Chastity long-term: I am uncircumcised. [SOLVED]

Chastity long-term: I am uncircumcised. [SOLVED]

This one is for the uncut girls who are first getting into long-term chastity. Here at SissyLover, we of course want you to be able to stay in your chastity cage as long as possible, so it’s in our interest to help you as much as we can!

So, you’ve bought your first chastity device, but you’ve noticed something: the tip of your foreskin is poking out of its new prison, and it is sensitive—more than usual. Anything rubbing against the little piece of exposed skin sends shivers up your spine, and not the good kind. What is a girl to do?

Well, this guide is for you. Here’s a quick, time-tested fix: Tissue Paper.

First, Tear off a square of tissue. If you’re using toilet tissue, you’ll want to use about ⅓ of a sheet. Then fold it so it’ll fit through the hole in your cage.

Pull your cage forward a little to create some space between your foreskin and the end of the cage, and push the folded tissue through the hole with a finger. If you need to get it out, then you should be able to easily hook it out with any thin object – if you have access to your chastity keys, then they might be the perfect shape for this!

Don’t forget to take out the tissue before you go to the bathroom, and DEFINITELY don’t leave the same piece of tissue in for more than 12 hours – you don’t want to get an infection.

If the toilet tissue method doesn’t work for you, then don’t be afraid to experiment with other ideas. In a pinch, I’ve used tape to quickly cover up the end of my cage when it’s been causing me problems.

And there you have it! A simple guide that will help you stay in chastity a little longer, sissy – and that can only ever be a good thing. If you have any smart tips of your own, why not share them with us by commenting below!

51 thoughts on “Chastity long-term: I am uncircumcised. [SOLVED]

  1. Jessica Wick says:

    That is what I have done for years. And it’s the best ever I have done, but also it’s so fast to forget to remove the tape when I go to pee and it’s getting all over in side the cage, but it’s worth the mess inside of getting pinched all the time and it’s feels so much more comfortable.

  2. KrissyTheSissy says:

    I can get through a week of long term chastity then my balls start to feel as if someone has kick me. I am wearing an all metal cage. Broken 2 plastic cages cause of what I do for a living. On both plastic and metal my balls feel the same way. What to do. It feels right to be in chastity

  3. Sissy Jade says:

    Ive tried this but find tape works better for me. What i do is fold one piece in half so that it creates a non sticky strip, ill lay this over the opening of my cage making sure it covers the entire opening and then I’ll tape either side of that to my cage Making sure it’s relatively taut. This is a bit of work but works the best for me!

  4. SissySofiaFox says:

    This tip just came in the right time, as I’m starting doing chastity for long-term this will be very useful, but its probably best to get a cage a bit bigger than my clitty to help avoid this problem altogether.

    Thanks for the amazing tip!

    • Rosie says:

      I wouldn’t say you wanna get one bigger than you are exactly?! if you lucky enough to get one that’s the size that’s the one imo.
      I tried maybe 3 or 4,never done long term.
      My prob is they are all a bit narrow and the inside siamater seems to be pretty generic across call the brands.
      So far best combo was metal cage with a ring not too tight but chained into a DIY belt held it well. . Next time I’m going for a lightweight sillicone and see how that feels

  5. Leann says:

    Yes I have a question for everyone who will answer it .I am a crossdresser and have been for most of my life. But I found being a sissy is so much better .I have all Wes wanted female breast. And now that I have stared to grow my own. I have a B cup plenty for some girls. But for some reason I can’t stop thinking about what it would be like to gave c or d cups I can hide them pretty well but .I don’t think if they get much bigger I will .but why do I want to have bigger ones. Why can’t I stop thinking about it WHY OH WHY

    • Shungite2020 says:

      might not be for everyone but…. sometimes a cd is only a cd because they have yet to realized they are actually trans… speaking as a 3rd month HRT preop trans girl who formerly identified as a femme boy/cd.

  6. Megan says:

    Wow, wonderful suggestion! It works well with my micro cage but I have been intrigued by the newer ‘vagina shaped cages and I am wondering if they are too restrictive for this fix? I am actually on the verge of circumcision to alleviate the matter entirely.

