This week I can sense that the stars might be bringing a little challenge your way, my sweet birthday girls. But, since it is your birthday season, it would just be unacceptable of the planets to give you challenges you wouldn’t enjoy. And I think you kinky babes know exactly where this week’s predictions or guidance, you could even say, is going… For the week ahead it seems like the best option for you girls would be to stay locked in the smallest, tightest cage you can find to get ready for the upcoming month of October… Even better if you had your hands tied behind your back too. And if I remember correctly, then you babes got a little extra play-time for your birthday last week, so I hope you enjoyed that and will be able to keep your hands out of your panties for the week ahead now… If you can resist the urge and be a good girl on the upcoming days then who knows, you might be in for a little surprise after, your birthday season isn’t over just yet!





I hope you birthday girls have been enjoying your season! That’s why this week, I firstly want you babes to go and have a little play session with your cherry and your favorite toy of your choice. Now that you’re feeling all nice and warm inside, I’m going to tell you what the stars are telling me about the week ahead. It seems like the position of the Planets at this time is surprisingly enough encouraging you to take time to enjoy quality time alone. So I guess you got started early with what I asked you to do, take it as a birthday gift from me! Along with the extra play-time I would encourage you babes to indulge in all the girly pleasures possible. Admire your beauty, do yourself up, have a candle-lit dinner in the company of yourself, do some self-care, or go window-shopping. I know I told you to reinvent your whole wardrobe already but the limit to the amount of pretty dresses, sexy lingerie, and shoes a girl can have, does not exist! 



Just a week left until your birthday season, Libra girls! I hope you’ve been keeping a countdown as you should because it’s just around the corner and now’s the time to fit some pampering-time into your schedules to get ready for the big season. With the Sun’s journey through the sleepy sign of Virgo you girls should first of all get some well-deserved beauty sleep. You might want to start keeping a dream-journal this week too as the Mercury retrograding through your own sign could be making your dreams even more vivid at this time which in itself could be giving you little heads ups and instructions for your waking life. So, take note of your dreams and use them as a guide in your daily endeavors for the time being. Next on the list to get ready for your month would of course be a nice spa night filled with facemasks, hair masks, a warm bath full of bubbles, and a nice mani-pedi of course! I’d say go for something fun and eye-catching with the nails this week to suit your vibe and personality. Don’t forget to look for a sexy party outfit too! You know what, it’s your birthday, you might as well reinvent your whole wardrobe while you’re at it, babe!



Get ready my Libra babes, it’s time for the almighty planet Mercury to do some backward pirouettes in your sign! This week seems to be stirring things up for you girls and that especially regarding your way of communication and funnily enough, electronics. For that reason, I hope you took the time last week as I advised, and did some grounding exercises to get ready for this fuzzy time. This time of uncertainty could bring you Libra babes some mishaps here and there. So for this week, I would advise you girls to firstly, be on your best behavior, as it’s going to be easy for you to be misunderstood and that could bring some trouble upon you. You have to be as submissive as possible, especially when it comes to obeying your Mistress or your Master. And remember, dominance is not on your list of strengths. You should also keep an eye out for the electronics in your use on the days ahead. So I think it would be better for you to stick to good old dildos this week since the electronics could be playing tricks on you. Or, if you want to play a trick on the stars yourself, I’d say maybe opt for an electrical clitty cage this week. I mean what’s the worst that can happen? It would be like the Universe itself is your keyholder with its unpredictable ways. I think that’s pretty exciting, isn’t it?




This week, I think it’s time for you Libra girls to start getting ready for your own season! It’s just around the corner and with the Mercury retrograde in Libra starting on the 9th of September it would be better if you came prepared. The backwards spinning planet will change our thought process and your ways of communication slightly, which could leave you feeling a bit confused. But, if you change your perspective a little, you can see that it actually offers you a great chance to direct your energy internally instead of spending it out in the world. And to get ready for this interesting period I would encourage you babes to look up a guided grounding meditation to do this week. Find some time each night of the week, get snuggled up in a cozy blanket, light a few rosy smelling candles to add to the ambience, and enjoy some alone time. Of course, a little added play-time with your clitty wouldn’t hurt either… That way, when you wake up in the morning you’ll feel a lot more centered and have a better mindset to run your girly errands without feeling like you’re all over the place. Plus, I can promise you that the people around you, especially boys, will be naturally drawn to you and your beauty because of how at peace you are with yourself.



This week with the planet Mercury spinning into your sign- Libra, I can sense you girls getting back in your element. You are known as the charming babes who’ll always find a way to get what they want while not being even remotely phased by the fact that they’re not good at making decisions and hate having way too many options, unless it comes down to the number of dicks in your mouth of course… But that’s because things have always had a natural way of working out in your favor or ending up in your mouth… You know and trust that rule well. So this time of the month will truly be right up your alley. That’s why, I would encourage you girlies to just go with the flow this week, as you usually do. There are no good or bad decisions, there are just decisions, period, that’ll lead you where you’re meant to be. A good way to go about this week would be either letting someone else take control and dictate you, or just letting your clit guide the way this week. I mean, how could that ever lead you in the wrong direction, right?



