Urethral Play Basics

What is urethral play? Or sometimes called urethral sounding? It’s the act of inserting something into your urethra, your pee hole. Now as you can probably imagine inserting something into your urethra does come with a few more risks, than perhaps an anal play or vaginal play. The reason for this is because it is quite a delicate area of your body. Having said that with proper preparation and research there’s no reason you can’t explore this safely.

The basics on your urethral roleplay. To give you a rundown:
What is it? When you put things in your pee hole.
Why would you do it? Because it feels great.
What product should I use? 1. Penis plug 2. Sperm stopper 3. Urethra sound.

Urethra play can be explored by both sexes but it is worth noting that women carry a slightly higher risk of getting a UTI a urinary tract infection from urethral sounding play. This is simply because women’s urethra is a lot shorter and therefore closer to the bladder. It can also be a little bit more tricky actually locating the urethra. For all these reasons it tends to be more common that sissies explore this type of play. There are a lot more products on the market for sissies to be able to sample this kind of delight.

A lot of people ask me why would you want to insert something into your urethra? Now, what it might not sound like your cup of tea, initially, let me explain why people tend to delve into this area. First of all, as you may have imagined the urethra is packed with nerve endings and is really really sensitive to all kinds of touch. Sissies find urethral play particularly arousing, because not only is the opening to their urethra already near a hot spot, the head of the penis or the glans which we know is really really sensitive. Men have the added benefit of having a longer urethra which has more nerve endings and the urethra is direct access to the prostate. What a lot of people don’t know is that a standard prostate massage which is usually done via the anus isn’t actually directly in touch with your prostate. The only way to make direct contact with your prostate is actually through the urethra. So for lots of men experimenting with deep play can be extremely pleasurable, it’s the only way to really reach their equivalent of the g-spot.

Another reason why a lot of sissies particularly enjoy urethral sounding is for the psychological thrill of it. Whilst is becoming more and more popular for sissies to explore penetrative pleasure through anal play, to insert something into your gender defining genitals, blows gender stereotypes out of the water. Not only does it feel physically thrilling but it’s a psychological rollercoaster that can really open up a whole new world of fun and play.

As with all sex play different people like different things, so while some people like shallow play that just teases the very tip, other people really enjoy that deep penetration and direct prostate contact. And then, of course, you’ve got the girth lovers who actually like the stretched sensation. For these people it’s not about depth or even about the tickle at the end of the tip, it’s really about the stretch of the urethra and this is something that takes time and can take a while to build up to.

Now there are three main types of product that you can use to explore urethral sounding at home.

The first product on the list are penis plugs.
Penis plugs are designed for shallow insertion. So these are really used to stimulate the nerve endings just inside the urethra, really inside the penis head. Some penis plugs are designed for prolonged wear, whilst others designed for short-term players, for a bit of foreplay. But pretty much all of them follow this basic design: You’ll have a short section which inserts into the end of the penis and you’ve usually got some sort of t-bar or a ring at the top, they’ll prevent over-insertion. This plug, in particular, features a hole that runs all the way through the middle of it. This means you can actually wear it during ejaculation. And if you are gonna wear it for long term you can urinate through it as well.
Penis plugs tend to come in one of two materials: You’ll either find it in some sort of metal or silicon for those who prefer something with a bit more flex.

The next most popular toy for this kind of play are sperm Stoppers

Sperm Stoppers are very similar to penis plugs. In fact, they’re only really designed to stimulate the first little area of the urethra. So, up to maybe a 1-2cm (~1inch max) inside the penis. The idea is you slip a glans ring over the end of the penis and then you place the ball inside the urethra. The ring not only helps to keep it in place, but it also enhances sensation. So it will stimulate just over the frenulum and other sensitive areas at the head of the penis. All the while the little ball sits inside the urethra just to tease the area and add that sort of stretched sensation. This would prevent ejaculation. Some femboys really like to add this to chastity play. Generally speaking, sperm Stoppers are usually only made from metal. But they do come in varying designs. Whilst not all of them have got a glans ring, a lot of them do. Some feature a ball-shaped urethra and others have more of the plug shapes, or something a bit more elongated. What you go for is entirely up to you.

