How to eat your cum for the first time in 4 simple steps

If you want to start eating your own cum or you’ve been trying to but are struggling and you’d like to be a more obedient sissy then you’re in the right place.

With a lot positive reviews on the Cum Eating course created by The Academy, we know what we’re talking about.

This is a quick guide to and we know you’re eager to start eating cum so let’s get straight to it sissy girl!

Step 1: Do You Want To Eat Cum?

This might sound a bit silly, but seriously…

Do you?

Or do you want to do this just because you’ve seen and heard that sissies are supposed to in the porn you watch?

I always want to encourage good sissy etiquette, such as cleaning up your mess properly, and sissylover frowns on disobedient sissies.

But if you genuinely do not want to eat cum, then you’ll struggle to get started and chances are you’ll never get to the point where you enjoy and even crave a mouthful of your load… or someone else’s!

If you actually do want to, then we need to understand WHY before you’re ready to begin your journey to being a cum dump.

    Why You Like Eating Cum

To help you understand why, let’s take a look at some of the most common 

reasons sissies like you would want to.

I did some research on Reddit, asking sissies why they like eating cum and combined it with my own experiences as a sissy to come up with some common reasons:

  • It makes them feel super slutty
  • It’s convenient – no mess!
  • They want to feel more feminine, so they act like the hot girls they see in porn
  • It turns them on
  • It’s rich in Estrogen (yes, really!) as well as many other minerals
  • They love the taste
  • They feel like good sissies after 🙂
  • They feel hot and submissive

    This list may have provided you with some inspiration to get you going but 

if they haven’t resonated too deeply with you, don’t worry!

It’s because they’re reasons that sissies like eating cum AFTER getting used to it, not the reasons that they want to BEFORE blowing their own load into their greedy little mouths.

So, the question is…

    Why Do YOU Want To Eat Cum?

    You might think the answer is obvious, but…

    Why do you want to feel that warm, salty load drench your tongue, slide 

down your throat and fill your tummy?

We’re gonna get really clear and focused on why you want to guzzle cum 

like the sissy slut you dream of becoming, so you can be motivated to finally be one.

Sissy task time!

  1. Grab a pen and some paper.
  2. Click this you dirty whore.
  3. Spend 5 minutes looking at all those filthy sluts doing what you want to do, but don’t.
  4. Now list out all the reasons you have for eating cum, whatever cums 😉 to mind.
  5. Now stare at this for 1 minute.
  6. Go back to your list and circle the top 3 reasons.
  7. Look at each reason one at a time and ask yourself, “why do I want to [insert your reason here]?”
  8. For each answer you came up in with point 7, ask “why do I want to [insert your reason here]?”

You should now have a list filled with reasons, that are all meaningful and personal to you about why you really want to eat cum!

Your head and heart are in the right place to be a cumslut, time for step 2…

Step 2: Why You Struggle To Eat Your Cum

Now we know why you want to eat cum and you’re a step closer to your goal but… You still have to get over that hurdle and do it.

Why you haven’t is WAY simpler than why you want to.

So let me explain…

Post-Squirt Doubt

    I know you’ve been there. We’ve all been there! What am I talking about?

    Oh c’mon, you know sissy. You’re tugging away at your little clitty watching slutty whores playing with  cock after cock and guzzling down gallons of cum.

Getting ready to catch your sticky cum.

Thinking about how great it feels to have that your lips wrapped around a giant, hard cock, sliding in and out of your throat…

And then BOOM!

You’re squirting like crazy into your palm. You start to bring it to your mouth.

But then doubt starts creeping into your head as you look at the greyish white liquid in your hand.

“Do I really need to do this?”

    All of a sudden, you’re not so sure.

    You’re definitely not so horny anymore.

    10 seconds ago you couldn’t WAIT to feel that warm tasty cum in your mouth. And now you can’t even imagine doing that…

What happened?

That ladies and (let’s be honest) bitches is post-squirt doubt.

You squirted, and now you’re thinking with a bit more intelligence because  your horniness has dropped.

So what can you do?

This leads us to the next question…

How Do I Overcome Post-Squirt Doubt?

    Getting you to eat your cum is all about getting it into your cum-hungry 

mouth before post-squirt doubt kicks in. It’s that simple, by using the methods in the next section you’ll be able to get used to the taste of cum, from there it’s just about building the habit.

So, let’s get into it…

Step 3: Methods For Getting Past It

Here are the 5 most effective ways I know of for helping sissies like you to swallow for the first time.

