How to Prepare for Locktober: a Checklist

If you’ve decided that Locktober is right for you, congratulations on taking the first step towards an exhilarating, self-revealing month-long challenge! Whether you’re a chastity novice or a seasoned player, preparation is the key to a fulfilling Locktober experience. With that in mind, we’ve created a comprehensive checklist to help you prepare for your month-long chastity journey.

Gather Your Supplies

1. You will need a Chastity Device!

Acquire a Quality Device: A well-designed and high-quality chastity device is crucial for long-term wear. Invest in a device that is made from body-safe materials and suits your anatomy. In order to participate in the SissyLover Locktober challenge, you’ll either need a chastity device that can be locked with a key, or a Cellmate / QIUI device that can be controlled from your smartphone.

What Kind of Chastity Device Should I Use?

Unless you’re a hardcore chastity pro, you should use your most comfortable cage for Locktober. If you don’t currently own a suitable cage, do some research for yourself on cages that are suitable for long-term wear. Make sure you read the reviews! Some sissies prefer the smoothness of stainless steel cages, whilst others find the reduced weight of a high-quality plastic or resin cage more comfortable. 

You should also consider the importance of hygiene – if your device is a fully sealed shell, it will be more difficult to keep clean than a cage-style chastity device. 

Cage harnesses

If you’re new to wearing your cage overnight, you might find that as blood flow changes while you sleep, your clit starts to strain painfully inside your cage, waking you up at night. Something that can help a lot with this is a cage harness or strap. These simple fabric strips can take some of the strain which would otherwise pull and stretch on the sensitive skin of your genitals, hopefully helping you to stay caged all night long!

2. Collect Your Sissy-Things

Whilst there’s never a requirement to own anything other than a chastity cage before starting Locktober, many of the optional tasks that will come your way over the course of the month will focus on sissification. Here’s a simple run-down of items that you might find useful.


  • A Dildo (or similar shaped object)
  • A Butt Plug (with a flared base!)
  • Nipple clamps (or similar item)
  • Feeling brave? Why not spend the extra money to buy a fucking machine, and see if you can sissygasm before the end of the month?


  • Simple panties & bralette
  • Lingerie sets
  • Slut-wear for dressing up: Short skirts, crop tops
  • Casual feminine wear
  • A wig
  • High heels
  • Stockings


Not every sissy wears makeup, whereas some of you will already have a huge stockpile… but some sissies joining us for Locktober 2023 may wish to buy makeup for the first time. When buying your first items of makeup, some are more important to the sissy experience than others. From most important to least, here’s a run-down of different items you might want to buy:

  • Lipstick 
  • Mascara
  • Nail polish
  • Eyeliner
  • Foundation
  • Eyeshadow
  • Concealer
  • Blush
  • Contour
  • Beard Cover

Don’t suddenly try to do everything at once! There’s a lot to do this month, so pace yourself accordingly.

3. Toiletries

  • Gentle, skin-protecting cleansing products: often, shower gels and scented toiletries can contain chemicals that dry out the skin. Guard against this by using moisturizing soaps 
  • Moisturizers and Lubricants: Aloe Vera Gel is known for its soothing properties, and can relieve discomfort caused by a rubbing device. To reduce friction between your body and the cage, we recommend applying a small amount of long-lasting lubricant daily, such as a silicone-based lube or a natural oil like coconut oil.
  • Antibacterial Wipes: These can help you maintain hygiene, especially when you can’t take the device off for cleaning. Avoid alcohol-based hygiene products, as these can dry out your skin, leading to an increased risk of injury.
  • Q-tips: Useful for cleaning small, hard-to-reach areas of the device.
  • Shaving equipment: You do not have to shave your genital area before starting Locktober, and many sissies find that shaving completely smooth is more likely to lead to unpleasant rubbing or pinching. Besides, it can be difficult to fully shave without being able to unlock your cage. However, if you’d like to do your best to keep yourself hairless throughout the month, we fully support that decision. Make sure you invest in a good quality post-shave balm that will reduce redness and rubbing on your very sensitive freshly-shaven skin. Remember that shaving products marketed toward women aren’t just a feminine option; these are often better suited to shaving body hair than a razor for men.
  • Perfume: Wearing a feminine scent can often be the thing that brings the whole sissy experience together. If you’re not ready to wear perfume just yet, you can start small by swapping out your bathroom items for the female equivalent… just be aware that scented products could irritate the sensitive skin around your chastity cage.

