I want you little Gems to be completely honest right now and tell me, did you keep your little clitty locked tightly like you were supposed to last week? Okay, good. I’m glad to hear you’ve been such good girls. Although, I’m getting a feeling some of you might be in for a little punishment because you couldn’t help but rebel against what the planets were asking you for. Yes, I’m talking to you, you little mischievous girlies who are keeping their eyes on the floor right now. Now, I want you girls to go and give yourself a few slaps on your pumped up butts. And a few extra ones just to be sure you learned your lesson. Okay, since we’re done with that, everyone can now go into the new week with a little reminder to always keep your act together and do as you’re asked. And to reward you for the past week I would encourage you babes to go and take yourself on a little shopping spree at the mall. It’s fall and it’s getting chillier by the day. So, you might as well go and treat yourself to a pair of nice winter boots and maybe get a classy dress and a festive pair of heels to get ready for all the upcoming celebrations. Also, don’t forget that October’s right around the corner which means there’ll be plenty to celebrate if you can keep your act totgether for the next 4 weeks and do as you’re supposed to





This week I can see the stars rattling your cages a bit here in opposition to the last week of days and nights filled with light yet tender pleasure and desire. But there’s no need to worry as long as you keep your act together and do as you’re supposed to. I think you girls already know where this week’s predictions are heading, don’t you? Yes, you may get up and dig out your tightest clitty cage now. Are you sure this is the smallest one you’ve got? Okay, good. Now put it on and lock it up! If you happen to not have a keyholder yet then I suppose you could hide the key yourself and forget about it, or lock it up with the timer function. I’m sure you’d forget about it even if I didn’t ask you to as a bimbo like you would anyway… But now that you’re all locked up nicely you might as well throw on your bimbo maid outfit to help set the vibe and be on duty early if you really want to be a good girl…



I hope you did your best last week and were good girlS my little Gems because this week will be a week for you to honor your own girly needs for a change. Of course it’s still expected of you to obey your owners every wish and command but I would advise you to find some time for yourself as well this week. But I mean playing with that little clit of yours while still following your owners instructions would be even better, don’t you think? I can see the stars almost guiding your fingers down into your panties towards your clitty to play with it gently as it’s begging for a little attention and play-time. Don’t fight the urge to give yourself the pleasure you need. Use it as a way to connect with your femininity on an even higher level. Stroke it softly and slowly, be as tender and as gentle as you can be while enjoying every second of it. Let your mind run freely while you get lost in the moment and lose all sense of time. Your cherry deserves every last bit of that light yet intense pleasure…



I hope you girls took as much as you could get from last week my Gems because this week, it’s time to bring your focus back to business off from the boys that have been toying around with you. Although, boys and all that comes with them could fall under the business category for you babes, now that I think about it. So, if you’d consider yourself a sissy maid girl for example, then for the upcoming days I would advise you to be extra careful and attentive when cleaning up and taking care of your ruler’s needs. With the upcoming Mercury retrograde putting you at risk of creating a mess yourself. You wouldn’t want to be a bad girl and get punished for a little mess now, would you? If not, then your best bet for this week would be to always keep your clit alert, your mouth ready to clean up any little accidents that might take place and make sure you’re on your best behavior…




This new week in Virgo season seems to bring some rest for your mouths, Gemini girlies. You’ve been using those pouty lips of yours for business as well as pleasure for the past few weeks. This week on the other hand, I can sense the Universe asking you to take a step back. Take a step back and let the mountains come to you. Which the mountains in your case, of course, would be all the hot guys you can’t help but chase. This time around, I would encourage you girls to try and embody that sexy, mysterious, and captivating woman you’ve only read about in books. The kind of girl who boys pass on the street and can’t stop thinking about because they just have that something special and even alluring to them and they can’t seem to figure out what it is that makes them so enticing. So you babes better go into this week wearing your sexiest pair of lingerie under an even sexier dress, a pair of fierce heels, with that must-have red lipstick on and watch the boys line up like magic.



