Benefits of Chastity

For such a simple thing, the benefits a sissy can gain from wearing chastity are astounding! If you’re reading this, then chances are you’re at least a little curious about locking your “cock” ? so let’s look at some of the plus points you can expect when you take the plunge, admit you should be locked, and order a chastity cage.

Focus on your sissification 

Once you can’t stroke anymore, you can focus on approaching your body in a much more feminine manner. All that wasted time can be much more productively spent on your sissification.

This can be done when you’re unlocked, but when you’re in a cage, it becomes the norm instead of an optional extra that you need to work at.

It’s easier to focus on fashion or makeup when you’re locked (because you’re not going to get distracted by the pretty ladies), and watching porn becomes something inspirational that you can learn from instead of something to get yourself off to. Chastity wearing can be difficult and uncomfortable at first. We have created a chastity class for beginners so that you can extend your locking time from a few hours to a few months.

Purge resistance

I’ve lost count of the number of e-mails and DM I get saying, “I really want to be a proper sissy, but every time I cum, I lose the urge.” Often, when I point out, “then stop coming,” it’s like I said, the moon is made of elephants! 

Many sissies get stuck in a cycle of starting their sissification, then they release and pause things (or swear off it forever), and a week or two passes, and they start again. Locking yourself safely away stops all of this. 

Once you can’t have a release, you can progress past this and reach the point where purging (and even the threat of purging) simply disappears because your sissy side becomes accepted as a valid part of your identity.

Stress relief

I imagine you’ve heard that jerking off relieves stress, and this is true, but pretty much any aerobic activity is equally as good. Locking yourself up can cause a little tension in the short term as your body adapts to the cage and its new situation, but after a couple of days, your base level of stress will drop significantly.

An erect cock is a cause of stress and erotic tension because it’s a sign that you need to do something, and it’s constantly calling out for your attention. Once you remove your ability to become erect, that stress ceases to exist, and even better, your mood will even out a lot. 
And we have a comfy cage available now

Emotional responsiveness

When you’re locked, your ego gets suppressed, and this makes it a lot harder for you to feel angry or frustrated, and you’ll be able to hear your emotions much more clearly. This is something a lot of sissies are surprised by, even though it goes hand in hand with what we’ve just talked about. Once you’re locked, you become much more emotionally available and caring. 

One of our students wrote to tell us that they’d realized that once they’d started to wear a cage regularly, they had begun to focus more on the needs of others which had benefited their marriage and their work.


Not being at the beck and call of your clit gives you so much free energy that you won’t know what to do with it all. A lot of sissies lose weight when they start wearing a cage, and it’s because they become much more in touch with their body, and their newfound energy makes exercise much more appealing. 


Your sissy sexuality will become supercharged. Everyone (hopefully) knows that if you can’t release, your arousal will climb and climb, but the things you watch and read and listen to will become so much more arousing and impactful too. 

Imagine you’re watching a sissy hypno video. Text is flashing up, “you’re not a man,” “feminize yourself,” “no pussy for you,” and so on. Just watching this normally is hot, and it’s how a lot of people find their way to sissification, but watching it when you’re locked makes it so much hotter!

When you’re wearing a cage, you’re not a man because you can’t fulfill the sexual role of a male. You’ve already started to feminize yourself, and of course, there’s no pussy for you; you’ve locked yourself in a cage! Chastity makes it hotter because it makes it real.


As well as making it so much easier for you to work on your sissygasm (because you can’t “slip” when you’re bouncing on a dildo and “accidentally” start stroking when you’re locked) when you do unlock after a while in chastity any releases, you will blow your silly sissy mind. Whether you stroke, use a vibrator, or just cum in your panties because the sensation of them rubbing on your sissy clit is too much, locking yourself up for at least a week will give you mind blowing orgasms.

This will also push you to lock for longer…if it’s that good after a week, how about two…or a month…or a year?

If you don’t have any experience but want to get started, our “Chastity Training: Beginner” course will talk you through picking out the right cage to start with and build you up so you can lock for a week.

If you’re comfortable with the basics, look into our “Locked in chastity” assignments which let you pick how long you want to be locked for and keep you horny with daily tasks.

