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Sissy hypno audio makes a boy submissive femboy

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Start by breathing and out slowly and deeply. Just relaxing already, allowing your body to settle on the furniture. Allow yourself to begin to relax as you breathe and out. Each breath just relaxing you more and more. Breathing in and out. Each breath in fills you with relaxation and each breath out releases all of your stress and tension as you just relax, as you let go, feeling so very good. So calm and comfortable, safe and secure.

Now every time that you breathe out, go ahead and let your eyelids shut, and every time that you breathe in, have your eyelids gently open again. Breathing in with your eyes open, breathing out, letting your eyes closed. Just relaxing as you breathe in with your eyes open and out with your eyes closed. Just relaxing. Just feeling so good right now as you begin to sink into warm relaxation, into tranquility and peacefulness, letting go as you just begin to sink deeper and deeper, feeling so good. Just drifting right now.

As you continue in breathe in warm relaxation, and pushing any and all stress and tension whenever you exhale. Feeling so good breathing in and out. And every single time that you breathe out, your eyelids just get heavier and heavier. You just become more relaxed. All of your muscles become loose and limp, feeling so very heavy and supported on the furniture that you’re on. Letting go, and beginning to sink deep, feeling so good as you drift deeper and deeper.

The deeper you go into relaxation, the better you feel, and the better you feel, the deeper you go. It’s just that simple. You can do it easily and calmly. My words are just gently guiding you deeper to relaxation. You just let go. Let my voice guide you. You don’t need to think anymore. You can all of your thoughts just become so hazy as you just relax. You can just allow your mind to feel weightless, empty, peaceful, as you sink deeper and deeper.

Now in a moment, I’m gonna snap my fingers and say sleep, and when I do, you’re mind will drop 100 times deeper into this relaxation, into a deep state of hypnotic trance. Just letting go and accepting this. It happens automatically and effortlessly as you (snap) a hundred times deeper into this relaxation. Your mind and body can just relax completely. It can shut off, letting my voice fill your head. Letting my voice guide you for a moment, knowing that you are safe and at any point in this trance, if you feel unsafe, you’re welcome to wake up, but you feel calm and comfortable, safe and secure right now, knowing that you are going to enjoy this trance very much, as you just relax more and more, ’cause the deeper they go, the better you feel.

And you feel so very good right now as you just relax, as you (snap) sleep sinking a hundred times deeper again instantly. Every time I trigger you to go back into trance, it’s like dropping a heavy stone into a pond. You instantly sink so very deep, and every time that I wake you up and put you back into trance, it’s as if the pond gets deeper and deeper. There’s so much more room for you to sink. So much further for you to go.

Every time that you’re told to (snap) sleep. Now, waking up in just a moment, getting ready to drop even deeper into a trance. Waking up on three. One, two, three. Wake up. Open your eyes, feeling so very good. So relaxed and peaceful, ready to go even deeper as you (snap) sleep a hundred times deeper, sinking so very deep. Letting go all the way. No more thoughts. Mind and body off, eyes shutting as you (snap) sleep even deeper. Feeling so good every time I tell you to (snap) sleep.

Relaxing so very deeply. Now waking up again, getting ready to go even deeper, to feel even better. One, two, three, wake up. Open your eyes, (snap) sleep. A hundred times deeper again sinking even further this time as you just relax, as you feel so good, as you (snap) sleep. Deeper and deeper (snap) sleep. There’s no limit to how deep you can go in trance. You just feel so relaxed, so peaceful. Your entire body and mind feels heavy as you relax deeper and deeper.

Now in your mind, I would like you to imagine that you are standing at the top of a long, spiral staircase. You feel yourself starting to walk down the staircase, and with each step that you descend, you feel your mind sinking deeper each and every step downward brings your mind deeper into trance.

Just continue to go deeper as you just relax, as you feel so good. Feeling my voice gently guiding you down the staircase, gently easing you deeper into trance as you slowly continue to descend deeper and deeper, feeling so good. Each step is a wave of relaxation. Each step sinks you a hundred times deeper, feeling so amazing, so good, as you just journey downward, as you let go and you feel so good.