With the beginning of this new Virgo season you girls will be continuing on working with your mouths… The fiery planet Mars, the planet of energy, action, and desire, will be moving through your sign for the next eight months. This planet position will make you even more passionate about expressing your thoughts and ideas, but it could also lead you to some intense discussions. Keeping that in mind, I would encourage you girls to keep up the work you’ve been doing using your mouth but remember, you don’t always have to keep chatting just to fill the silence when that mouth of yours is open. Sometimes, it’s better to let your eyes work alongside your mouth and your tongue to get the job done…



You chatterboxes might’ve been processing some strange thoughts and revelations during the first few weeks of this month. And as the weeks went on I feel like you could’ve been finding your voice more and more as you went through a time of speaking up and trying to find your own unique way of communicating. This week on the other hand seems to be more about putting your actual voice along with your mouth to work. So it seems like this would be the perfect time to take up some voice feminization exercises. Now that you’ve probably figured out the type of girl you want to be and what your particular quirks and personality traits are, I think it’s time for you to take a step to specify the details of your girly persona. Of course there are many other ways you girls could put that mouth to use but let’s leave those exercises for weekend funsies… 



This week seems to be bringing light on things you girls might’ve been unconsciously choosing to disregard. The skirt is being lifted… With the Moon being in the straight-forward and sincere sign of Aquarius, this week you might be faced with a choice you have to make. You can either choose to sweep things under the rug once again, or you can choose to start an open conversation about what really matters to you. Don’t shy away from sharing your truth even if it might stir some discomfort within for the fear of how you may be perceived by the other side. Because at the end of the day, those who are meant to be around you, will accept each side of you. So I would encourage you girls to take this into consideration when an opportunity arises, if you feel like you’re ready to open yourself up a bit more. If not, then just take this as food for thought and might as well enjoy having a sneaky little secret no one knows about…



In August it looks like the planet Mercury is finally going to be exalted after twelve months which can only mean good news for all the Gemini babes! This is going to bring you an abundance of things. Again, new and exciting opportunities, all things pretty, and overall positivity, warmth, and love. It seems like some unexpected offers regarding relationships combined with something from your past might be coming up again. It could be a past lover or a missed opportunity with a suitor or even a Mistress resurfacing for a second chance. So you girls better be on your best behaviour around this time! Make sure to keep up with your skin-care routine, never step your foot out the door without shaving your legs and having your hair done first, a little lipstick with a good set of lingerie underneath your clothes wouldn’t hurt either this week. So put on some sissy music, get the girly vibes going, and do yourself up to the nines. A real lady always looks like a million bucks!



As it’s now officially the Leo season, you Gems are in for a good ride. This week you should have the happy-go-lucky mentality and have trust in the process of things. The Leo season this year is said to be the best time to let the Universe guide you and it might be reasonable to believe that the things you dream of are already on their way to you. There will be a new Moon in Leo at the end of the week and this could mean that some romantic adventure is looming on the horizon.. The Sun will be in Leo just two days after that as well. Which is an indicator of luckiness and new opportunities. So be sure to make the most of this time by having fun. Having a wild photoshoot, wearing your most scandalous pair of frillies, and getting all dolled up just for yourself would be the perfect way to relish this time. Also, don’t forget to give yourself a treat and take care of your clit!



This week you Gemini babes should aim to just go with the flow. As it’s the beginning of Leo season, which will be lighting up the communication part of your natal chart. You will be feeling so confident expressing your feminine self, conveying your sissy needs and sharing your girly thoughts with your girlfriends – or your suitor for the night. So don’t hold back when it comes to sharing opinions on things that matter to you the most. Like which floral printed dresses you think are in this season and the color of your mani-pedis, which of course, would have to match the dresses in question. Along with that, don’t be hesitant on expressing your own needs and desires. I know if one of you girls wants something you’ll find a way to get it. That should be the rule to live by for you this week too. In contrast to the beginning of the month, this week, you shouldn’t worry too much about what spills out of your mouth. Instead, keep your mouth open and see what fills it.. 



This week I would recommend my Gemini babes to tone down the extravaganza from last week. It is good for you to have fun from time to time but you can’t let having fun become a distraction for you and your feminization goals. This week, try taking a look inside, instead of putting your sissy energy outwards. How girly you feel inside is just as important, if not more, as the way you look and present yourself to the world. You should also take a look at your study habits this time of the month. Are you taking your assignments seriously, or are you just half-assing through them? Figure out your priorities and start working towards them. Mental work is important too as I mentioned before. That’s actually why downsizing your clit not only physically but mentally as well is so important for your girly masturbation and sissy orgasm training.



My Gemini babes will be having the time of their life at the beginning of July. Go out, wear something sexy, and most of all- have fun! You’ll be getting plenty of recognition for your outshining personality and looks. So make sure to look your best this week wherever you go. 

But, as you could be getting a lot of attention this time around there’s also a chance you’ll be interacting with different people. And we all know that you Gems can be a bit impulsive from time to time and sometimes it’s even hard to keep your tongue behind your teeth. But you have to try not to spurt out every thought that comes to mind. You might spill the wrong beans! To prevent that from happening a tight gag might come in really handy.. Being a sexy and mysterious chick could be your new thing.