4. Miscellaneous

  • Envelope: For those doing the Traditional or Full Experience, you’ll need a blank envelope to seal away the keys to your cage. You’ll also need a pen to write on the envelope with.
  • Camera: Your computer’s webcam or mobile phone camera will do. Unless you’re in the Beginners’ group, you’ll need to take photos to prove that you haven’t cheated.
  • Safe Word: If you’re participating with a partner, establish a safe word.

Mental Preparation:

Locktober can be a psychological challenge as well as a physical one. Here are a few ways that you can fully prepare yourself for the month to come:

  • Test Drive: Try wearing your chastity device for increasingly longer periods before Locktober starts. Make sure it’s comfortable and doesn’t pinch or cause any other discomfort.
  • Adjustment Period: Use the days leading up to Locktober to get accustomed to the device.
  • Set Personal Goals: Depending on what you want to get out of the month of Locktober – whether you aim to practice self-discipline, deepen your submissive role, or simply enjoy a kink – think about how you will want to use the increased focus you get from locking away your very distracting clit. Of course, many sissies’ main goal during locktober is to devote that time to becoming more feminine, and closer to the girl that they want to be, and there are a huge range of sissy tasks coming to our challenge-takers this month that will help you achieve this.


  • Partner Briefing: If you have a sexual, romantic, or kink partner, you’ll need to have an open discussion about expectations, boundaries, and what each of you expect Locktober to look like.

Safety Preparations

  • Emergency Plan: Create a safety plan in case you need to remove the device urgently. If you plan to travel during the month, consider keeping the envelope with your keys in it with you at all times. 

Join the SissyLover Community

  • Discord Server: When you sign up to the SissyLover Locktober challenge, you’ll get access to our Discord server, daily tasks, and more to keep you motivated throughout the month.

Finalize Your Locktober Plan

  • Commit to a Challenge Level: Decide whether you’ll be participating at the Beginner, Traditional, or Full Experience level. Sign up for the SissyLover Locktober 2023 challenge before it’s too late!
  • Calendar Countdown: Mark October 1st on your calendar and get ready for the journey to begin.

Whether you’re a first-timer or a Locktober veteran, preparation is vital for a rewarding and safe experience. This checklist is your go-to guide for making Locktober 2023 an unforgettable journey of self-exploration and fulfillment.

Are you ready? Sign up now.

Still unsure if Locktober is right for you? Why not try our self-assessment guide!

6 thoughts on “How to Prepare for Locktober: a Checklist

  1. nikki pink says:

    With regards to shaving, for a modest investment a quality epilator kit (EG: Phillips Epilator Series 8000, BRE740/14) can enable a quantum leap for us gurls. Not only for the genital area, but for the body as a whole (just not the facial region.) A good moisturizer cream (EG: AVEENO
    Daily Moisturizing Lotion) afterwards helps to guarantee happy / long-lasting smooth skin! A smart gurl will give a generous application about her cage base-ring BEFORE going to bed, to help with “raising dawn” troubles… Perfect opportunity for your Goddess to do this, and use it for some “accidental” tease & denial (so as to ensure a VERY CHALLENGING night!) Also of note, sent-free baby wipes help for “tactical” clean-up, and diaper rash cream can be quite helpful / soothing for “ring rash”. Good luck gurls! <3

  2. Steve Kern says:

    your Mistresses should sell their well worn used panties to enforce us sissies to force smell them to lock in a Womens aroma to make us more submissive and compliant. Especially when done in self bondage

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