Coming out as SISSY: turn your wife into your mistress

Hi, my lovely sissy girls! Today, we are going to discuss coming out to your partner. Well, duh, but something tells me you might need proper guidance here. So strap in, strap-on, mind hooked, clitty locked, eyes wide, boipussy tight and let’s go!

I know all of you girls enjoy watching sissy porn, dressing up, daydreaming about big cocks, and all things girly on the daily. But for some of you babes, whether you want to hide it or not, your feminine side is a secret only you know about. As of right now, at least.

Maybe you’ve been wondering about what it would be like if someone else knew that under those baggy jeans of yours, you’ve actually got on a pair of the softest, sexiest, lacy panties a girl could ever dream of, paired with a tiny pink chastity cage which is holding your lady-parts in place nice and tight. Or maybe you’ve been finding yourself lost in a daydream about your own partner asking you to lock up your private area, taking away the key, and making you do things for her you’ve only seen being done on websites you couldn’t tell her about, just not yet.

If that sounds like something you’ve ever pondered about then I think you girlie could be in need of a little guidance.

… do I really even want to lift up my skirt?

Firstly, I want you sweeties to think about whether you’d actually even want anyone else to know about your girly self. Or, is this a little naughty secret you’d like to have all to yourself instead?

Would you consider coming out to your partner a necessity, or rather an evitable factor that wouldn’t affect the relationship between you two, if kept as a secret? And if so, could you then imagine yourself living a double life as, for example, a family man and a great husband by day, and a kinky cock hungry slut by night? You have to carefully assess your true desires, darling, and be completely honest with yourself about whether your sweet gentle sissy brain could handle such pressure.

Maybe I should keep my panty drawer locked for a bit longer…

Keep those two images of your sexy self in mind after you’ve figured out exactly, how important coming out to your spouse would be. Now, ask yourself, if this would be the best time to lift up the skirt. Even if you’re certain your wife would be supportive of you and accepting of your sexuality, try to take a moment to consider the ongoing events in her life. This secret side of you will most likely come as a surprise to her no matter the circumstance, nor how sure you are of her alliance.

Try putting yourself in her shoes for a minute, I know you’ve probably tried those on already but do that in more of a metaphorical sense for a change here. Think about whether she’s in the right place to receive this kind of information along with a completely new perspective of who you really are, as every change takes time to adjust. If you conclude that this is generally more of a stressful time for her then maybe, you should consider keeping your girly parts hidden in your panties for a little while longer…

Do we have enough dresses for the two of us?

Another thing a girl like you should definitely take into consideration when thinking about revealing your true self is the amount of trust and connection you and the person you’re coming out to have. In the matter of embracing your feminine side, it all comes down to how vulnerable it might make you feel.

Try to imagine yourself as if you were naked with all of your beautiful curves and edges showing, seizing every inch of your whole delicate being in front of a person dearest to you. What kind of emotions does that image of yourself stir? Maybe you’re feeling a glimpse of freedom and liberty at last, or maybe you’re sensing something resembling guilt and shame instead.

No matter the sensations you observe now, to share such a deep and vital part of yourself there needs to be a safe environment for it. With trust and safety present and blooming in your relationship, coming out could even deepen the connection between the two of you and bring you even closer to each other. Imagine the impact it might have on both of you sharing in your feminization process together! A pretty weighty argument for taking the extra effort to make sure you coming out will elevate the relationship instead of serving as a breaking point.

Could she even be excited to get a hold of my locked clitty?

The same goes for values, desires, and even kinks your partner might have. Would you consider her as a rather curious and open-minded person, especially regarding social norms, sexuality, exploring fantasies, and gender? Or more of an old-fangled traditionalist type of person? Of course, depending on how long you two have been together, you might not be aware of all of her interests and preferences. But you’ll never know until you ask, she might even have some secrets of her own!

