Are your little cherries and pussies aching from all the practicing you did last week? Well, I certainly hope they are. In opposition to last week, this week the Universe seems to be asking you to keep your hands out of your panties instead. I think that’s the que for you to get ready for the upcoming month of October for which you will have to keep your clits locked up for a day after day So you can relax knowing your clit will get a bit of rest in the weeks ahead. But keeping your panties on and clits locked up doesn’t mean you can’t spend the upcoming days practicing something else to become the best sissy girl you could ever be, in other ways than just keeping your lady parts in place. I mean you’ve still got your mouth and your hands free, don’t you? So you better go gloss those lips and might as well do some vocal warm-up exercises. Because that mouth of yours will be fill to the rim and that tongue worn out by the end of this week…





I hope you girls took my advice last week and used the time to focus on yourself the Universe offered you wisely. Now it’s time to lock your little cherries back up nice and tight right where they belong and get to work. You’ve been doing a lot of work either way considering the Sun just left the hard-working sign of Virgo a few days ago but now it’s time to put all that you’ve been learning into practice. Enough of theoretical work for now. Now, take a little time to go over all the pin points in your head and figure out if there’s ways to especially put all that girly knowledge to use this week. I can think of many ways a girl with such an expertise in certain areas can make use of her skills. And this week, it’s all up to you as long as you’re putting your abilities to practice. Go with the flow and see what you crave for on the go. You could use a day to put your glossy lips to use for example, another to stretch and fill your pussy, the next one to tease and please your lady parts and so on… Make the most of this practical week, sweetie!



On the last days of this Virgo season I can see you Aries girls settling into your own frequency. You might have been too busy to focus on yourself and your own girly needs for the past couple of weeks, with the practical Virgo season going on and the beginning of another Mercury retrograde that’s just bound to mess with your schedules leaving your heads clouded. So, this would be the perfect time for you to foster mindfulness and get your daily rituals back on track. Yes, that might mean you need to put your notifications on silent to get your mind off of all the cute boys blowing up your phones and close the web boutique tabs for a minute here. Now, go open up your training books instead and get out your pink pens and notebooks again. Of course a nice pencil skirt and a sexy button-up to throw on would definitely help set the mood too. It’s all about the little things! This Mercury retrograde in the gracious sign of Libra could be making you yearn especially for all things easy on the eyes and the detailedness of everything. So, for this week I would advise you babes to sort out your big girl duties in great detail and try not to over look the small things. I mean, off the top of my head there’s a tiny cherry in between your smooth thighs just aching for the tiniest bit of attention, that would be a great place to start off the week from…



This week in the ongoing Virgo season will be a bit hard on you my Aries babes, as you’re one of the signs most affected by the upcoming Mercury retrograde. But hard can be good and it can be bad as well, you know. That’s why you get to choose what you zero in on. You could choose to home in on the things you like more when they’re hard, like a cock you’re about to put your pouty lips on. Or you could focus on the reality that this Mercury retrograde beginning on Thursday is bound to bring on you, but where’s the fun in that? That’s why I decided to give you a few pointers and things to look out for just in case this week. With Mercury’s annual backward dance you can never go wrong with keeping an eye out for malfunctions with electronics and some misperceptions here and there. For that reason, there’s not really much you can do to prevent the mishaps. I’d say you should just keep your mouth open for something other than talking and leave the unintelligible gadgets for another week. Besides that, I think you babes can just as well go into the week ahead with only stiff cocks and hot guys with whips on your mind.



The second week of this Virgo season looks like it will be bringing you girls a lot of sugar with a bit of spice and everything nice to end off the hazy week. I can already imagine you girls spending the days ahead with doe-eyed looks on your faces drifting off to dreamland and being a little air-headed overall. It will be hard for you to concentrate on things that aren’t as exciting as the cute boys passing by you on the streets and those cute dresses on the windshields of luxurious shops that you can’t stop thinking about. That’s why, if I were you, I’d definitely try to find a way to enjoy the upcoming sweet and dreamy days to the fullest. I would encourage you girls to take this week to really relish being the girl that you are from the bottom of your heart. Go around wearing those rose-colored glasses proudly, feel the eyes on you while you lightly skip along the side-walks in a pretty little skirt without a care in the world, just like you should.



This new season in Virgo seems to be bringing you girlies a bit more excitement and joy in your everyday life. With the Sun moving into the industrious and practical sign of Virgo along with Jupiter moving into your own sign making you feel more confident in who you truly are. You might be feeling extra eager to experience new things and soak up as much adventure as you can. This planet-sign positioning could make you want to act out of character for a bit here. Which doesn’t have to be a bad thing at all. So, if you’re the soft and tender type of lover girl, maybe this is the time for you to try strapping on your tightest penis gag and a harness to get your sweat on in between the sheets. And for the girls who’ve been tied down to a bed all along, maybe it’s time for you to loosen up those ropes and put on some sexy music while you get down on your knees to gently but surely please your Suitor of the night. 



