begin my training an education!

  41. Heike says:

    Very professional and cute website. This concept is kind of my dream. Please sign me up for the free content and thank you!

  42. Carolynn says:

    I have finally accepted & embraced my true self! For years I tried to hide & pretend to be someone I’m not a male! I have a very small useless little clitty in my panties!
    It constantly reminds of what a sissy faggot I am when I look at a real alpha males cocks!
    So here I am to say “I AM A PROUD SISSY & I WANT TO SUCK & RIDE COCK!”

  43. Mikey says:

    Hey mikey here with me it started with shemale porn then the slave sissy thing and now i stated with a bit of anal training i hope to find myself and to find Guidance Help And maybe a future partner I would love to have a Mistress or be a female doms live in slave sissy or not sure yet like i said im new to Accepting this I love femdom as well , just I love LOVE love girls and wearing lingerie is so sexy and hot I almost can’t get enough of it, sometimes it’s hard to not think about, that’s why it’s scary to me , I don’t know if it’s what I really want or am I just going thru this FUN HORNY stage in my life. What I really need is a femdom mistress or a tv/ts/or a down ass chick that just loves being a freak with her man in the bedroom. Umm yea lol that’s all my comments for now

  44. Jessi says:

    This program is EXACTLY what I’ve been needing, and I really hope I get accepted! I need proper guidance to take me from a (publicly) masc, closeted sissy to a full-blown, 24/7 Sissy Girl. I’m ready to learn and to serve! <3

    • Susie says:

      Just what I needed, a site to encourage an d embrace me for who I am and lead me to opportunities to serve as an obedient sissy. Thank You.

  45. Lauren says:

    I so happy I found this site. I filled out my application now just waiting to be accepted. I so excited and can’t wait to become the true sissy I now I am. Is their anything I can do in the meantime to better prepare myself?

  46. Samantha says:

    I am glad to of found this website I filled in the application form now just waiting to see if I accepted really looking forward to exploring my sissy side more

  47. Sasha says:

    hi girls, I am so glad I found this academy. The modules I have taken this far has made me a better person. The modules have encouraged me to experiment with my body and me.

    I used the free material until my current module sluttification. I would encourage anyone to pay for the module as there is a lot of chosen material for each day. Thank you head mistress for being here.

  48. Samantha says:

    Omg I’m sooo happy I found this site as I just always fantasize as being a sissy slut and hope to be accepted into the program but I have no idea where to start or build on my sissy side so when I saw this program it looks perfect

  49. Petra says:

    Hi all, I am curious if I will be accepted to the program. It seems a serious course, and I may end up at being the sissy that I should have been

  50. wannabesissypaige says:

    I just sent in my application, I hope I get accepted because I want to truly embraces the pleasures of life as a perfect sissy slut

    • Corgen Chaney (Chloe) says:

      Hello Goddess’s, Mistress’s, Femdomme’s, Key Holder’s, and hello all fellow sissy’s! Oh i really hope i do get accepted into this famed Academy! My name is Corgen Chaney i am 19 years old right now, i live in texas and i have been a Closeted Sissy Slut When i found about this Academy i could not believe it truly existed. I have been a closet sissy for a very long time until i had a huge scare this Saturday 7/14/19) when i accidentally turned on to share a photo album to my Facebook.. Even though i do not remember setting it up i had to deal with the consequences. My whole family, my friends, and even the girl i was hoping to be with, most of them left me. Which somehow only felt like a weights have been lifted from my shoulders. Now everybody has seen me playing with a inflatable butt plug, wearing my cute thongs as they hide my incredibly small bulge. My collection or uncensored porn, photos, encouragement photos, my pictures of dick and the pictures of me pretending to suck dick. So at this point i have really nothing else to lose. My biggest fear has already happened and is allowing me to RUN towards the Complete and Total Feminization of my Mind Body and Spirit. And to graduate as a live in sissy slave or any job under the sun that will support and help enforce my (possibly forced) sexuality, with or without my permission. Best of luck everyone, and hopefully we all never look back to our nasty old boyish selves if we do get accepted. Because if i am, there is going to be good rivalry friendship with all of us!

  51. sissysamantha43 says:

    ever since i started trying on skirts and stockings and suspenders it felt so tingly on my body and then i started buying womens glossy magazines i guess this brought out the sissy in me what do u think all this means xx

  52. Nayana says:

    I would be happy if I could see this world with your help and i don’t know what made me to reach till here, but I FEEL it inside me…I wouldn’t I’m trapped in this male body but something keeps pushing me beyond that and I feel that I’m a girl… 🙂

  53. Alexis says:

    I NEED the Academy. Before, my choice; live
    a lie, or be cut off from the world. Now I have my sisters! I adore the girls.
    I wish I could host a party for all of us, complete with male strippers!

    • jennijenzz says:

      this is so exciting I put in my application yesterday and i cannot wait to hear if i am accepted. I really need this now. I am as much “sissy” as i have ever been right now and i could sure use a push or a pull or just a “good job sissy” .I now i am a sissy, it;s just hard sometimes jennijenzz

  54. NataliaBall says:

    Que lindo todos esos comentarios estoy muy animada en comenzar el curso.

    How nice all those comments I am very encouraged to start the course.

  55. Marki says:

    I love being a sissy and I love sucking cock as much as I love pantyhose and and sissy clothes I have dreamed all my life of me being a total feminine sissy ❤️

  56. Dalissa says:

    Hi I’m Dalissa ,I want to be the best sissy ever , I have wore the clothes since I was 8 years old .When I was in school after gym with all them handsome hung boys in the shower I just wanted to be on my knees and suck everyone of them off .Then they started busing in the black kids and yes yes yes I just wanted to make it with all of them . I have always wanted to be a girl .
    I want to be a maid or slave for a strong hung man or a dominant woman.