Try to think back at the relationship between you and your partner so far. Maybe you’ll come to realize that there might have been hints pointing to the fact that she could even be excited to find out about your sissy side. Something you might not have realized in the spur of the moment, like if she’s ever suggested using a dildo together or her dominance in bed that has always felt natural in a way. Even better if you know she wouldn’t consider herself completely heterosexual but rather bi, bi-curious, or even pansexual.

Should I explore other options a pretty girl like me could have?

Speaking of benefitting from the disclosure of your sissy side, although there is no way to be 100% sure of your partner’s reaction, you could try weighing up the probable pros and cons of coming out to her. Some aspects of the relationship you have right now are just bound to change as a result of you revealing your sissy secrets but that may even be for the better…

As aforementioned, with you opening up the door to your closet full of high heels you could also be opening up a door for her to come forward with her own fantasies that she could’ve been keeping to herself. And who knows, those two might end up overlapping. Just imagine finally having the courage to make a clean breast of, well, your secret sissy breasts and seeing her face light up with excitement as she eagerly starts telling you all about her dreams of making you her cuckold or having threesomes or taking full ownership over you… I know picturing this is making you slutty girls drool already.

Don’t go over the edge just yet!

You may be excused to go and pat your clits dry quickly and put your heels back on the ground for a second here. Let’s not get overly excited just yet.

Now that you’ve decided firstly, that you do want to share your girly parts with the world, and secondly, that it is in fact very important for you, and that the benefits of it all weigh out the cons, you need to take the step. But the question is, how?

Well, first of all, the most important part of putting your high-heeled foot forward is that it’s less about what you say, and more about how you go about it. To open up the conversation first and foremost you have to keep in mind to focus on your side of the story without putting words in her mouth. This means you have to lead with questions regarding your needs, your desires, your story while definitely steering clear of what she isn’t doing or giving enough of. Because, if you fail to clarify that this is something deeply rooted only in your own desire to explore a new side of yourself, and not a consequence of her flaws or deficiencies, then chances are she will be left feeling like she isn’t enough.

All good things take time and as you probably know from experience, the bigger it is, the slower you should go. To do that, you have to take it step by step to ease the process. If all goes well and she is willing to explore the sparkly sissy world with you, then introduce the fantasies, desires, and even toys one by one, not all at once. Even though it would be so exciting to finally share your true inner girl with her and dive head-first into your drawers filled with bras and panties, it would be more beneficial not to rush into sharing every last bit of your girly self right away. It could leave her feeling overwhelmed and confused if she tries to take everything in, all at once.

Which part is in my hands and what’s not mine to hold?

But the bottom line is, neither you nor anyone else can control her initial reaction and the actions that will follow. Even if you’ve been as cautious as possible and calculated every step beforehand, her emotions and what she chooses to do with this information aren’t your responsibility after all. No matter how ‘’right’’ you’ve done everything.

The only thing that you have control over is the way you deliver the news and handle yourself, whatever the outcome might be. A proper lady can always keep herself together even during stressful times.

But what if it doesn’t work out…

Now, this brings us to the question of whether to be or not to be. Not to rain on anyone’s parade, but we do have to think through the negative outcomes as well, just in case.

Meaning, if the worst happens and she decides that the newly revealed side of you is not something she can welcome that easily, would it then be better for you to be by yourself while being fully yourself, or to be with a person who doesn’t accept every inch of who you are.

Does telling her about your sissy side and possibly losing her in the process weigh out keeping all of it to yourself, living a lie, driving yourself crazy with anxious thoughts about her finding all of this out on accident?

Ahh, but what if it does?

Although everyone has dreams, hopes, and maybe their whole future planned out, sometimes the best thing might be the thing that never happened. What I mean by that is if sharing your sissy side results in your relationship coming crashing down then that might be the universe’s way of guiding you in the right direction. If a whole runs empty, it will be filled up again eventually, no matter what…

That way maybe you girls could end up rising above and finding yourself that Owner you’ve always dreamt about instead.