This week it seems like it’ll all be about moving for Aries girls. Whether it be moving on from something, physical agility, levelling up spiritually, or friction of some kind. What have you been holding onto that you need to let go of? Or is there anything that’s been holding you back in a way? Could it be that you’re just in need of a smaller cage? Or maybe you’re lacking a bit in your feminine skills and ladylike manners. Take an hour or two at the beginning of the week to really think through your actions and next steps. Ending a chapter in your life could pave the way for something far greater and bigger down the road. So, this week I would encourage you babes to let go of whatever it may be that’s been keeping you from the future you deserve. If this sounds a bit too groundbreaking for some of you, which it might, then it could also very well be a sign of needing another type of chafing. That being the case, all you might need is some lube and a bigger dildo to make the most of this week and have it slide by smoother… 



For Aries babes the second week of August seems to be bringing you the perfect time to be blunt and straight-forward. I feel like there could be a connection with someone you admire but aren’t 100% sure if it’s one sided or goes both ways. It doesn’t have to be a relationship that’s completely equal on both sides, so if this is making you think about a possible Owner or a Master because of the masculine energy I’m getting then that could very well be it. This week I would encourage you girls to step out a little and try taking the initiative in a way. There could be more to this connection than meets the eye. Don’t be afraid to tell them how you want to be treated, communication is the key at this time. Something is telling me that the cards are in your favor. The week ahead could also be bringing you a chance to explore the unexplored and dip a freshly pink painted toe in the unknown. So it would be a good time to maybe delve into your desires a bit more too. If you get a chance to do that with someone else then take it. If not, then you could also do it yourself by trying out some new toys, or by taking the orders from our Head Mistress herself.



For Aries babes, I can see that there will be a lot going on in all areas of your chart astrologically at the beginning of this new month. Firstly, I can see that the first week of August will be very beneficial for your studies and self-growth. Meaning this would be a good time to go over your study habits, think through the ways you want the world to perceive you, and what you could do to elevate your inner self. Is there anything you’d like to learn about more, or maybe there’s things you’d want to change externally? It could be as simple as just being long overdue for a new hairstyle. This is the time to really figure things out and with the help of Mercury’s transit in your chart, it’ll go a lot smoother than you’d expect. But a little thing to look out for the week ahead are mechanics. Be careful operating machinery and electrical gadgets just in case. I think it would be better for you girls to rather stick to dildos instead of vibrators this week. I’d say we just let the men handle our electronics for us…



For the first official week of Leo season, all my feisty Aries should take the beginning of another Fire sign season as a cue to try using some of your intense energy for play and passion. As Leo season is known for letting your fantasies lead you in the right direction. So don’t feel bad if you catch yourself lost in a reverie of you dropping your skimpy panties down for an alpha and getting dicked down. Instead, take this state of mind with you and set a clear intention for the days ahead. What else could a slutty girl like you daydream about.. You know, actually, you’re in luck babes. Because the Leo season can be quite pragmatic. And that can only mean you will have opportunities to live out those carnal desires of yours. So if you truly want that alpha to pound you mindless, make sure not to miss out on a dick when the stars present a chance to grab it.



As a fellow slut, just like Leo and Sag girls, this new week you will be pampered by pleasure and pure elation. It’ll be a great time for you to start getting ready for the hot new season ahead. And between us girls, this season promises to be steaming things up in your love life. Rejoice you naughty girl, the stars have aligned for you to find someone who will make your bedroom a little more sizzling. So put on your flirtiest smile, fiercest heels, and let your cleavage do the work while your passion and desire lead the way this week. Go with the flow and see where it takes you. This time could be filled with unexpected surprises and adventures. So don’t hesitate following your feminine instincts in any situation..



Free minded Aries chicks prepare for a wave of creativity and self-expression cravings that the second week of the month is likely to bring upon you. I can see a waft of new ideas coming in regards to the way you present yourself to the world. So this may be a good time to change up your style and tap into your sense of fashion. Maybe you’ve been thinking about changing your whole wardrobe completely as the rush from last week is still very tangible. If you’re a girl who loves everything pink and girly maybe this is the right time to get yourself your first pair of tight leather pants and a sexy bodysuit to try out and see how it makes you feel… And hey, latex girls, it works both ways!. This could also mean that it’s time to switch out your old, pink, barely quivering vibrator for a fresh, bigger and bolder one. Take your picks girlies and don’t hold back.



 For all the ambitious and fiery Aries this week in Cancer season will bring on another level of hunger for success and expansion of your already high ambition. As the ruling planet of your sign, Mars, will be in Taurus for the whole month. You will be all fired up and ready to be put in your place. Take advantage of this time and enjoy the rush it’ll bring you. But don’t let the excitement overflow you. You still have to make sure to keep up the good girl act. I’m certain you’ll know how to behave. Frustration first, then pleasure, am I right girls?

Looking good equals feeling good as well. So this is also a good time to invest in your looks. If the rush of this new season gets overwhelming a good way to put it into use would be to go shopping. Get inspiration off the internet and go crazy. Spoiling yourself a bit is never a bad idea.