    Common Techniques:

  • Sissy Facial

This one is as simple as it sounds

  • When you’re rubbing away and feel yourself getting close…
  • Lie down and bring your legs over your head, while your hips go into the air, so your sissy clit is pointed at your face (you can even use a wall to make it easier)
  • Take aim, keep stroking and dream of the slut you want to become.
  • Squirt all over your face, some of it will go into your mouth and you’re officially a cum eater!
  • By the time post-squirt doubt kicked in, it was too late…you are a cumslut!
  • Now you’ve done it, it’s a lot easier to use your fingers to scoop the rest into your eager, slutty hole.
  • The Catch

This one requires a bit more discipline than a sissy facial.

  • Decide what you’ll be using to catch your cum (glass, bowl, your hand etc.)
  • Then start rubbing yourself as normal.
  • When you’re ready to squirt, take aim and let your juices flow into your catcher.
  • Then QUICKLY pour the estrogen-rich contents into your mouth.
  • That’s where the discipline comes in, because it won’t take long for that post-squirt doubt to kick in – so you have to be fast!
  • CEI Videos

These are videos that are designed to take you from arousal to reward. There are many CEI videos aimed at a wider audience, but I recommend you use ones specifically aimed at sissies. As a sissy, you need to follow instructions and having someone tell you exactly what to do can make it easier.

Here’s a few suggestions:

  • Hypnotic Cum Junkie

Edit: Since a lot of videos are deleted and updating single videos takes too many our resources then we suggest hypnotube cum category

  • A Ruined Orgasm
    • For a full breakdown on how to do this, go here.
    • This method will let you eat an endless amount of cum without a drop in your arousal.
  • Cum Eating Training
    I think I’ve saved the best for last on this list

  • You get a contract to sign between yourself and the Head Mistress.
  • It will increase your cum lust and push you into oblivion.
  • You soon will (believing is a very powerful tool) stop having those postorgasmic regrets! Yeyy

Step 4: Which Method Are You Gonna Use?

This step is the simplest one. Pick a method and comment below which one you’re going to use.


Once you’ve tried it out, come back and tell me if you were successful or not! Good luck and remember, the first time is the hardest and you need to work for it. 


451 thoughts on “How to eat your cum for the first time in 4 simple steps

  1. sally says:

    I completed the ask. I had my Mistress watching me and encouraging me. I came in my hand and licked it off, and licked each finger to make sure I got it all. It wasnt as bad as I thought it be.

      • JazzyB says:

        Eager to practice and to learn to please utilizing the ruined orgasm technique. I am very hit or miss with swallowing during self play. My goal is to remove all doubt and swallow every time.

      • Chrissy406 says:

        I have found that works best for me is to rub myself to the edge and let the cum run out. I press my sissy balls up inside and then press my limp clitty down . I rub my clitty until the cum starts flowing and have been able to milk out some big thick creamy cum loads to enjoy. I find it works best to keep my clitty limp and coax the cum to flow from my limp clitty. It is important that I stop rubbing if my clitty starts getting hard because it is to easy to go over the edge with a hard clitty. I can rub out quite a bit of cummies to enjoy as long as I keep my clitty limp and rub it only until the cum flows out. I always keep myself in a feminine state of mind while I rub my clitty and imagine myself as a submissive gurl pleasing my man’s big thick cock.

        • Thor says:

          That is the way but, just stop, right before the point of no return. Your brain does not receive the message soon enough, some times a good amount of that hot sticky goo comes out into your waiting hand. You put all the hot cum in your hand and enjoy!! You are still horny, you still desire hot cum, do it again,, then continue jerking and orgasm with a load of cum in your mouth. This is the best way. Once you shoot all your hormones out, all you have left is a hand full of snot. Why would you eat that bleachy smelling goo?? The thought of guys saving old cum and reheating it, or trying to eat cum after you cum is just nonsense.

        • Brandi says:

          You got it figured out, thats for sure. This is a wonderful way to experience what it feels like to have sex as a feminine women. If you really get in tune with your feminine state of mind, by moaning and moving your hips and breast like a horny girl, the sissy in you will start to shine. The beginning of a Sissygasm.

          • Lana says:

            I did my sissy-facial
            But I lost it cuz it dropped in my eyes instead of my mouth I guess I did it wrong I have to try it again

        • Rubbie says:

          hi Chrissy, i want to try this technique, I love when my sissy nuts are pushed inside because it make my area there a little sissy flatter. But not sure if I can get cum coming out just by rubbing my clitty when it is pressed down. I get only the pre-cum, but that is very little…

    • Anna says:

      Have done it first time after while listening to CEI, squirting it in my mouth. Took me some years to manage squirting it on my hand and licking it up. Happened after several days of edging and watching CEI, as well es cum guzzling compilations. Was a spontaneous action, was surprised.