Talking about dreamy Owners, all of this could really lead you to find yourself a nice and established Suitor or a Mistress. We’ve discussed all about the emotional side of things and how much of an impact that would have on you as well as the people surrounding you. But, I certainly cannot forget about the basic needs of a well-kept girl like you. I mean dresses, lingerie, high heels, makeup, self-care products, and all that comes with a proper lady has got to cost something, understandably of course.

And in order to live the lavish life of a high-maintenance girl like you, in my opinion, seeking a sugar daddy would be a no-brainer. Plus, spoiling girls materialistically isn’t always the only pro of having a nice and established Suitor…

I’m scared.

I know. It’s ok, sweetie. All of us have our own fears and worries when it comes to our deepest darkest secrets. Worries such as abandonment, the chance of it ruining your relationship, or everything you’ve known so far to be true being completely false. But to be totally honest with you, girls, the worst that could happen is that you will probably feel quite overwhelmed because, after all, this is a huge step to take. And, essentially, you are not scared of the outcome per se, but rather of how the undesired outcomes might make you feel. If, for example, your partner decides not to accept this side of you, the worst part would be the shame and sadness you might feel deep down inside. Shame that will pass the more you understand that there’s nothing to be ashamed of, sadness that will fade once you embrace the things that make you feel happy and fulfilled. Believe me, every scary outcome can be defeated with nothing more than self-love, self-respect and self-acceptance.

The truth is that there are no good or bad choices you can make, there are just choices, period. Those choices, no matter the aftermath, are just steps. Life goes on and you keep moving along, keep going forward. So there really is no point in labelling these decisions, it only puts you under unnecessary pressure. And however you feel after making such a crucial choice, you can always remind yourself: I have been through 100% of every tough situation that has ever happened to me, so what’s stopping me from overcoming the things I’m afraid of now?

Remember, you are sissy enough even if you decide not to come out to your partner. You are beautiful, courageous, and feminine enough even if the only person you can share it with is yourself.

Don’t be shy, sweeties, share your experience of coming out or your doubts and fears in the comments! Sissies should not only seek guidance from Head Mistress but help each other as well ❤️  

71 thoughts on “Coming out as SISSY: turn your wife into your mistress

  1. Aurora says:

    Pues del lado de mi pareja no hay ninguna aceptación así que me sigo preparado en la academia Well, on my partner’s side there is no acceptance so I continue to prepare myself at the academy

  2. Leslie Sissy says:

    I would love to come out the closet and be a sissy and dress in public the only problem that preventing me is money because everyone’s service requires a lot of money and I’m out of work so that’s a big problem but I wish I could go to a private party with other Trans girls…

    I live in Birmingham UK so anyone knows anything it would be very helpful

  3. SweetTay says:

    Actually came out to my girlfreind this week, its been amazing, new toys clothes outfits, waxing, love it wish id have done it sooner

    • Penny says:

      Congratulations .. please share more about the experience so that it will help other sissies to try them out with their partners

      • Paul says:

        I would love to cum out. My girlfriend would leave me for sure. It would be hard for her to hear that im a sissy faggot and the things black kings do to me. Im a big biker type guy but i wear panties and a bra every day. I even have tits. Her and i dont have sex anymore. Im pussy free now just over two years. I know she has a boyfriend because i suck his cock and he fucks me so she has no idea. I think she will leave me soon. Then i will live full time as a sissy.

      • SweetTay says:

        It wasnt easy but living a double life was becoming unbearable, i love my partner and didnt want to hurt her but coming out was the only way to go forward. I told her im a sissy who likes to put on fishnets and panties, shaving my legs and fucking my ass, she loves fucking my ass now lol, we are together 2yrs btw. She is still very nervous so im scouring the internet for examples of healthy monogamous sissy relationships, not easy to find lol I love this site too! Cant wait to get started

  4. Jaycee says:

    I came out to my partner as Sissy years ago and it was great for a while BUT overtime it did destroy our relationship. She became less interested in me being a sissy and more interested in just using the fact she knew that aganist me. The fun times became less and less and the abuse of the nformation became more and more.

