Is Locktober Right for You? A Self-Assessment Guide

Are you Ready for Locktober 2023?

Locktober is a phenomenon that has taken the kink world by storm. Whilst many people across the world most associate October with Halloween, here at SissyLover the month is fully dedicated to our annual Locktober Chastity Challenge! This year, Head Mistress Alyssa has once again written a brand-new list of thirty tasks to make Locktober 2023 one to remember. 

But how do you know if Locktober is the right experience for you? We’ve put together this self-assessment guide to help you make an informed decision.

What is Locktober?

Locktober is a month-long event in October dedicated to wearing a chastity device. Sissies and submissives across the world try to lock away their genitals for an entire 31 days, either under the guidance of a keyholder, or as a personal challenge for themselves.

There are many reasons a person might want to participate in Locktober – from kink fulfillment, to life fulfilment. Whether you want to have more discipline in your life and direct your energy away from your clit, or simply find the idea of chastity an exciting thrill – there’s no right or wrong answer.

How to Use This Self-Assessment

Nobody can tell you whether or not Locktober is right for you. Some of our sissy students have successfully completed the whole month locked with no previous chastity experience, while others who regularly wear their device still struggle to stay locked for the full amount of time. As we go through each question, think about how it applies to you. Keep an open mind – Locktober is a difficult challenge for many, but that’s part of the fun. Getting to the end of the month isn’t the only thing that matters – the much more important thing is giving it your best shot, and seeing how well you can do.

What Level of Challenge Are You Ready For?

This assessment is not designed to give a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ answer. We strongly believe in trying things out to discover if they’re truly right for you or not. Instead, think of this assessment as a way of deciding what level of challenge you’re ready for:

Beginner: A basic chastity challenge simply means attempting to lock up for as much of Locktober as possible. You can unlock whenever you want, but we recommend attempting to lock up for at least some of every day – and maybe push yourself toward staying locked overnight.

Traditional: This is the full 31-day lockup. The traditional Locktober challenge means sealing away your chastity keys and staying fully locked up for the duration of the 31 Days, with no way out. Successfully getting to the end of the Traditional challenge means earning a diploma, and a personal congratulations from Head Mistress Alyssa!

Full Experience: For some sissies, the temptation to unlock during the 30 Day period can be overwhelming – so for those who know they’re able to comfortably wear a chastity device for longer, Head Mistress Alyssa has devised a way of raising the stakes.

> No matter what level of challenge you decide to commit to, every participant who signs up for Locktober 2023 will get full access to our Discord server, daily tasks and more. Be aware that for Traditional and Full experience modes, you’ll have to carefully follow our instructions to prove that you haven’t cheated.

Self-Assessment Questions

Do you have a chastity device?

If you want to participate in Sissylover’s Locktober challenge, you’ll need a chastity cage that can be locked with keys, and an envelope to seal away those keys for the full month. Something to keep in mind is that the better quality your device is, the less likely it is that you’ll have to end your lockup early. A cage with some rough edges might only be slightly uncomfortable in the short term, but over the course of 31 days that discomfort can develop into actual harm.

As well as a chastity device that’s suitable for long-term wear, it’s worth investing in a soothing cream. I know at least a few sissies who swear by aloe vera, and others who claim coconut oil is the best thing to prevent rubbing. One girl tells me that she uses a post-shave balm to prevent the cage from hurting her as the days go on.

> If you don’t have a chastity device, but would like to take part in Locktober, the clock is ticking for you to get one. You’ll need to have a chastity device ready by October 1st in order to participate in the SissyLover Locktober Challenge.

Do you have previous experience with chastity?

While not a requirement, previous experience with wearing a chastity device can help you understand what level of Locktober challenge you’re ready to try. A Beginner-level challenge is just about locking up for as much of the month as possible, with the option of unlocking as much or as little as you need to – and if you’re brand-new to exploring chastity, this is the way that we recommend you try the challenge.

If you already have experience with locking up for multiple days at a time, we recommend attempting a Traditional Locktober: locking away your clit for an entire 31 days and sealing away the keys. If you end up struggling with your lockup for any reason, our dedicated community will be there to support you every step of the way, helping you to make the most of your time in chastity!

Are you open to exploring deeper submission?

Locktober isn’t just about physical restraint; it’s about exploring your kinks, emotionally and psychologically. Between the challenging nature of chastity as well as the optional daily tasks, this month can be a thrilling opportunity for you to explore a side to yourself that you’ve never fully experienced before, try new things, and maybe even discover new things about yourself! Every year, we see many of our Locktober participants flourishing, accepting their sissy side, and becoming much more comfortable with their path into deeper submission.

Do you know how to safely prepare for the risks?

Like any kink activity, there are risks involved in long-term chastity. A cheap, low-quality chastity cage isn’t just uncomfortable to wear, it can lead to hygiene problems or even injury in rare cases. The good news is that our team is on hand to provide help and advice throughout the month about how you can explore this kink in a way that is safe and healthy for you – as well as you having full access to a community of super-experienced girls who really know their stuff when it comes to the unique challenge of wearing a chastity cage for extended periods of time.

Do you want a supportive community of other sissies to talk to?

