Pride month has ended.

Hi Sweetheart,

What’s the main part of being a sissy girl? Impeccable femininity in your looks and behaviour, excellence in anal and blowjob training, permanently caged clitty… all that is crucial and, no doubt, so much fun. But we at the Academy know that there’s more to it than that. Much more.

The answer lies in the eyes behind the mascara-coated lashes you see in the mirror. In the elation this girl in the mirror feels. Finding, accepting, and loving oneself can be hard sometimes. We know it. But this is what the Academy strives to teach you above anything else.

Through doubt, you find love. Through submission, you find joy. Through shame, you find pride. Making the world a better place for sissies is no easy task. Yet together we do it in the only way we can: by making your own precious world a bit more pink, girly, and sexy.

So, let’s make Pride Month at Sissylover all about that.

 Pride Month Special 

  • 10% discount code for any purchase made in June: beproud10
  • All of the profits made during Pride Month we will channel into developing new training and assignments. Been a while since we had new ones, hasn’t it?

Stay obedient. Stay beautiful. Make that sissy girl in the mirror proud. Believe us, she deserves it.

Happy Pride Month,
Sissylover Academy

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