  5. Алина says:

    I confessed to my cousin that I am a sissy whore and I want to be her slave, unfortunately she did not accept it, but there is a plus in the fact that she knows who I am and who I am when she looks at me, and I hope that sooner or later but she will change her mind.

  6. Harena23 says:

    Ça fait 1 ans que j’essaie de trouver le moment pour faire mon coming out et que je panique x). Merci pour c’est conseil je me sent un peux moins stressé

  7. Charis says:

    I have a wife. One year ago, I’ve decided to rent a small apartment, just for my own use. No need to mentio, it was done in secret. For more than 6 months, I went there, dressing as a lady, toying with a lotvof dildos. I was happy. But, in te end, I did one mistake and she found the key. It was horrible. I went there with her, just to assure her that I was not cheeting. But the scene she found… oh, the room was full with all my stuff. Even she knew about me and my desires, she started crying and asked me to decide: her or my inner me. I choose her. But I miss my life, sometimes I feel I could just go and scream to the world who I really am. It is so hard.

    • SadieS. says:

      It’s not fair for her to make you choose. If she can’t accept you for who you are then she needs to let you go. Let me tell you nobody is worth your own happiness. I am a Mistress and still learning so much because my partner of 16 years didn’t come out until last November. He had been trying to push me away for years and I just wouldn’t leave. I loved him and I knew we were meant to be together. On my birthday he sat me down and did the final push to get me to leave. He came clean on everything. His wants, his needs, his desires, his fantasies. He thought she’s gonna leave and I’ll be able to go about my life. Well I sat there and I admit at first I didn’t know what to think or say. It took me about a half hour to process everything he said and get the words out that I love him and that means every part of him. I knew I loved him and I knew I accepted every part of him it was like a love at first sight thing. Just because it wasn’t something I had considered or even imagined I would ever hear him say I knew it was something we’d grow old and experience together. It’s been 5 months and we are truly happy. We’ve been able to make progress in our relationship where before it was going nowhere. It brought us together on a level neither one of us ever thought it would or could. I’m still adjusting to things like her wanting me to go find other men to sleep with and her wanting to join in on the action. The thought does turn me on but I’m not going to lie I still feel like I’m cheating and I’m still adjusting to the idea of her being with someone other than myself. I’ve been faithful and I have issues I need to work on from past relationships but that’s a me issue that I know I need to fix. It has nothing to do with her or anything she’s done. My past pains shouldn’t be taken out on or hinder our relationship. I know she serves, worships, and obeys me. I also know that if I tell her she can’t sleep with another man she’ll accept it without questioning me. But my insecurities aren’t hers to live with and I know in time I will adjust and I will be okay with her being intimate with others. I love both sides of my partner the male side I originally fell in love with and her feminine side that I’m happy and honored to nurture and guide. I have the best of both worlds and I couldn’t ask for anything more.

  8. Leigh says:

    I’m in a cuckold marriage and out to her as a sissy, but I find being more femme, while it feels good, very difficult. I’ve always dreamed of being a woman, but I’m not passable, so a sissy is the next best thing. I’m glad I’m out to my wife as a sissy and I’m glad she embraces it and my love for and desire for cock.

    • MickiD says:

      In the early 80s I was a very passable fuck slut. I got married to a wonderful but conservative woman and still married to her 31 years. She now nows I wear feminine lacy lingerie but I don’t dress anymore and I miss having a cock in my mouth or ass and cum in both. Consider yourself lucky. Of course, at 70, I would have to go out as Mrs. Doubfire. LOL

  9. sissylily says:

    For me, it’s very bad to coming out, i got divorced once with a lot of problems and stress and when i wanted to marry again, i just want my GF to be my mistress so i told her befor wedding, at 1st she liked the idea and accpeted but when it came officially we broke up and she refused as i’m less than a man and i dont deserve her.
    So i’ll keep this life a secret for my safety and avoid stress and headach problems.
    For whom can share, i wish’m the best luck and to live a happy life but avoid to ruin your relationship and reveal the secret only if you are sure she’ll accept you or you are ready to divorce as option.