What are you waiting for? If you want the benefits, you need to start locking yourself!
Browse all cages here
Advanced remote control cage with an integrated time lock
Comfy cage with splittable rings

61 thoughts on “Benefits of Chastity

  1. julie says:

    Locking for a week to 10 days now. Going to get small pink cage to wear as it seems proper to replace my clear one. Looking for best milking toy now. Thank you

    • missy says:

      Hi Julie. I found if you stay away from transparent or open cages was best for me. This way I can’t see my clitty and if I can’t see my clitty I tend not to pay attention to it and tend to forget about it. I’m still looking for the best milking toy. Good luck…..

  2. Missy100599 says:

    Hello I keep myself in the holy trainer V4 Nano tube. I’ve been in sense September 1 2020. I started the Sissy Academy November 1 2020. I am doing my morning routines. I’m on day 11. I take my chastity off off for my morning routine. After the routine I put myself back in the chastity without any orgasm. After the first 30 days I’ve been trying to achieve sissygasm through self penetration. I was hoping chastity would help. In 2 month I have not been able to sissygasm. Hoping I may be able to get help here. Thank you.

    • Sasha says:

      If you want to sissygasm, you need to stop masturbating to cum. When you do set up a specific time where you have atleast a full hour to yourself. And just find the spot that feels the best and keep exploring what feels good and look for that and it will just happen. Also in my experience small g spot vibrators work well I don’t ever use the vibrator part though.

  3. Nessa Rodgers says:

    I had always said chastity wasn’t for me in my previous and failed attempts at coming to terms with my self as a CD and/or sissy. Last night though I bought a cute little pink cage along with two good sized dildos and some buttplugs from Sissy Lover to assist me in my training at the Sissy Academy.

    I am *so* excited to try it on, it can’t come fast enough.

    • Stephanie says:

      I wish you the best… don’t force you at the first few tries to hard.
      Your body has to accept it and thats need time. Don’t forget to play with yourself daily at night so it will be easier to wear it longer. Don’t cum like a man it will end your try immediately the first times.
      So fuck yourself daily and cum like you should as a slutty girl with a big dildo or vibrator in the ass. Try to stay plugged the first time you wear it. So if you are not at home you also can enjoy the chastity better.
      Accept how are you….. and be proud of your girly side. Don’t follow bad thoughts. You are a pretty little naughty Slut, live it and learn to love it.
      It is wonderfull if you accept yourself as Sissy girl completely

      People like us are girls. We need it that way and it is good to be like that.
      Many people love our lifestyle and love to play with us. We are rare on this planet and becasue of that we can choose are man.
      We can choose who will dominate us and how often we can suck on delicious dicks. It is our way…. I am a proud Sissy Transgirl

      • Sissy Slut Lucy says:

        Omg! I got my first chastity for my sissy clitty in pink! My clit is a little big for it, but it absolutely loves being caged!!! Can’t stop precum yums ? made my boi pussy so tight, couldn’t quite fit my hella girthy 9″ BBC in tonight. I sure tried though! Had to use my less girthy 7″ BWC that is the size of the manhood I had up until this epic day! It is so amazing to not even think of a penis on my girly body, leaving me to use my hands for other things that feel way better overall! My body has been lightly sissygasming for 2 hours now and I’m not even done. I’m so horny I could go for being someone’s sissy slave. I can’t wait to take the assignments here! Can’t stop being horny! All dressed up sexy, collared, and beta spade tat on hip. Soon I shave my body. I’m tired of being in closet. Want real life to be this great.. I can only imagine a nice and tall huge boi pussy filling alpha male that accepts me for the girly little slut I wish to be/he makes me be. I love my dongs, but I want to submit to big sexy men! I want someone to just take my choices away, all I have is pleasure them, so I can get my man juice from them. I would love to try and be humiliated by one. I’m hoping maybe someday, I will be chosen by a Master to make me his sissy bitch wife. Chastity has got me submissive as fuck Lol where the water

        • Sissy Slut Lucy says:

          I’m in such a sissy bliss right now girls! So much I didn’t mean to say where the water in my last post without adding these next two words; -based and lube. I wish all you beautiful ladies the best of luck here and in life with our pursuit of being woman as we can get, with or without opting to lose our sissy clitty. I’m going to keep mine even though it is useless and inferior to my BBC. Maybe I will have a use for it sometime after it never gets unlocked again? I just want to take and please real men and their yummy cum straws. The chastity is got me in this ßeta boi, big cock wantingness.i need to be came into everywhere and all over my sissified skinny ass. XOXO ?? be you always all ways!

