Payment methods

We accept

  1. Debit/credit cards
  2. Bank transfers – bank details are provided after you checkout
  3. Cash on delivery – disabled due to health safety during covid19



  1. What will my bank statement display?

    There will be no indications of sissylover or sissification. Totally discreet payment.
  2. Why my card is declined? I have money
    There might be several reasons
    1) Your bank has disabled International transactions. In this situation we advise you to contact your bank and let them enable the payments
    2) Billing address does not match with your bank details
  3. How do I stay anonymous if I have to use my real email for payment?
    1) Create an account with your sissy email. (register here)
    2) Use your real billing email at checkout.
    This way your card will go through successfully and we send emails to your registered account email not billing email.