Sissylover is looking for sissy trainers, content creators

Do you want to create a year long feminization program that helps sissy get comfortable with her wardrobe, behaviors, and identity?
We want you in our team!
Do you want to create conditioning training that will turn a man into a submissive beta? 
We want you in our team!
Do you want to create week-long masturbation fun that focuses on different ways to ruin/orgasm and eat cum?
We want you in our team!

What type of content would you like to create?


👠Who is a sissy trainer?

Trainers possess a deep understanding of the sissification lifestyle and/or fantasy, and they develop content to guide their subjects in realizing their unique objectives.. It is important to understand that sissification can mean different things for different people. It can be a gateway to gender exploration, sexual exploration, and/or power exchange. It can range from an elaborate program with specific goals and milestones to a brief, enjoyable self-pleasure session.. Regardless of the desired outcome, the trainer’s responsibility is to improve their subjects skills and remove negative stigmas and doubts throughout the process. Enabling the subject to fully embrace the journey and experiences

Subject – Referring to Sissylover customers/students. subject or student is neutral but always submissive. Does not refer to masculine nor feminine.

💋 To be successful in this role you would need to

…understand emotions, mindset and behavior
…use convincing language
…understand conditioning principles
…find it easy to communicate complex ideas 

🌟 Your personality

  • You always think about new ways to improve and make things as wonderful as possible.
  • You don’t mind unfamiliar issues because you can search, learn and apply new information quickly.

👌 Your skills and experience

It’s a given you need to have high interest in creating convincing training material. You should already have experience in content creation, be it written or video format. If you also possess marketing skills and know how to drive momentum and raise awareness, it would certainly count as a plus in your favor.

🔥 Your responsibility

Turn ideas, short texts or outlines into ready products. You work in all stages of product development: brainstorming, creation, illustrating, marketing, creating knowledgebase for support team.

🎀 What are the benefits?

  • Feeling awesome by creating quality sissification / feminization / femboy training material people will love and praise you for. 
  • We hope to offer a competitive salary.
  • Actually enjoy what you do and influence the world by bringing colour and light and life to our students.
  • Additional rewards for achievements.

✏️ How to apply?

Please send an email to [email protected]. In your email, kindly introduce yourself and answer the following questions. This will help us filter out any applicants who may not be serious about the role. If you frequently purge and change your mind, please refrain from applying.

  1. What is your age? (Feel free to provide a range, if you prefer not to disclose your exact age)
  2. What is your location? (Country or timezone is sufficient)
  3. Have you ever created sissy content? (milovana, literotica, faproulette, hypnotube etc.)
  4. If you had all the time in the world, what kind of training content would you be most interested in creating?
  5. Why do you want to become a trainer at Sissylover Academy?
  6. How do you identify yourself in terms of gender?