  10. Samantha says:

    Samantha dont have a partner she just comes out to a mistress who would have her to own and do what she wants to

  11. Carolynn says:

    In my case, in the beginning, my wife is a tom boy and loves doing guy stuff. When I first came out, I was too femenite, which made her feel less of a female. So over the years I made sudle changes. What was the hardest thing for me was ACCEPTANCE! You can pretend and try to be something else, like a guy, but in the end you always come back to your true nature, “SISSY”. Next is to EMBRACE YOURSELF with SELF LOVE, Today I live as a tomboy and exist in the gray zone. I do all the female chores like shopping, cleaning, cooking and whatever my wife tells me to do. It’s one thing to dress female and live a fantasy, and then there’s reality. So different to feel and live as a female.

  12. Sabina says:

    Hello girls.
    In December, a girl friend of mine happened to see that my entire dresser is filled with different women’s underwear. Of course she asked why? And I immediately admitted that I am the one who uses them. We talk about it a lot and then she made me post on my Facebook as a guy “that I have to admit to all of you that I am a trans girl and will start living as a woman 24/7. so my male page will be phased out and if you want to be friends with sabina, add her profile, and then we’ll add a link to my female Facebook. I have to say that it feels so good now that everyone knows what has been my secret since I was 14, 39 when I came out

  13. Holly says:

    I came out as genderfluid a few years ago to my fiancé. She didn’t understand it, neither did I. But we both took the time to ask eachother questions and learn.

    If there’s 1 piece of advice I can give, it’s be honest, and the earlier in the relationship you tell them, the better. Otherwise it brakes the trust barrier.

    I told my fiancé 2 months into us dating, as it destroyed my last relationship, and I wanted her to know 100% of me, that way, if she’s stayed, it’s because she loved all of me.

    And 8 years later, we own a thriving business together, and we spend all of our time together. As far as I’ve learned, it’s about honesty, discussing boundaries, and respect. And all of those flow both ways.

    Hope this helps, lots of Love, Holly.

  14. Bailee says:

    I came out to my best female friend a couple of years ago slowly over time I put more and more ideas in her head about it and she was from the start very supportive and even encouraging. Now it’s been 3 years and I guess I could class her as my mistress now ! She loves it just as much as I do. She even encouraged me to get laser hair removal and she applied fake tan on me weekly to keep me nice and brown and smooth all over. We normally every weekend get a hotel where she picks out different outfits for me to wear and then she takes pictures of me and also of the two of us. Turns out she loves the idea of having a sissy slut at her service and loves to watch me get used and pleasure other men. In some cases she has filmed the occasions on my phone so we can watch it after. She loves the fact that I love anal and encourages me to play with my ass when she’s not there to do so. Honestly was the best decision of my life to let her know my secret life and she is even helping me open it up to others around me.

  15. Michelle says:

    I came out to my wife as a sissy and she has no interest in discussing or helping with my sissy side. But, she has taken on a boyfriend who she is exclusively sleeping with. I feel like I ruined everything.

  16. [email protected] says:

    Very good information ! Very usefull as it covers the complete problem of coming out to wife (or family or close friends) or not and pushing a bit forward to have hte courage of going through it !!
    I think this is so important that for the school lessons, it can come first of the abilities of being a sissy (for example at level 3 or 4 of “potential” group. The coming outs to make money from being a sissy is coming after.
    But anyway you have done a smashing job ! All is said and described with the + and the – .
    Thanks for us all sissies.

  17. Janics says:

    I came out To my wife about 4years ago. First it was shock To her. But we grow together we share everything from underwear To men. And everyting between. Best of our relationship is that i can be myself and she like To be my key holder and pegs me with a huge 12″ strap-on every now and then. Im her own sissyslut and i LOVE it.