For Libra babes, the last week of the hottest season of the year, astrologically speaking, is looking pretty good. It seems like this week is bound to bring you some luck in the pleasure department. The position of the planets is making this the luckiest time for you to get pleased and teased. So, the only thing you have to take care of this week is to look your best, keep your clit alert, and be on the lookout for cute boys. If you happen to get a chance to get some last minute vitamin-D in you, then take it! You know summer won’t last forever and the Sun is definitely not the only source to get that D from… To prepare for this exciting time I would advise you girls to stay caged and dolled at all times. Just so there wouldn’t be a chance of you going unnoticed by a potential suitor and you can be sure you’ve done your part.



For Libra girls, this upcoming week seems to be clearing things up in many ways. I feel like there might’ve been a time you worried yourself sick about the outcome of things, chasing answers and over analyzing every situation. But this week, the Universe could make you realize and recognize the truth that all of the unanswered questions, doubts, anxiety, and worries were just a part of the journey. I know, it might be hard to get through to yourself especially at troubling times. But, everything really does happen for a reason babes. So embrace the experience in all its glory. Enjoy the pure pleasure of not knowing and turn the anxiety into excitement. Like, for example, imagine yourself in a bed, blindfolded, waiting for your Master, who may or may not come, who may or may not do whatever he wants to your pliable girlish body… I mean there are many unknown variables here but it’s what makes it even more exciting, isn’t it?



The beginning of this new month seems like an interesting time for my sexy and seductive Libra sissies. It appears as if the dawn of August could be bringing some chaos into your love lives. But, you shouldn’t stress about it too much. As you are known to be the alluring one of the bunch, you girls are simply enchanting. You always find your way out of what might seem like an almighty mess of a situation. Your ability to find balance in times like these is exceptional. So make sure to keep your own feminine  strengths in mind and don’t get too overwhelmed by the stars trying to play a little game on you. It’s just the Universe’s way of testing you a bit. Taking a step back to look at the whole picture will help you gain clarity. After all, your sign is ruled by the planet of love, beauty, and balance. So you can relax knowing everything you touch could turn into gold… Your best bet this week would be to observe and take what you can from times like these to turn into your own advantage and pleasure. Use your refined energy and feminine abilities to seize the day, girl!



 We’re now officially in the Leo season which means the Sun is in the most ignitable sign. As an air sign, you love to fan flames so the energy during this time couples flawlessly with yours. That means this would be the perfect time to jump-start the self-improvement endeavours you might’ve been piling up and postponing.. Maybe you’ve been feeling a bit stale and long for something new and exciting. Consider different ways of how you can achieve what your sissy heart desires and what it would take for you to make your heart, and of course your clitty happy. For example, if you’ve been wanting to try out a bigger dildo, go up a size or even two. Girl, your pussy will leave you pleasantly surprised! The thing is, your stamina could be even more heightened at this time with Mars in the sign of Taurus. Which is why the planet of drive, passion, and energy will make itself more present by being in a solid earth sign. So take advantage of this time and don’t let any new opportunities slip while you slip down your panties..




 For all the sexy Libra chicks this week will get you going hot and heavy. That means it could be the time to really put your attention to giving as well as receiving all the pleasure you know you deserve. This is the time to tighten up your cages, gags, and stretch out that pussy. Don’t waste time on holding anything back. Power up your girliness and truly enjoy being the naughty little girl that you are. 

 But, you know it’s fairly easy to get caught up in the midst of a good time and forget about everything else. So I’d advise you to make the most of your slutty mood but still try to keep in mind- all that glitters is not gold. That’s why you shouldn’t let your guard down for just any man that’s trying to get into your panties and still have some standards like a real lady. 




The second week of the month will be a sensual one for all the Libra babes. It may bring someone new to your life. Whether it’ll be a new potential master for you to serve or just a new sissy sister, your connection could feel out of this world. So make sure you dress to impress this week. I know spending time, energy, and money on looking good comes naturally to Libras. Which is actually why I personally believe that all Libra natives are reincarnated souls of bimbos from past lives. But this time around you should really try to keep your good looks at the top of the list. So go and pick up a new sexy outfit and lose yourself in your girliness. I mean looking good equals feeling good, doesn’t it?

This also seems to be a great time to get the drift of cum eating if you haven’t already. I’ve heard it’s good for your skin.. It could be a huge endeavor but if you want to look your absolute best and develop your sissy skills too then you should try it out. The taste of it could be surprisingly pleasant and I won’t even mention the rush you’ll get.. You just have to experience it yourself.



All my fellow sluts with Suns in Libra you will have to take it nice and easy during the first week of July. Unfortunately you will be under the negative Moon so you may be lacking confidence and feel a bit blue in the early days of this month. But don’t let it get to you! I would encourage you to take a day or two off and have some time to yourself and your clitty. This is the perfect time to have a well deserved spa night! Watch a mindless chick-flick, paint your nails, have a bubble bath, and just relax. Spoil yourself and get a new set of lingerie. A girl can never have one too many matching sets!

You should also keep in mind not to let your panties get too loose. Don’t make any hasty decisions and instead follow your intuition. I know many of you would love to drop down on your knees and call that spoiling yourself but a classy girl knows exactly when and where it would be appropriate to fulfill her girly needs.