This week in the sweet ongoing Libra season, the positioning of the planets will make you girls come back down to earth. You’ve been floating around with your heads in the clouds filled with cute boys and your panties drenched by just the thought of them looking in your direction. This week on the other hand, the planets seem to be trying to pull you back down to the ground by your smooth silky legs. Being the main earth sign that you are, this shouldn’t feel like anything too much out of the ordinary. Finally snapping out of your daydream might surprise you but you’ll feel right back at home in a minute, I’m sure. That means you’ll get to bring your focus back onto things that actually matter. Like your girly studies for example or making sure to stay at the top of the class with your school work so you could try catching the Head Mistress’s attentio. Another thing you girls should use this week to prep for is the upcoming month of October. That will help you break yourself of your silly masturbation habit because there’s a whole world of pleasure waiting for you to give in to your true feminine nature




In the first full week of this Libra season you girls will be feeling all giddy and fuzzy inside. With the start of the lovey-dovey bubbly Libra season your inner flirty girl will be awakened too. You may find yourself obsessing over boys and falling in love with every cute guy that passes by you on the days ahead. So the past week was actually setting you up for the new week ahead with its sneaky ways. You’ll get to enjoy living in the dreamland even though it might feel a bit out of character for you as you’re usually the down to earth and more of a say it how it is type of girl, given that you’re an earth sign after all. But this might be the Universe’s way of asking you to let your guard down once again. Don’t be afraid of letting your panties get too loose, you’re a smart girl who knows exactly when and where this kind of behavior is appropriate. And if you don’t want to let your panties down right away then a more subtle way to embody that soft girl would be to start off with your luscious lips and tongue for something worthwhile



This week with Mercury stationing in the charming sign of Libra and Venus joining the Sun which is the ruler of your house of love I can see you girls day-dreaming away these days ahead. You will most likely spend this week lost in your own thoughts. You’ll be romanticizing your everyday life making each day feel like you’re the charismatic main character of a love story they only write books and make movies about. That’s why I would encourage you girlies to truly let yourself be that dreamy doe-eyed girl for a minute here because day-dreaming is like manifesting in its own way. If you really dwell on the details that this Mercury retrograde in Libra is asking you for, and if you really try visualizing the life of your dreams then you’re actually manifesting without even realizing it. But you have to keep in mind that details are of essence and that especially during this time. So go into this week without a doubt in your mind believing, visualizing, and dreaming about every piece of that perfect girl with her perfect little life in your head and watch her come alive!




You Taurus girlies will be having the time of your lives this week. You love the energy of this season as a fellow earth sign and I can see you feeling like you’re totally in the flow with everything. You will be feeling fulfilled and ready for anything that might come your way. There will be inspiration all around you and you might even pick up a new little hobby or two. With the Virgo season highlighting your creativity it seems like you could be drawn in by all things easy on the eyes. So I think it would be the perfect time to dig out those crazy eye-shadow palettes you usually shy away from and play around with those. Let your imagination run freely and see what you end up with. Enjoy the process and don’t limit yourself by having expectations. Makeup is a form of art and a great way to express yourself. You are the artist and the art piece in one. There’s so much beauty all around you at this time over all. Other things like good-looking guys and pretty skirts and dresses could be catching your eye too. So you girls should go into this week open mindedly and admire the beautifulness in everything. Don’t forget to applaud the beauty of your own too! 




This week seems to be bringing some interesting energy upon you Taurus girls. With the Sun in a fellow earth sign bringing out your creative side while also helping you keep a practical mindset. Which can only mean business and pleasure combined! I know, I know, they say to never mix those two together, but what’s a girl to do if she has to obey her handsome boss’s commands every day? I think it’s given to wanting to be a good girl for a headman like that and I don’t blame you for it. So this week, your job is to just make sure you always show up looking like the sexy slave, or some would say secretary, that you are. Tomato-tomato, right? It wouldn’t hurt to have an extra pair of panties in your little purse either this week, just in case of an accident…




The possibilities are truly endless for you Taurus girlies as of right now. The Universe is calling out for you to take a look beyond your current happenings for a moment and consider your future. Where do you see yourself a week, a month, or even a year from now? Are you envisioning a girly girl getting up each morning with the only hope of having a dildo in her mouth for breakfast and her mission for the day being to obey every command from The Mistress of her dreams… Or are you seeing a girl in a nice little office outfit, a pair of high heels, with a little purse and books in her hand on her way to the office to assist her good-looking chairman in anything he might throw at you without any reward or a pat on the back after. Which in your case, would of course be a slap on your ass instead… Whatever this ‘’perfect version’’ of your girly self might be, you have to go into this week visualizing that dream girl with her little dream life and soon enough it will be your reality but only if you keep up the good girl act. Everything starts off with a dream…