  57. Krissy says:

    Hi everyone…wearing panties snd sucking ficks at the peep shows inthe city starting when i was 14. .so great. Lots of practice…maybe 4 after school ..each day! I was hot… Smooth verycute long hair..guys mouth filled with warm cum….of course guys started fucking me in there…

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    • Jennifer says:

      I want to be a sissy. I’ve been wearing female cloths for years , but now I need to be totally feminized. I’m not a virgin. I love cock !!!!

  59. Suzanne says:

    After I Graduate I want to help you all in being able to get things from sissy store here and send those things to individuals who might not have been able to afford anything.

  60. Melissa scarlet says:

    I’m new-ish to this cross dressing thing but I love it and I love femdom as well , just I love LOVE love girls and wearing lingerie is so sexy and hot I almost can’t get enough of it, sometimes it’s hard to not think about, that’s why it’s scary to me , I don’t know if it’s what I really want or am I just going thru this FUN HORNY stage in my life. What I really need is a femdom mistress or a tv/ts/or a down ass chick that just loves being a freak with her man in the bedroom. Umm yea lol that’s all my comments for now

    • Mikey says:

      Hey Melissa mike here i feel like im just like you after i read your review and you sound pretty much just like me I like wearing panties and i have started with a lil anal play like I said I’m new and after reading your review and others I’m gonna join

  61. allison says:

    I cant wait i already wear panties and a DD38 bra and can easily fill the cups naturally am desperate for training, coaching, guidence lessons i will full submit and commit all the way

  62. Alina says:

    I have been part of it for 4 months now. I really love it. They teach you everything to become a woman. I love the assignments and homework they give me. It is free but I cannot understand why.. I think they cannot keep it up for free like that as everything is well written and omg… I just love them. I have purchased extra classes and careers just to support them… but I found that the extra stuff is soooo goood that I wish there were more of these. Anyway I think I just wanted to tell that I love the sissy training and perhaps some sissy who is not sure if they want to join or not will find encouragement from my review. That is the least I can do to the academy.

  63. Joe Sherman says:

    I need sissy training real bad. I need to be in pink for at least 7 days. With butt plug in. Dress like a girl during the day and at night time dress like a baby girl 1 year old. I need to be toward the teaser girls eat like a girl walk like a girl talk like a girl be a girl I need to be torn on the TV the girl eat like a girl walk like a girl talk like a girl be a girl. Eat the foods that girls and drink milk and water for hours for going to bed and the baby bottle in the nipple to go to sleep .drink drinks that girls drink. Forced to keep a nipple in my mouth while I sleep. And butt plug stays in all night while I sleep for 8 hours.

  64. sharon says:

    Hi i’m Sharon
    Could you send me first emails with daily routine. I started my training with another account but i had some problems with email. So i arrived to Daily routin with lip gloss. I have a Folder with girl imagine and i read first Novel. It is possible use Italian?

  65. Sissyntrnn says:

    I have been waiting on this for a long time looking forward to being a productive and pleasing Sissy for my daddy or my master. I crave cock so bad and I am obsessed with BBC.

  66. janine says:

    i always have difficulty with things like make-up and hair. i think this site gives really great ideas and tips and builds the confidence to become a perfect girl. thank you!

  67. rayelynn says:

    Hello everyone. This is by far the most effective program i have came across and i am doing my best and working as hard as i can to fulfill the student’s responsiblities. Daily life keeps getting in the way and already i am behind in the courses. i strongly recommend this all who know they are a sissy inside. i thank Sarina, Becca and most importantly, the Administrators and Mistress who has worked so hard to make such a successful school

  68. Skye says:

    I don’t have much in the way of cash I can throw around right now, and I don’t know when I will, so if I join can I put this stuff on hiatus when it comes to spending until I have some money that I don’t need to spend on food, water, and shelter?

    • Annette says:

      I am a part time lonely closet crossdresser and very excited that I just applied for this sissy training to bring the inner woman 👩 out of her.
      Will this sissy training Help her find a dominant woman to share and enjoy
      her sissy journey, and help her find new sissy friends and admirers too?
      Would anyone please help me with this information request?
      Thank you for helping me become feminized sissy, and maybe for mtf transitioning too.

  69. Marcia Leanne says:

    Hello to all, my name is Marcia leanne. I am a mtf in transition and on HRT. I joined the Academy as a help to refine my femininity and to present a more consistent feminine presence. I have enjoyed every moment of the material and the manner in which it is presented. This is absolutely the most comprehensive and generous program I have found. My love to all the Academy Administrators, Miss Frida, and Miss Sarina. I cannot thank you enough for the excellence I have found here in these lessons. Submissively; Gratefully, and Respectfully Submitted,
    Marcia Leanne

  70. Sissy fukdoll says:

    I have always known i was different from other boys. I knew when i first fell in love with pantyhose and got my first erection wearing them that i wanted to be a girl. I began putting on lipstick, eyeliner, the whole 9 yards. I practiced sucking dick on bananas. I was a sissy from the moment i was born. My little clitty never grew past 1 inch flaccid. Hard i manage to get just about 4″. I knew the first time my lips were on a cock i was hooked!

  71. Simon says:


    Very profeasional and cute website. This concept is kind of my dream. Please sign me up for the free content and thank you !


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