I hope you babes enjoyed the last week that was an opening to a journey of finding yourself. It seems like the planets want to make you get to know yourself better. Because the only person that has to spend the rest of your life with you, is you. That’s why it is so important to know all the ins and outs of your own girly self. And what would be a better method to get to know someone than with the company of a bottle of bubbly and some one on one time. That’s right! For this week I want you girls  to first of all, consciously take note of your day to day life. Your emotions, the way your body feels, your thoughts, reactions and so on. Is there anything that sets your soul on fire in particular, or is there something that makes you lose all control? On top of being conscious and self-aware this week, I would encourage you babes to take a night at the end of the week all for yourself. Go get a bottle of your favorite champagne or rose as I said, put on the lingerie set you feel the sexiest in, grab a toy or two, or treat yourself to a new one, and just enjoy having a naughty night with yourself. Be gentle and be tender, as always! Especially with the start of October at the end of the week bringing you a perfect oppotunity to weaken the grip of your masculine side by locking your cherry away safely.






This week in the fresh season of the sexy sign of Libra seems to be bringing you girls some adventures and opportunities. What an exciting time! It looks like the next few weeks of your life will be all about expansion and exploration for you babes in any way you might want to. It may mean you’ll be furthering your usual practice of pleasure or you may be exploring your fantasies on a new level. Maybe you’ll find a new exciting genre of porn to keep you company while you get your hands wet and your clitty drenched which in turn could lead you to find yourself lost in a new kind of fantasy that you haven’t dipped your pink painted toe into yet. Whatever that expansion of your girly self might come down to this week, you girls have to make sure you go into it with an open mind and open legs. So, it would be better if you opted more for flowy dresses and lower heels this week just so the way to your clitty wouldn’t be obstructed by a tight dress, and a low heel is always better if you want to be ready for sexy little adventures any time of the day.



The last full week of the practical Virgo season seems to be asking you girls to be extra precise in your endeavors. Especially since the past week might’ve shook things up a bit for you. But there’s no need to be alarmed babes. You should just make sure whenever you get a chance to have a cock in your mouth that you’re not just nibbling on it as it could leave the wrong impression. Instead, you should see that you go down on it to the fullest. Some might even say devour it, if you can. There’s no point in holding back when it comes down to a dick that needs to be sucked. And I’m certain you’ll enjoy it yourself more that way too. Plus, it’s the perfect way to get extra points from your Suitor too if you’ve been a bit shy the past couple of weeks. Everyone loves a surprise. Which in turn could get you an extra prize too. Even though a dick in your mouth is a treat in itself for you. Maybe if you’re a really good girl you’ll even get it with added cream and a cherry on top this week…



You driven earth signs will most likely have to be ready to be shaken up a bit with this Mercury retrograde in the sign of Libra starting on the 9th. That’s because this retrograde will spend most of its journey in your sign’s house of career and purpose. So in opposition to last week’s highs and easy flow, you should be prepared for more of a rocky ride this week. The dazy week ahead seems to be bringing you girls some complications regarding errors and miscommunications in your work, as you could find yourself lost and a bit air-headed at the beginning of the week with the retrogrades pre shadow period going on. It would be best if you could take a break to get back on track. If you can’t, then pay extra attention to both your girly studies and things you’re expected to excel at. So, if you’re one of the little maid girlies, you have to make sure you’re taking your job seriously and don’t miss a spot while you’re cleaning up after your daddy. If you’re practicing edging during this time then you should be ready for extra temptations, but don’t let them get to you! You know, crossing the finish line will feel even better if you keep going…or not.




You’re going to be The It Girls this week my sweet sweet Capricorn babes! The second week of this Virgo season I can see you poised chicks stepping into your main character era. The Sun in Virgo seems to be sparking up a different level of self-assuredness. You know who you are and what you’re capable of. You’re sure of your skills and your weaknesses alike. That’s what will make this week go by so smoothly for you. You might run upon a person who’s trying to test, tease, or even provoke you. But with that wild yet tamed mindset the stars are granting you with right now, you’re bound to get past anything and anyone who’s not there to give you what you want. There will be an almost unworldly desire in you that’ll get you through this week with flying colors. All that’s left for you to do is to put on your game face and welcome all that’s coming towards you with open arms. You know what? You might as well have your legs spread and mouth wide open too while you’re at it and see what comes along…



This week with the start of Virgo season I can sense some pressure and intensity coming your way, Cap girlies. It seems like there might be a shift or a leveling up of some kind in a power dynamic in your lives. Now that the planet Pluto, the planet of power and control, has traveled through your sign, I can see some feelings of envy, greed, desire, or even spite coming to the fore. You might be under the control of someone else or feeling like you’re being manipulated in a way. To me, it sounds like you girls will be put well in your place and taken into hand the way you’re supposed to be. I can already imagine you spending the whole week down on your knees, a leash around your neck, and a gag in your mouth just so you could learn how to act like a proper girl who’s willing to do whatever it takes to make her Owner happy, or at least somewhat pleased. So you might as well get on your knees already, that’ll earn you some ‘’good girl points’’ for sure.