Now, you’re starting to get to the end of the staircase. There’s just a few steps left. I’ll help count them out with you, finding that your mind will just relax a hundred times more with these last few steps. Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, (snap) sleep. Sleeping so very deeply. Just relax, standing at the bottom of the staircase. And in front of you, you see a door that pushes open. You walk forward, pushing the door open and entering into a room.

A bright white, metal, kind of sterile looking room. You look over into the center of the room and see that there is a metal table. You just walk over automatically and mindlessly to this table. My voice seems to be guiding you there, easing you in that direction. It feels natural that you would want to go onto this table right now, as you automatically get onto the table and lay down, just relaxing, feeling so good.

This is a nice, clean environment. You feel safe and even though this table is metal, you feel so comfortable as you just relax deeper and deeper, feeling so good as your mind just relaxes, as your body relaxes. And as you gently rest, you feel a breathing mask being gently placed over your mouth and nose. You feel the elastic being stretched over the back of your head, and it’s firmly held in place now.

You feel a gentle, warm, tingling sensation coming from the gas mask. As you breathe in, you feel even more relaxation. You just feel a nice, warm energy coming from this breathing mask, as you begin to sink so very deep as you let go. Everything is beginning to fade. The room around you begins to disappear. Your mind is going blank and empty as you start to black out, as your conscious mind starts to completely shut down. The medicine in the gas mask is too powerful. There’s no fighting it. You just give in as you sleep so deeply, as you let go, as your mind shuts off, as your conscious mind (sleeps) so very deeply, as you just relax.

Everything is so dark and empty as you just let your conscious mind (snap) sleep, deeper and deeper. Every single breathe you take pushes your conscious mind deeper and deeper, even pushing it past your subconscious level, as you just relax, knowing that you are safe, as you just black out completely letting my words just gently flow through you, knowing that you are safe and that you’re for your procedure now.

You felt so very good walking down the stairs, and this is the reason why. Just relax, feeling so good. It’s just a few more seconds until the gas mask completely blacks out your conscious mind. Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, (snap) sleep. Completely unconscious, completely blank and empty.

[crosstalk 00:12:41] I’m speaking right now to your subconscious as you relax, as you feel so good. It’s appropriate during your procedure to relax. And you can hear those voices now, can’t you in the background? These background voices just flood your mind with powerful and haunting thoughts. Just relax. Your mind is being reprogrammed. And these are going to be your new thoughts. Just relaxing so very deep, feeling yourself losing all sense of time and awareness. You are just floating in a warm see of comfort and relaxation, feeling so amazing right now.

[crosstalk 00:13:43] Just letting go, just thinking so very deep, and as you relax you feel that gas that you’re breathing in from the gas mask, creating a warm, tingly sensation inside of your mind. And this warm tingling just seems to be pushing out all of your thoughts. Just relax and these voices in the background just fill your mind with new and approved thoughts. These new thoughts make you feel so very happy.

[crosstalk 00:14:44] These new thoughts feel so very natural. Accepting these thoughts as your own as you just feel you’re floating on a cloud. You feel so deeply relaxed. More relaxed than you’ve ever felt before, accepting these thoughts as your own. And as these thoughts enter your mind, you relax even deeper, feeling so good. You plummet ten times deeper into trance with every thought that you accept, starting with the first though. I’m a bimbo. I’m an airhead. It feels so good to accept this phrase. This is your new, natural thought. It just feels so good as you sink. You feel a wave of warm comfort as you accept this thought.

[crosstalk 00:15:37] Relaxing even deeper. I am a bimbo. I am an airhead. This feels so natural, so automatic to your thinking. All of these thoughts feel so natural and enjoyable as you let go to them, as you feel so good, letting every single one of these thoughts sink deep into you subconscious. Letting your subconscious accept these. These thoughts are how you see the world, how you see yourself. And you accept them. You are a bimbo. You are an airhead, and you enjoy that and all of these other thoughts so very much.

[crosstalk 00:16:37] Sinking deeper and deeper as you just accept it, as you let your mind be reprogrammed. Your subconscious is being deeply programmed to accept all of these thoughts, and feeling more pleasure and relaxation as you accept these thoughts even more, feeling so good. Repeating them back in your own mind as you just relax, as you feel relax, peaceful, so drowsy and sedated, as you just let go, as you feel good, as you relax, accepting these words, reconditioning your mind to be a bimbo.