    • Michaeltomachelle says:

      Someone said that my penis wouldn’t shrink with chastity , when I first got my cage I had to put icepac on just to get in the cage, I haven’t. had an erection for 28 days know. When I got out of the shower yesterday it slipped on in about 1 minute although I like my penis going down in size and girth I’m on my way to becoming a sissy.

  4. Lack ts says:

    First thing, I want to thank you for accepting me into the school, I am very interested in sharpening my feminine mannerisms, and I find relentless happiness when in femme, I have developed superb edging skills , will a device for locking be required to complete the course? I ask sincerely, also I am open to prove my skills I have developed over the years if so please know I mean no disrespect,I am on a fixed income and only work part time do know that I will buy if you see fit my feminization I have decided to put first for a change, while some men will find great satisfaction, I adore the way my panties fit when I am tucked i sometimes go for many months never releasing I so enjoy being in ,femme I discovered the benefits of Chasity some time ago, how ever if mistress desires I shall order the device.thank you again for accepting me ,I know I have a lot to learn yet ,peace and love every one .

    • Stephanie says:

      Hey Sister,
      I hope you already bought a cage because you will love it. Not the first week but you will defintely love it…. Be carefull with the size if you have a small clitty, buy a small one or it will end uncomfortable for you.
      I prefer metal chastity… I like the feeling of it. But I also have expirience with plastic one. They are better for not play to much with it. It really locks you away and also if you want to play with your clitty, you barely can’t.
      It is more frustrating as a metal even you don’t come in both. The feeling if you play with it is nealy none… so some Sisters would say it is better so you concentrate more on your pussy and thats true but I also love to play with my clitty when I fuck my pussy. And then a metal is much better…..
      I am thinking about the start to wear it for the next 10 to 20 days and play with my everyday once. I want to improve myself…. to get more girly…. I already work as woman but sometimes I miss the feeling of being a real woman, not only a Sissy Slut.

      So I will start my try at 15.2.2021 and will wear my chastity also at work. I hope I make some improvements….
      What about u? how often you wear you chastity device? Are you more happy with it? What kind of chastity do you prefer?

      • Jennifer says:

        Hi Stephanie,
        I’m new here, just having been accepted into the course. I’m looking forward to learning more. I’ve been a part time sissy and in chastity for around 40 years. I’ve always been small, unable to really satisfy my wife, one day she found my stash of lingerie that I would wear when she was out of town. I was super fortunate, our love was strong enough to survive (times were different 40 years ago) and my wife was smart enough to see how it could benefit her. We still had to live “normal” lives, jobs, friends, etc, so during those times I had to play the normal male role, but in private I could dress up. The thing was, I was put in chastity to control my naughty behavior. She would unlock me every few weeks when she would go out with her friends and I could masturbate (“do my thing” but when she returned in the morning I was put back into my cage. Sometimes my release came about every other week, sometimes it would go months before she went out again. We had a very happy relationship for 48 years until her passing from cancer. Now, some years later, I still wear a chastity cage, just ordered a new HT V4 Nub I’m anxiously waiting for. Yes, permanent chastity does gradually shrink you down, I now have almost nothing. I actually feel incomplete without it. Over the years we (my wife picked out the model) tried different types but in the end it came down to a metal cage type. Most durable for continuous wear, and the open cage design is easier to keep clean than a plastic tube type. Being in chastity, having a Keyholder, definitely does change your outlook on life, and submission. Now that I’m retired and alone I wish to go deeper into the rabbit hole and set this sissy deep inside me free. I’m so excited.
        Oh, just a note, when you have a steel chastity cage, keep in mind that now government buildings have metal detectors. I’ve been looking at the new plastic cages for this reason, they make some that are completely non metal, even the locking mechanism. That way I can switch if i have to go someplace that may have a metal detector. I hate to leave home without my cage.

  5. Stephanie says:

    Thank you again for accepting me. This is perfect timing! My wife agreed to try being my KeyHolder again. She appears much more serious this time!! I’ve already been pussy-free well over a hundred days. She told me to have our toys ready this weekend, especially her Hitachi Magic Wand.