In the last week of this, let’s be honest, a bit of a tiring season, I can see you girls experiencing some push and pull motion in your lives. Whether it be in your walking life caused by all the boys you have to choose between, which of course, I don’t blame you for, one’s cuter than the other, what’s a girl to do? Or whether it be just you accidentally using up the last of your lube having some fun with a new dildo. That’s why I would encourage you girls to try to keep your calm and not get too overwhelmed with these little mishaps you might run upon. Things happen, so what? There’ll always be another cute guy waiting for you around the corner and I mean, you know there are other liquids you can use instead of lube, right?



The second week of August seems to be bringing you girls all kinds of surprises on top of some deeper connections you might develop. The energy of this time is assuring you that you are exactly where you’re meant to be as of right now and it’s calling you to embrace and enjoy this beautiful time of stability and groundedness. These days ahead could also be bringing you closer to a special someone. I feel like there’s a chance of you establishing a connection with this person on a deeper and more personal level. It could be a possible future Owner or a potential soulmate of yours. This connection does not particularly have to be romantic, it could be a platonic kind of soulmate situation as well. You could just as well meet a new sissy sister and feel like you know them from a past life. You are surrounded by love and good energy this time around so make the most of it by filling yourself up with love… or you know, get filled with something else instead that feels close enough.



The first week of August will be a continuation of last week’s events for you girls. My first instinct would be to feel sorry for all the work you’re in for. But since you girlies love the ”work hard play hard” way of life, I’m guessing you’re in for another week of enjoyable congenial exertion towards becoming the girliest version of yourself. In addition, the transit of Jupiter in the 3rd house of Capricorn ascendant will make you add extra effort to your work. What a time, am I right! You might as well put ‘’Work B**ch’’ play on a loop already. I’m sure Britney Spears will help bring out your inner studious babe. So make use of this exceptional time. This period of consistent work will pay off soon enough and only bring you closer to your feminization goals and the life you dream of. Keep those aims in mind, cages locked up tight, and pretty heads stuck in the books babes.



 I hope you, my determined and strong-headed little Cap girlies, have been enjoying working on yourself, on your sissy goals, and taking steps to become the girliest version of yourself. It takes one a lot of determination and precision to check off all the things, doesn’t it? But as you girls are known for being so goal-oriented and ambitious there’s no doubt in my mind you might as well be enjoying ticking all the boxes in this never ending list of things to do, in order to achieve your feminization goals. But, in the midst of this time of reintervention you have to make sure not to forget about rewarding yourself for the work you’ve already done. There’s a long way ahead filled with steps you have to take physically and mentally. That’s why it’s so important to enjoy the road and recognize your own strength. So remember to take some time to enjoy the fruits of your work and spend time appreciating the things you’ve accomplished. Look how far you’ve come already, girl! Be proud of yourself – and as a reward don’t hesitate to spoil yourself with some new pair of heels or a set of lingerie you’ve been eyeing lately. Never hurts to indulge yourself into being the woman that you are.



 I hope you girlies have been making the most of the month and been enjoying it as much as you can. You definitely deserve it. This new week with the transition to Leo season will bring you girls a lot of motivation and fervour especially regarding your sensuality and passion. So this is the perfect time for you to follow your desires and start pursuing your dreams. Figure out what it is that you want and start planning. Or, open up your Sissy Training Book and see where you’re lacking. Maybe your anal stretching is not going as planned and a more thorough approach is required. Or maybe you’ve been neglecting your make up lessons and you need more practice with contouring Think about the steps you need to take, write these steps down with your pink pen in your pink diary, detail them as much as you can – and, as the greats once said, you better work, bitch! That pussy of yours isn’t going to fill itself up, is it?



This week of the month will be bringing Cap girls a great time to do some self reflection and to dive into their unconscious mind. Why? Well, my ever-curious Capricorn babes, that’s because of the foggy planet half of the year. Don’t worry girls, it’s actually much simpler than it sounds. In plain terms of your sissyhood – tap into your fantasies and enjoy the journey of exploring yourself. That will definitely be a great addition to enjoying your day to day life as I guess you’re already starting to see the smaller exciting bits and pieces in your life from last week. You could gladly call this time of your life your ‘’selfish era’’. Self care should be at the top of any girls list anyway but especially yours as of right now. Just remember that getting a grip of your own starts with getting a grip of your sissy pleasures.



As the past few months in astrology with the Mercury in Retrograde and the retroshade could’ve been teaching you Capricorns that having fun and pleasure IS actually productive even if you aren’t used to looking at it in that way, you will be having loads more fun this week. The overall theme for this month will be making the most of your day to day life. I know you girls are used to being hard on yourself and are very independent but having a little fun here and there is good for you. Isn’t that what all girls just want to do? 

You need to learn how to let loose a bit. And no, that doesn’t mean letting go of all your morals. You still have to know how to behave, you’re not a mindless sissy whore. Good girls wear panties but bad girls wear nothing.. Interpret that whichever way feels natural to you..