    • L says:

      I would love to have a cock in my mouth so it cums right from the source. Never done it but feel powered to do so but idk how to

    • Brittany says:

      I have done the sissy facial and the cum ruined and I still have not stopped. The amount of cum that I’ve had after reading this still makes me want more.

    • Gia says:

      I’ve tried by myself keeping my legs high while lying down on my back and close to wall, i usually get the regret before having traste my cum once i take it in hand. But this time i put it all on my face and drank some without hesitation the taste was super good and im loving it , i even massaged my face fully with my cum and felt it for sometime. It was really helpful and im able to eat my around my 15th th load fully now after started.
      Thank you for the valuable lessons

    • Voi says:

      omg I did it! I’ve never been able to take the final step before now but reading and following along was that final push I needed thank you so much 🥰

    • Alexa says:

      Tried it for the first time. Most of my cum didn’t make it to my face. Barely got on my stomach. Will try again later

      • Kitten says:

        Legs up! I’m pretty slender and flexible, so I was able to comfortably bend, point my legs and toes straight out, pull the dildo out of my mouth, squirt my own warm cum into my mouth and lick my lips clean! It felt soooo good! I love my sissy training!!

      • Kathy says:

        I edge myself for at least an hour, really letting the excitement grow (while fantasizing about sucking hard cock). When I’m ready to pop, I aim my clit straight at my face (while lying on my back). The build up during edge play makes for a powerful release that allows at least the first couple of squirts to reach my face and mouth….and really feels natural, like daddy is standing over me. I plan on trying the method described here but my method also works and is much more comfortable than having to ball up like a slinky…..?

      • Qt Whore says:

        I love swallowing sperm too, but I fear the estrogen causing me with have noticeable big boobs causing me to get asked about it..

        • Jackie says:

          I actually wanted to start growing my own boobs. I got lots of estrogen from sucking off a few married men in my area. Since Covid stopped my fun, I started taking estrogen supplements over the counter. My boobs are growing slowly and I love how the estrogen makes me feel so feminine.

    • Jessica frame says:

      I have done the sissy facial while having a sissygasm like a good girl in the shower. My juices were so tasty I forced myself to have I think 3 more in a row. My mind was so fuzzy and warm, then I swallowed it all down while deep throating my dildo. Its easy to get over the post squirt regrets if you don’t play with your clitty, but pound your sissy pussy until you squirt!

    • Valeria says:

      The first Time I used the facial method. I still do it everytime I play with my clitty. It just feels the best to get the cum directly from the source.

      • Jay Lynn Kacey says:

        Suffered from post gasm regret for the longest time but after learning how to keep my clit wet, Icum several times before I climax into orgasm. The taste really does get better and i even crave it, need it, start soaking my panties or pampers thinking about Daddies salty life juice.

  2. Cammy says:

    One I learned was to cum into a shot glass then keep it ready for the next time touching yourself. Once your hornieness grows and you are getting closer to cumming take the shot of cum and hold it in your mouth as you reach climax. So then you get use to the taste of cum as a trigger for orgasm.

    • Misty Rose says:

      I totally agree with this idea. Right after I cum in a glass I immediately do something very girly like freshen up my lipstick and that puts me right back in the mood and then I get to savor my reward!

  3. Vee Vee says:

    Ruined makes it easy to get hooked and tasting it but a full sissy facial…more over a full sissy mouth shot, and your audience is so hot to it they cum in your mouth too….well that got me over it real quick. Now it’s down to taking his love load with him deep throat. I wanna feel that hot release into my throat with his snorkel past my chest bone.

    • Bulger Gray says:

      Been struggling for awhile until I realized,.. its just cum. I always loved the idea of being able to selfsuck(autofellatio). Having a cock (now sissy stick), jerking off came with surprise cumshots. Remember the first time I busted my load and cum landed in my mouth and on my face, I was in heaven. Struggling with the thought ever since. I’ve had day where I can edge out a load, sissygasim, and just plan dump a load in my mouth (legs over head). Since the start of the pandemic, being locked in the house, not being able to interact with people, and if so, being denied any sort of sex. It was time to embrace my true and inner feelings. Debating the rational and creating my list as required. The bottom line,.. if I don’t embrace my desires. Who will? After reading through some of the content and realizing I was not alone. I decided to embrace what makes my sissy clit thingle,.. have a mouth full of cum!!! I have to admit the first load did go to waste, but after a few minutes I was able to savory the sweet tasty flavor. What you think I wasted my cum by using a napkin? As recommended, dumped my load in a cup. Once I tasted my load, my sissy dick got hard immediately. Going for round two, still savory the last load. I throw my legs over my head and stared jerking. Less than 30 seconds later I dump my load in my mouth. Before I could second guess the thought I swallowed!!! Wishing for more, I counted the rest of my evening and early morning to gooning out and following your instructions and what I’ve learned in this lesson. My take away, embrace your inner desires, make the most of your sex life, and most importantly never ever let a load got to waste. To all the cum hungry slots in the world. I finally get it!!! As I continue my lessons, embrace my inner slut, and disregard what I think people think. I will graduate at the top of my class.