[crosstalk 00:17:31] Sinking deeper and deeper. This feels so very good right now as you just let go, sinking a 100 times deeper as you (snap) sleep. Reconditioning your mind to be a bimbo, accepting this. These thoughts are just so fuzzy in your mind, like fuzzy bubbles that make you want to giggle. You feel so happy, so cherry, as you relax deeper, feeling so good. Sinking so deep, and as you relax you notice that the air you’re breathing in through the gas mask seems to be slightly changing in it’s quality.

[crosstalk 00:18:18] Not only is making you just as drowsy, but it’s giving you a certain determination in accepting these words. Motivation to let it reprogram your mind, an eagerness to accept every thought as your own. You want to accept every last one of these thoughts. This is how you think. This is how you are as you relax deeper and deeper. I’m gonna count all the way down to one. When I reach one, you will be at full acceptance of all of these thoughts and ideas, just feeling so good. And the more you accept these ideas, they better you feel, the deeper you sink into relaxation.

[crosstalk 00:19:10] Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. Fully accepting your new thoughts, completely and totally. Your procedure has been complete. You feel the gas mask being removed from your face, but you still stay deep, deep in trance. You feel fresh air starting to flow into your body as you return from that deeply unconscious state, yet you stay deep in trance. Your conscious mind slowly returns to you, but you still deep in trance as you (snap) sleep.

[crosstalk 00:20:05] Still nice and deeply, feeling so good, but allowing your conscious mind to rise back up feeling so amazing, so deeply relaxed, so very happy with your procedure. Now, you won’t be alarmed if you hear voices in the background. These are your new thoughts. Your mind has been altered to think differently and now you notice that your body has been altered to match your mind. You are a bimbo. You think like a bimbo. You look like a bimbo. You are a bimbo. And you’re ready to go and have fun. And you’re already feeling so very giggly, as if there are fuzzy bubbles in your mind.

[crosstalk 00:21:00] You want to have fun and you feel so pretty, and most importantly you realize that being dumb is fun. And in the future, you can return instantly to this hypnotized, fun loving barbie mindset and body whenever somebody you trust says, “Barbie bimbo on.” And you can always easily and effortlessly wake up from this mindset and return to your normal mindset when somebody says, “Barbie bimbo off.” And if no one triggers you to wake up, you’ll just stay in this mindset, in this bimbo mindset, until you go to sleep and when you wake up, then you’ll return to normal.

Let’s practice your trigger now. That sounds fun, doesn’t it? Barbie bimbo off, staying deep in trance, but returning instantly to your normal self, feeling really good. It’s okay if you feel a little shy or silly about enjoying this. It’s fun, and it’s okay to love fun. Barbie bimbo on.

[crosstalk 00:22:26] That’s it, feeling those fuzzy bubbles flooding your mind, melting back into your bimbo fun mindset, and it feels so good. It feels good to let your mind sink automatically back, deep into this bimbo mindset, whether you’re in or out of trance, these triggers will work effortlessly as long as it’s said by somebody you trust. Barbie bimbo off.

That’s it. Normal mindset. Feeling good and relaxed. Still deep in trance. You can easily think right now. Now tell me, what is two plus three? You know the answer. Very good. But what happens if Barbie Bimbo on.

[crosstalk 00:23:20] Hello, Barbie. I have a math problem that I want you to solve, and it’s really, really difficult. I know you want to have fun and giggle right now, but I want you to try to focus, and I know it’s so hard for a bimbo like you to do, but you’ll try hard to do it won’t you? What is one plus one? Hang on a sec, don’t strain yourself too hard. Let’s make this multiple choice. Is the answer A, one million, B, shoes, C, two, or D, you love to have fun? You’re right? It’s D. D is always the answer. You love to have fun. B was also acceptable ’cause you love shoes too, and if you didn’t pass this test, it’s okay. You don’t care because being dumb is fun. Relaxing so much deeper now. Feeling so good. You love being a bimbo. Being dumb is fun.

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    Bimbo Nikki: On 😋

    *It took me a minute to find the audio link too, but this stupid bimbo got lucky lol. You have to listen though! It so relaxing. It’s the grey “kinkyacademy” soundcloud link right above the main text.

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