The final product is urethral sounds (dilators)
These are the longest of all of the urethral play toys. So, as you can imagine these are designed for deep play and trying to reach that prostate that I mentioned earlier. Urethral sounds are the types of products that are suitable for women to play with too. Urethral sounds come in a variety of materials. They’re very often made of silicon or metal. Some are smooth whilst others are ridged. They generally all feature a rounded tip, and a lot of them feature a curve which can help with deeper insertion. They come in varying thicknesses: 3-12mm in diameter. They’re perfect for anybody who enjoys either deep penetration or stretched penetration. Urethral sounds are usually quite a bit weightier than penis plugs or sperm stoppers too. And this is to aid with insertion.


19 thoughts on “Urethral Play Basics

  1. Michael Hall says:

    I would love to try urethral sounding, but I have had a series of chronic kidney infections that has made my urethra very sensitive and painful to any insertions, inserting a catheter was very painful, but this may have healed by now, regardless, I would very much like to try it, I only wish I had someone to experiment with!!!

  2. Dean says:

    I really like being probed this way with a rosebud sound. The sensation of having my prostate stimulated this way and via my ass provokes some incredibly unbelievable orgasms. Hmm…I think I am off to play. Can HARDly wait until I see my mistress and her friend this weekend. 2 straight days of non stop action

  3. Dean says:

    I have two sounding rods that I luv, 8 & 10 mm beaded type, 10mm has hole through to urinate through. Now they like to travel out so I use 1 or 2 cock rings to hold them in or wear a panty with works great to. Before getting these, I experimented with other objects, a plastic kitchen spoon, metal chop sticks, thin handle silverware. One recommendation is to use plenty of lube as not to tear or scare your pee tube, cause it will let you know when you pee.

    • Russ says:

      My Mistress has acquired a chastity device with a built in urethral tube. Absolutely no escaping this device by the looks of it. What manner of lube is recommended for insertion? Never done any manner of sounding.

  4. Brittany Ryan says:

    I love the feeling when it finally enters my bladder. The feeling I’m going to pee uncontrollably is amazing.

  5. Owndedbiher says:

    My only experience to this was while getting a blow job from my wife. She likes to focus on the tip and her tongue ring slipped in. It was mostly a shock at how good it felt. I asked her to do it again.

  6. Stewart says:

    I am recovering from a sudden infection (Fecal coliform) in my prostate. I’ve been having some vigorous anal dildo play and using a couple of chastity devices as well. I wonder if either of those activities contributed to the infection.

  7. Sandra Sissy says:

    I practised deep uretal sounding twice and it was a nice feeling. (I have a sillicon sound). But sadly I might not have use enough lube because it hurted so much when I went to pee after the sounding session. Dean is right : use PLENTY of lube it will let you know when you pee ! Now I’m a bit scared of trying again 🙁

    • amanda says:

      yeah, but i guess is a thing that you just need to get used on it. When I take a long time to play again with my urethra, it’s may can hurts sometimes when i pee, but, after a few days of play then pee after, i started to not feel the pain anymore.

  8. Alex says:

    I find it hard to keep anything in there, it slides right out, but only tried with a silicon vibrating sound and the metal urethral tube on my chastity cage, it stays in as it screws into cage but as soon as I unscrew it it slides out as if my clit is squeezing it out. I have ordered a metal hollow sound with ring on the end 8mm ridged, and 10cm long will see if it will stay in. Anyy tips on wearing a plug longer term is it just about getting the right one?

  9. chrissy houston says:

    I would very much love to have Him begin urethral play and insertion. I think He would prefer the sperm stopper for me since He tells me that real sissies don’t ejaculate, only Daddys do, which i am trying so hard to accomplish (thank You, Daddy). What kind of vibrator would be recommended to vibe the sperm stopper style plug .. thank you all and i love this site

  10. Valerie Marr says:

    I have a variety of sounds, plugs and even catheters. Initially, I would recommend getting a set of sounds with a range of widths, You probably won’t be able to insert the biggest sound right away and the urethra doesn’t like to stretch like the anus. Find your size before you start. you can work on dilation slowly but don’t push your limits too much. For deep play, make sure you sterilize the sound every time. From experience, there is a much larger chance of damaging your urethra with deep play too so be careful. Also remember that the sound/dilator may not go all the way in, and each person’s urethra length is different and will also change with your arousal level. Pushing the sound/dilator in too far could cause damage to your bladder. If deep play is your interest, look up how to insert a foly catheter so you have an idea of what indications to watch for , that you may be going too far.

  11. KS says:

    I love being sounded, having someone who loves playing in my pee hole just because. It’s just so naughty, and a form of submission I really love expressing. I need to get some equipment.

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