  6. Pearl mystic starrlynn says:

    Well I’m a sissy coming out to be a trans. Never had a chastity. But I can play with .y boi pussy amd suck on my little dildo amd still not touch my little dick. I have a 1 inch small baby penis. And I can push it in with my little two peelers and hide it. o hate my penis. So I need a chatitt the most sm all last several made.

  7. robyn Peters says:

    I have been playing with chastity for a while, and must say that I agree. Being in chastity has changed my outlook, and has kept me from slipping back into the nasty habit of touching my clity without permission.
    Sissygasms are fantastic, and I hope to one day make them the only way I can have a release.
    I Have progressed from a normal size cage that a man might wear to please his wife and keep him from fooling around, to a tiny cage that shows that I really don’t have a man’s penis… I have a sissy clitty that NEEDS to be locked up all the time.

  8. Emily says:

    I’m currently locked in chasity. I’m locked in a 0.98 inch chastity device. It is helping me keep my mind on my sissifcation.

  9. Marci says:

    I have done chastity for short periods of time, all day basically. I’m looking forward to meeting a mistress in this course that can lock me for longer periods. I want to explore chastity a lot further. I am looking for a device that is equipped with a chain loop as well if any one knows one. I not only want to be locked but also be chained to a wall or led around by someone. This a perfect sign of a feminized sissy.

  10. Korina Brestevanski says:

    Ive been doing the sissy school and wearing chastity for a while now i just ordered a super tiny chastity cage. Ive vowed to shrink as much as possible all while taking feminizing hormones. Thank you so much for the encouragement and letting me realize who i really am ?

  11. Stephanie says:

    First I want to thank you for the well written article. I locked myself instantly as I read it.

    Hey Sissy Sisters…
    How you doing? Are you still locked?
    I love being locked for a few days… I have a small metal chastity and I tease my self 4 times a day, sometimes more often.
    I love the feeling of the metal.
    How long should I stay in chastity…. This is my third time. My record is 4 days….
    Sometimes it is really hard to sleep… Any suggestions?
    Any advice?

  12. Bobbi says:

    Great article thank you.
    I recently purchased the man cage 01 at a local adult store, to avoid shipping embarrassment. I really wanted a pink one. I want to try it and this article gives me courage. I need to shave so putting it on wont be painful. I’ll let you know how it goes.

  13. Rich says:

    I was just accepted in to the Academy, and am taking this in-between stage to read “free Academy library of stories and bonus material.”
    I’ve heard of coming without touching my dick, by prostate manipulation, but have my doubts that is possibly for me. Plus, I enjoy Cumming from dick stimulation, the thought of losing that is scary. Is it true Prostate ejaculations can be more powerful than the other way?

  14. Jami says:

    When I was with my old Dom, he introduced me to chastity. From the very first time I was locked, it became intensely psychological as well. I felt more feminine pretty much instantly. And having sissygasms when locked is so awesome. The feeling is so intense. I currently don’t have a keyholder, but when I find the right Dom, it’s one of the first things we will talk about. I usually keep myself locked for most of the day, till right before I go to bed, and sometimes I sleep caged. I’m locked and plugged right now while I’m writing this. And am very happy about both!

  15. Luna says:

    I’m currently locked in a micro metal chasity cage. I’m locked all the day, It is helping me keep my mind on my sissifcation, I always sit to pee. I want to try a inverted chastity cage ( The idea behind this cage is to have a fully secure and sex free environment along with no outward appearance of a penis. The testicles are displayed but there is no shaft to be seen.)
    I practice with my dildo to coming without touching my dick, getting pleasure of my tits and the prostate ejaculations make my legs feel an earthquake

    • Tamarabj4 says:

      Luna I am so happy you are experiencing leg “quaking” sissygasms… are a genuine, hyper feminized, emasculated Sissy,giggling.

    • Jennifer says:

      Wow, an inverted !! I’ve never seen one of those. I use a Nub now because it’s the smallest I could find, but an inverted might just be great. Thanks for sharing, I’m going to start checking for something like that right now.

  16. Sissy jessica says:

    I don’t have a chastity cage cause I can’t afford one but I do rub my clitty instead of stroking it and my orgasms are even better and just wanted to thank the academy for this course

  17. Sissy Lawi says:

    I just found out about this academy one day ago and i love it. I am considering buying a cage but my issue is i share a room with my brother and live with the family i cant seem to find a good place to hide. I ordered buttplugs cant wait for them to arrive.