This new week might be bringing you Taurean girls quite a few revelations. Some of which may be pleasant and some of which may not. To me, it sounds like you girls could be on the road to discover new things about yourself. It seems like this is a good time to try out new things in order to find what makes you feel like the girliest version of yourself. So, if you’ve been thinking about picking up a new girly habit or two, getting more engaged in a hobby of yours such as makeup, or maybe just switching up your style, then this is the time for it. Have a fun little fashion show in your room, play around with makeup, let your creativity flow and don’t be afraid of trying things you’ve never tried before. You could also discover some things you don’t enjoy as much but that’s a part of the journey too. You could be in for a surprise…



On the 1s of August the planet Mars will be conjunct in your sign, Taurus. This planet-sign combination can help you along taking small and steady steps to achieve something meaningful. This new month ahead is looking pretty promising for you girls if you’ve got your eyes set on the prize. So this is the perfect time to get back into your comfort zone, which would be peacefully and gracefully working on achieving your feminization goals. Slow and steady will be the rhythm to live by this upcoming month in order to become the girliest version of yourself. So I would encourage you babes to put your glasses back on, dig out all your pink pens and papers and get back to your girlie studies! I can already imagine you sitting behind a desk with a short pencil skirt on, coupled with a little white button-up, a pair of killer pumps, and hair done up like a sexy secretary in her own little world working to become the girl you were always meant to be. Just so you could spend the nights under the desk, putting your skills into practice after your Master or Mistress has come home from a long day of work..



This week the best bet for my Taurus babes would be to take note of their surroundings and keep an open heart, mind, and of course mouth for the time being. However, it might be better to limit using those pouty lips and playful tongue only for sucking dicks and toying with dildos. Because going around chatting people up and spilling tea might not be the best idea for now. The planet Mercury is in the sign of Leo, and the planet Mars is in your sign, causing probable conflicts. The energy of the Lion and the energy of the Bull which represent the two signs, can clash and stir up some drama. So I would encourage you girls to sit back and let this time of possible confusion pass you by. A great way to stay out of the way of the Universe trying to have some fun on its own would be to just have a nice relaxing weekend to yourself. Get some well deserved rest and with your mouth already opened wide put it into use as per my latest instructions, make sure the same enviable fate is destined for your sissy pussy as well. Keep those holes ready, see what fills them…



This new Leo season is bringing a need for luxury and comfort upon you. I know, only so many things can be more fulfilling for you sensual Taureans than having all the luxury, contentment, and tastefulness you can get from the comfort of your own home. So this is the time for you to start upgrading your space. Look around and think about whether your home could use a splash of pink or glitter. If yes, then I think you know what you need to focus on here this week. Get some inspiration off the internet or just reorganise your stuff. Add a touch of pink with some cute pillows or put up a few posters. Upgrading the place you spend most of your days in could totally be something you need right now. I know a room filled with candles, some girly tunes playing in the background, and being surrounded by all things pretty could definitely be something that elevates your mood and adds an appetite for life overall. Imagine the way you’d feel waking up all wrapped up in a soft pink blanket, to the sight of a sexy hunk posing on your wall, and the scent of roses..



The second week of Cancer season will quite possibly bring out the softer side in you Taurus girls. We all know it usually goes: you’re hard-wired to success, you start getting ahead of others… and end up getting ahead of yourself. Well, this week could be the time to slow things down a bit and get a grip of your emotions. Take note of what your sexy body might be trying to tell you. Try staying alert to the deep connection that is between your body and your mind. Maybe your cage has been getting a pinch too loose, which would be its way of telling you to get a tighter one. Or maybe that feeling of emptiness haunting you in the evenings is simply your pussy longing for another inch inside of it.. The emotional side of things could also indicate that you need to put more effort into mentally downsizing your clit and having the right mindset to be as girly as possible inside out. Give into your femininity, sugar, it won’t let you down.



I know all my Taureans love to keep their head on straight and live by the slow and steady motto. Although slow and steady might win the race more times than not, being a little risky and taking a few chances here and there could be good for a change. You’re looking for a new dildo? Don’t know if you should go a size bigger than you intended at first? I’d say go for it! The Sun in Cancer might have some  surprises up its sleeve for you and your pussy might store a few as well. 

But, there’s no need to worry, your hard work won’t go unnoticed either. Don’t let taking chances once in a while discourage you from being a hard worker. So keep on working that pussy inch by inch. Just change it up from time to time and try to balance it out a bit. It’s the time for bold moves and fulfilling your desires.