Signing up for SissyLover’s Locktober Challenge means access to an incredibly supportive community who are there to help you through the month – whether you need emotional support with the ups and downs of a very challenging month, or simply need tips and advice about how to get through your chastity journey safely, from sissies who are now seasoned experts in long-term chastity. 

Most importantly, for most sissies, Locktober is a very secretive time. Going through an entire month with something as big as this on your mind, with nobody you can talk to about it, can be a lonely experience, and nobody likes to feel like the odd one out for being locked up and having nobody to turn to. 

Finally, sissies in the community can hold each other accountable and make sure that you do actually meet your goal of getting through to the end of the month! Having a supportive community around you during your lockup is the number one best indicator of whether you’ll complete the month successfully or not – even more so than having a keyholder. 

Do you have a partner to consider?

If you have a regular sexual partner, or long-term Dominant in your life, the decision to lock away your clit in chastity doesn’t only affect you. We strongly recommend being open and honest with your partner about your desire to participate in Locktober before you seal away the keys to your cage. After all, communication is key to any relationship, and this might just be the perfect way to start a conversation about your desires with somebody in your life who you trust.

What could Locktober do for you?

Do you have masturbation habits that are interfering with your day to day life? Do you want to let go of a little more of your masculinity to more fully embrace your feminine side? Do you want more energy and focus to spend on the things that really matter to you? There are a huge number of emotional and psychological benefits that can come from the practice of chastity – as well as you feeling much more fulfilled in your sexual and kink life, and connected to a community of people who understand your desires. The only way to fully discover the benefits that Locktober could bring for you is to try it – so what are you waiting for?

Most Importantly: Is Locktober Something You Want to Try?

Whether you’re ready for the Full Experience, or simply a Beginner looking to take your first steps along your chastity journey, Locktober 2023 has something for every sissy. If there is any part of you that wants to take part in the challenge, sign up now before it’s too late!

19 thoughts on “Is Locktober Right for You? A Self-Assessment Guide

  1. Donald says:

    I locked up for 31 days last Oct & will do it again this year. It is good for a man to be chaste periodically. I am forbidden to masturbate without permission & intercourse is never permitted!

  2. Larry says:

    For long time I wanted some one to take controll of me 24/7 make me thier full time sissy like being submissive bottom boy am want be sissy boy be opened and used

  3. Alberta says:

    For the reason that I am married to a real female who does not know my full sexuality, and I do not want her to know it, i cannot participate in any way to lock up my genitals. She would never approve of it and would leave me for it. I do love her and do not want to lose her.

    My wife once went out of town for two weeks. The first week I went to see a real Mistress. She wanted to put me in chastity for three days from a Friday to that next Monday Morning. I could stay at Her house for the full three days. When i arrived i was told to take off all of my clothes. After i was completely nude, She put chastity cage on me. It first covered my balls and then my penis. It locked up the whole thing. There was only a small hole in the end for me to able to pee. She did not want to block me from doing that. However, she did insert a catheter that went in all the way down to just below my balls. That way She could control when i was allowed to let out any of my pee. When i had to take a pee, i had to ask her for permission to do. If She wanted to allow me to pee, i could do so after she released the clamp on the catheter. If She wanted to torture me a little, she would tell me that i had to wait 30 minutes then She would allow me to pee. To punish me even more, i was also given a 4 quart enema with an inflatable double balloon nozzle in my butt hole. This i had to retain for a full 45 minutes with no letting it out or peeing if i had to do either one or both. For the entire three days i was locked and cathetered. As for the enemas, i was given one about ever 1½ hours.

    That is all i have to say about being locked in chastity.

  4. Sam says:

    i broke my key to my small harden steel chastity 2 weeks ago now i guess i half to do this because no tool can break the lock that i have. i need to cum so bad, i need to jerk but the chastity is in the way! i have a dildo but ive never did a prostate orgasm before!

  5. PriyamSissy says:

    Hi everyone,
    I am interested in Locktober, but I play cricket and I found that during the game or practice, if I wear chastity, it becomes really uncomfortable. Do you have any suggestion for that? Beside, last time I had to stop fater 18 days(I was doing by myself, with someone’s guidance,as it was first time) as it was itching too much.

  6. Gaeun Kim says:

    I tried wearing a chastity device for up to 12 days. As punishment for not being able to dispose of the ejaculate with my mouth after masturbating, I was locked in the chastity device for a month.

  7. Ana says:

    I´d be happy to stay locked for an entire month, with guidance and tasks, so far I´ve been locked up for 4 days, o my own, a very sensual experience, because I´m forced to concentrate on other sensitive spots as anus and balls. Chastity is no problem, so far I managed several times to avoid eyaculacion for a month, though training my penis every morning to get hard and close to climax, at least once a day. Wearing plug 24/7 is a nice complement.
    People around can feel my sexual energy, a very satisfying experience, and the sensation of self control gives a lot of strength.
    I´d like to participate in Locktober challenge but-I´ve got two massage sessions a week, monday and thursday, when I need to be released.
    Unfortunately, still haven´t found the right person to hand over the control of my sexual activities, but a guided experience will certainly help to prepare myself.
    Quite happy to have found a platform which allows likeminded to express themselfes and share experiences, congratulations.

  8. Chrissy says:

    In hind sight now I wish I had signed up for Locktober!!! Won’t make the mistake of not signing up next year will sign up in June.

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