    Regarding sissygasm i am really not sure if i really did have them but once i start fingering myself of put anything in my boipussy my legs directly starts to shake and a lot of precum comes out but never been able to cum without stroking my dick a bit then leave the rest for the anal stimulation.

    i would really love to accept the girly side of me and i am sure the academy can really help<3

    • Harry says:

      I hope You’ll can. And shurlly You Will! That happened to me for years, because Ididn’t accepted my sissy side. Butt it responded good due My insistance.
      It may be usefull for You, as it was to me. I prrsented my bigger dildo for a long time, caressing My nasty butt and kissing ir repeteadly with My lower mouth. Never touching My unusefull, i was laying down ay my bed. My lovelly Dildo was domingo the Jon, i I was guinding it, dressed correctly as a fiel ay the bed.
      Then, whithout any intention, it vengan. Yo nerd more lub, I satisfied, and little by little,. You know…
      The long history made short, is that happened a beautifull thing. I felt as sleep penetrantes for hours, till morning, moving my hips nos and then, half awaken and half slept.
      I has at least four orgasmos that night.
      I hope this can he usefull for you

  18. straponcatcher says:

    Purchased my first cage and enrolled in chastity for beginners. The academy accepted my application today as well. My butterflies are fluttering, and heart is pounding. My journey of honest introspection begins today. Thank you mistresses for all the hope you provide us simple sissies. I pray I can honor the opportunity to be guided by so many generous benefactors. ?

  19. Missy says:

    Thank you for accepting me.
    I have used a skinny 5 and a half inch dildo for a long time and have a thick 8 in one I couldn’t fit ever. You said go up a size and I have it in me now. Thanks

  20. Adria says:

    I purchased my first cage some days ago and experimented a bit. Today I put the cage on and set a timed lock for 24 hours… This is really exciting for me. Wanted to start slowly but already am thinking about adding some more time before unlocking it again 🙂

  21. AllisonXOXO says:

    Chastity makes me more obiedient and submissive. It also makes me feel more feminine and I crave it more and more.

  22. Orlando Viloria says:

    I like how just before this you had us spray a load on our face and eat our cum. And then tell us to cage up lol. I was caged up before now my clitty is being a nuisance. Was easy to get it in before. Anyways I’m letting it temper down so I can lock it up again.

    Now I do think I am in the step in the right direction already because when I was seeing men already I never needed to cum. Even when I road on top I could never get hard being the bottom. When men are fucking my pussy my clit stayed soft so I was just used to just being their to be the bottom and catch their cum inside me.. I used get embarrassed about how small my cock was but now I think it’s cute and suits what I love to do which is entertain big cock. So the cage is just added measure. I’m glad I took the plung and joined The Sissy Academy. It will help push down that last wall.

  23. Sandy says:

    Thank you. I have already started resisting the urge and letting my clit get throbbing and wet without reaching inside my panties ♥

  24. Naomi says:

    Honestly keeping myself in chastity was the best thing I could’ve done in my sissy life. I just lock my clitty up and work on becoming more feminine. My clitty used to distract me too much and I would only dress up for maybe an hour a night but now I’m working on perfecting my make up, shopping for new cute outfits, and practicing walking and talking like a girl without even remembering that I have a penis lol. Plus I think my clit looks way cuter locked up in my pink cage. I definitely recommend using chastity if you’re a sissy who takes everything off as soon as you cum.

  25. creampie4me says:

    I found that wearing a chastity cage has made my trips to the arcade much more enjoyable, and they last longer! I’ll lock up and leave the key at home. My focus is then 100% on satisfying the men there.

  26. Kallie says:

    Looking for some advice. I have an issue finding a properly fitting chastity. My problem is that I can’t find a device that will fit flush against my body, so what I end up with is an issue where the bottom 1/3 of my clit is still exposed. Are there devices that can fit more snugly and secure? I’m a bit of a grower and I think part of th3 issue comes from my clit straining to get hard in the cage and then pushing the device away from my body.

  27. Honeylove says:

    So I have the hollyprison cage and now iam interested in getting the sissy prison cage who would like to put it on me kissses

  28. Aeris says:

    This is so well said. Often, if i’m self-caging, i don’t have the willpower to stop myself taking it off and pleasuring and start the purge cycle anew

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