  18. Marcie says:

    Great article. But for those of us who really want to come out their partners, how do we do it? What words can we use that would best convey our desires without triggering their fears that we want to transition and leave them? That’s the part that is stopping me. I don’t know what to say.

  19. Lanna‹3 says:

    Picturing this already, lucky u girls that have a partner 🙂 Articles like these give motivation thank you soo much 🤗

  20. Theresa Si says:

    Oh well isn´t it funny that this post comes out, the exact day I told my mother about my urges to transition since my puberty ^^
    …thinking about the whole topic…
    Maybe I should also share my point of view as a single, as I come out a bit to the people I´m interested in fairly quickly. Of course not all at once but portionwise every now and then… I think to show the people I´m into what I´m into is just a sign of trust and informations I´d like to recieve from them also, so I go ahead and share. Acording to the reactions I can find out if its a fit for me or not… If they´re totally creeped out or called off by me revealing that side I wouldn´t start to build a life together as i don´t wanna live a life where I must hide myself… Am thankfull that there are parts on our world where people are accepted for what they truly are!

    Thank you for your time to read and maybe type out your thoughts and expiriences & for supporting the community!

  21. HelènaSlutWnb says:

    Beautiful article. I would love to be able to evolve the sexual relationship with my wife in this way. Unfortunately my wife lost sexual interest in me after giving birth. Before giving birth, our sex life was intense. Gradually it died out inexorably. Even though I tried to talk to her about it, without blaming her, nothing has changed. The only thing I have achieved is having sex very sporadically and in an uninspiring way. I understand that she wants to do it quickly and prefers a clitoral orgasm. Now we practice “Sapphic” intercourse, as if we were two lesbians: she gives me a fellatio and I practice a cunilingus. Everything begins and ends like this, without anything else. This situation has caused me a strong sense of frustration. I began to lose esteem in my masculinity. I started watching porn going from humiliation to cuckolding, degradation, feminization, sissification and so on. Now I don’t feel like a male anymore and if my wife became my mistress it would definitely be an improvement in our sex life. Unfortunately, I don’t think she cares. What little she does with me she does mechanically, as if it were one of the many tasks of daily life. Compared to the tasks of daily life, our sexual intercourse takes place, on average, once a month. Thanks for the article, it was very exciting, but it remains a hardly achievable thing for me.

  22. James says:

    I have not come out but my wife knows I wear panties and we have talked about her pegging me so I think we are moving in the right direction. I’m acting more femme and being more girly little by little. I think she’s ok with it. We’ll see how far I can take it.

  23. Jocelyn Beyoody says:

    The article is very heart felt. Like you stated doesn’t always means it’s meant to work. We have since separated. Not for the lack of trying. I am grateful she tried to make us work. It’s not her thing. We experimented with several options. Plus, the door hasn’t closed shut. We still talk. So , there’s alway a chance. I know I still love her. The whole reason I revealed my true self to her in the first place. 😊😘

  24. Michelle(a happy sissy cuckold!) says:

    I came out as a crossdresser many years ago to my partner(now wife) and she was/is accepting. Though the more feminine I became, the more my cIitty refused to pIay any masculine roIe in the bedroom. so she now sees other men which I don’t mind as I want her to be sexuaIIy satisfied and happy. We are just cuddIe bunny friends now, I’m a sissy sIut onIine and with my toys, stiII haven’t gotten the cock I’m hungry for ..hopefuIIy soon before it’s to Iate!! I am gIad I came out to her earIy. This was a wonderfuI and important article! thank you Mistress!!

  25. Sweetcheeks says:

    Aside from the partner aspect, is finding a big hard cock to suck and to give me a good fucking at age 58 unrealistic? It is tragic because I would’ve made a perfect passable sissy at age 25 but I wasn’t interested then. But now I really am desperate for it and … well, although skinny, an aging face and body just isn’t as sexy. Hard to imagine realistically attracting cock. Maybe best to just keep it fantasy?