  7. Jasmine says:

    I have a question I actually love wearing my cage and love the feeling I get when I do. For me it’s a constant reminder that I am a Sissy. But lately I am not able to wear it long due to the chafing and pain I get under my scrotum or ball sack and the pinching I get from where it scrunches the skin, ugh just sounds gross saying it. I would wear and at first it’s really comfortable then after a few days it would hurt after constant adjustments I would make. I would put up with the pain untill I am forced to take it off due to the pain it causes. I then feel sad cause I can’t wear it anymore. I want to wear it permanent and only take it off too clean it. I have tried to figure out why it hurts so much. I first thought to place a cloth between the ring that goes under the scrotum so I have a tiny barrier between the two at first it worked for a little bit then it would hurt again. Then when I checked it was hurting because it fell out maybe cause I am walking to much and moving around. Then I looked at the ring that goes around the ball sack and penis and noticed that it’s a round square if that makes any sense and thought maybe that’s why it was hurting then thought maybe if I get a metal cage where the ring is rounded and probably more smoother any thoughts. I am just sad cause I can’t wear it. any thoughts

    • Janaina - Sissy Brasil says:

      I had this problem. From the description you gave, I think you must be using a CD6000 chastity belt, it hurt me a lot, and I ended up buying The Nub V3 – it is made of resin, it only has two pieces (the cage and the rim) it it’s all anatomic and rounded, it doesn’t hurt anything. I’ve been using it for over a year. To lessen your pain, I suggest using moisturizer frequently. Kisses from Jana – Brazil.

    • Rosie says:

      Yeah right I read that and I was like why didn’t I think of that lol. I used to use a piece of tape sometimes tho

  8. Candice says:

    Hi it’s Candice my chastity cage punches around my shaft it’s metal I’d like to be able to wear it full time but can’t because it burns around my testicale and pinches can you help me please thank you

  9. Sophia says:

    This was the best way to fix that, i was pushing from the front hole the skin and pulling the skin too before locking… Really, thanks…

  10. Morgan says:

    I also have a problem which the chastity keep rubing and stretching the bottom of my testicle, it make my skin peel and cause bleeding, please help me if you have any tips :(( I want to wear chastity 24/7 <3

    • Janaina Sissy says:

      Check the model of your chastity belt, the hoops that have straight edges really hurt, especially the CB6000 models – I had them and I changed them to The Nub V3 models – these are very comfortable and don’t hurt anything, I’ve had it for over a year in permanent chastity. My suggestion is to apply moisturizer two or three times a day and baby skin creams – Kisses my sweetheart, I hope I could have helped you – @femboyJanaina – Brasil

  11. KelleyJane says:

    I have yet to experience the chastity. I cant wait! If it’s too much of a bother. Hurts, anything ggv like that, I’m just going to get castrated. Its definitely in my future. That is going to happen. That is a give in. Not sure if my Master/owner will prefer to do it himself. Any thoughts on that. Well anyway. You go girl! I’m so jealous that you’re so far ahead of me in this life change. I hope everything is working out for you. How can it not? Right! Take special care

  12. Felicia says:

    I was never able to wear a chastity device long term for a different reason. Over time I would develop chaffing at the base ring. Different styles and sizes simply didn’t solve my problem. In the end, a latex vagina with a thick feminine pad beneath that firmly held everything tightly in place beneath panties became my solution. No, there was no way to lock it in place but in my case that really wasn’t necessary. This, combined with a daily regimen of herbal hormone supplements have yielded incredible results. Now, what remains of my manhood has become far too small to wear a device.

    This is an alternative option but not for everyone. I admit, I did miss the excitement of knowing that I was locked in a cage placing me completely out of control. That’s a huge draw to use a chastity device for many. However, in my case, having everything heavily padded and concealed beneath a thick latex vagina actually produced a similar effect as being kept locked by a keyholder. Combined with stepping to the next level of herbal hormone use and the end result of abundant shrinkage and daily sissygasms without any erection definitely have their own psychological effect in keeping me painfully submissive and obedient.

  13. Josie says:

    Do you have any good advice on hygiene and long term chastity while uncut? I have no idea how to clean under the foreskin without removing the cage.

    • Kerstin says:

      At least daily shower and water inside the cage. Depending from the shower head (and water openings) you can even shower under the foreskin.

  14. Marilyn says:

    How do you stop it from rubbing around the balls where the ring is as that is the part that gets really sore for me.

  15. Anise says:

    Absolutely brilliant, never been able to do long term chastity because of this. Now coming up 72h and no discomfort?. Also cute cage, any chance of a source pls??

  16. Davina says:

    My issue isn’t foreskin. Its large testicle. All of the devices I have tried have been just a bit too small to wear. It’s really frustrating because I really want to explore chastity play.

    • Kerstin says:

      Do not get the problem. The balls do not get into the cage, just a piece of skin from the ball sack does?!
      For better fit to the body you might use a thin rubber rope around your waist that carries the weight of your cage.

  17. Sheli_k18 says:

    I’ve only been able to wear my chastity (prefer holy trainer v2) for up to 78 hrs, even with 1 hour cleaning.. without needing at least an 8 hr break.

  18. Vicki says:

    I’m asian with a 4″ and I wear my CB6000. My foreskin sticks out a lot due to my size and this really helps! Thank you sissylover for this post!

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