  4. Alika says:

    I really want to try the sissy facial, but I know the Cum Eating Training will be awesome.

    Ps. Some of the Video links are not popping up on PornHub.

  5. Candie Flowers says:

    I eat my own cum, but it’s so much easier to swallow when the man cums in my mouth. My bull will tell me to get my mouth on it or go down just before he comes, if I’m stroking it. That way my mouth is on it when he cums and I swallow every drop down.

  6. Subboiz says:

    I personally love to flip my legs over my head and ruin multiple times directly into my mouth. I always feel super slutty and horny even after I’ve swallowed my third or fourth load. The constant smell of cum drives me absolutely wild! I love being a sissy cumdump♡

  7. Alyson says:

    The sissy facial is what I chose to do. It helped me to get past the point of just having any on my face which I couldn’t do before. The little that got in my mouth was so good, but I know I still need work. I know that I will be able to get where I want to be by the end.

  8. Michelle says:

    I’ll go for facial! I have done it before and it’s gets me so horny! A good way to not risk post-squirt doubt that always kicks in!

  9. Sissy Lola says:

    I’ve performed sissy facials initially which was really helpful, and now I love the Catch method, except I don’t need to guzzle it so quickly as I’m totally addicted to cum now, and love to build up a few loads before I sip it down xx

    • Amy says:

      I have always been scared of eating my own cum. After reading all the steps, I tried doing the sissy facial. I felt so horny with my legs over my head that I came so much and it went all over my face. I licked up every last drop of that delicious cum.

    • Josiegurl says:

      I had that problem myself with the post cum doubt. The first time I ate my cum was a self fasial. It was amazing to have it all in my mouth and face. I would do that once in a while. I also enjoy sucking it out the condom. I love the taste of cum but it took me a bit to get over the texture. Cum lover for ever. I would have ate all my loads if I knew how estrogen rich it is.

  10. Dee says:

    What If You Had A Vasectomy…..
    Eating My Own Is So Difficult But Love Eating Other Guys Cum After They Release In My Mouth….

  11. brianna says:

    So many options. But for me, I think a contract with the Head Mistress is the way to go. Someone to hold me accountable.

  12. Victoria says:

    I’m gonna go for ruined organs. It sounds so emasculating and fun to deny myself the pleasure of coming, plus I get more yummy dummies to gobble down! ?

    • Ty says:

      I enjoy the self facial but want to train my clitty to cum limp my wife can make me premature ejaculat in my panties and pants when she talks about fucking big cocked men but I want to be able to never get hard again

  13. joyce says:

    I have tasted my own semen years ago when I was young but have not done that for years. If I am sucking a man’s dick I will swallow his load if he cums in my mouth. If I am going into a long term relationship with a man as BF/gf I do like dropping to my knees in front of him and sucking his dick to completion with both his hands on my head on occasion and swallowing his load to make us feel closer and display my submissiveness to him. But mostly I like a man cumming in my ‘vagina’, I consider my rectum as my vagina and I have a special feeling for men that cum inside me. Yes I luv being fucked by a man and I pretend we are trying to get me pregnant and knocked up by him. I was born male but I now do live full time and totally as a woman. I do have a boyfriend that cums inside me regularly when he fucks me. I am his girlfriend in our boyfriend/girlfriend relationship. during this pandemic we are faithful to each other, he is the only man fucking me and I am the only woman he is fucking.

    • Sissy Jenna says:

      I’ve tried the sissy facial. The problem is that many of us closet sissies are closet sissies because we realized we have tiny cocks. My sissy clit is 1.5” soft and almost 3” hard . It’s hard to get my little cum loads into my mouth. I actually prefer being forced to cum on the floor and lick it up. Nothing is more emasculating and I’m swollen just thinking about it now. Xoxo Sissy Jenna

      • Chrissy says:

        Trying to work up to these steps. I have been squirting into a condom the last few days and eating my cum 15 min later when horny. I have come to aquire the taste and do not mind it. I saviored it in my mouth and gargled it yesterday 🙂

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