  26. Cathy says:

    Such a beautiful text! But I don’t think I will ever dare to come out. Too scared about social pressure, destroying the relationship, ruining the family… prefer to suffer in the closet. At least, this way it is only me, and yet I can steal some girly moments for myself in secret

  27. Jenny says:

    Im not out exactly, but im easing her into it all. At firts i bought a small butt plug for us to play with. Then later i got a large dildo, neith of which i used on her. I put the.plug in one night before we had sex and made it no secret that it was in. She was into it.. put her fingers kind of using it as an extension of her own fingers. Did almost the se with the dildo. I brought it into the bed with her assuming i was going to use it on her. Instead, i laid it to the side (under the covers) and didnt touch it again. After about the third time of doing this she grabbed it and “took charge” with it. That now happens regularly. Then i introduced a cage in a joking way, telling her that i “cut her off” for saying something to me. She laughed and said no you wont. Imagine her suprise when we went to bed and i had it on. Then i tild her shed have to be inventive if she wanted either of us to get off. Long story short.. she did. I gave her oral, she used a strapon and a wand on me. Lastly and most recently, for halloween we went dressed as a dark and grey angels ( me xdressed as a fem angel) to a gay night club. She thought it was hilarious and so much fun… so did i. These are not things that i rushed.. several months to a year so far, little by little. For me its been a process just because i am nervous however shes been really agreeable to everything thus far. I plan on using excuses to dress up again to see how shed feel about it outside of halloween… and of course continue with the toys 3 or 4 times a month.

  28. Davinia Bottomslut says:

    I came out to my wife. We’ve bought a bunch of new toys for her & for me. She’s understanding of me wearing panties and is now my keyholder & I have the pleasure of her pounding me almost nightly with her strap on.

  29. Kayla Kelso says:

    Great article and eventually my wife of 20 years will ‘discover’ my sissihood. Hiding my clothes and toys is becoming more difficult and I’m becoming more lax in keeping my secret. 20 dresses,4 pair of heels and I wear bra and panties every day.

    I’m 58 yrs old and am not attracted to men but am happiest when dressed. I’m sure I can easily be persuaded to do anything as Kayla as my entire attitude and outlook changes when dressed.

    I’m pretty sure my wife would be devastated and divorce would quickly follow. I know that soon my stash of clothes will be found and that’s when the difficult discussions will begin.

  30. Maya Fae says:

    I’ve been so scared of coming out to my gf. She would fully support my girly side, but is not fond of sharing her partner. Plus she is a switch with a heavy leaning towards submissive so I fear it would put a strain on our sex life. But this article actually gave me the courage to do it. If she truly loves me, she will accept the true me, and if something as simple as a fetish is enough for her to leave me, then maybe I was always meant to be with someone else, an Owner that will help me fulfill my potential. It’s very scary to think about the second option. I do love her, I don’t think I wanna live without her. But at the same time, there’s something very freeing about the thought. And of course, there’s every chance she WOULD accept me anyways.

    I’ll take it slow. First I will come out to her as non-binary. Possibly even trans, we’ll see. She would fully support that, I’m sure – she’s very pro-lgbtq+, and pansexual herself. Then I’ll be her exclusive slutty submissive. Once that becomes our new normal and we feel comfortable in our relationship, I’ll start introducing some cuckold fantasies. I’ll encourage her to find a man to please her. Like I said, she’s a submissive at heart, so I believe after a while of being in a dominant role and having only my small sissy clit to please her, she would start craving submission and a big cock to fuck her properly. With the right encouragement and the right person I think I could get her to cuck me whenever she wants to submit rather than dominate. From there, her aversion to sharing would be overcome, and it shouldn’t be too difficult to get her to share me with her bull. With a little more push, maybe I’ll get her to share my biggest fantasy – me and her, subby woman and slutty sissy, submitting and serving a master together, with her above me in the dominance hierarchy, and being shared by him with all his friends…

    Well that’s my plan anyway. But right now is not the right time to tell her. But I feel more relaxed and confident in the idea of one day coming out to them thanks to this article. Thank you so much 💓

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