As the season of another fellow air sign continues so will your lucky days, my little Aqua girls. This week I can see you babes feeling just as good if not even better than last week. Your days will be filled with sunshine and laughter as you sip on some good wine with your girlfriends just chatting the nights away. You’ll be feeling confident and comfortable in your own skin as the Sun is moving through another air sign which will continue on to make you feel like you’re home at last. I know many of you might’ve been feeling lost and kind of all over the place for the past few months or even a year. It’s been hard, but you’ve managed to keep it together and make it seem like you’re always in the flow, being the hard headed girlies you are. Now’s finally the time to truly let your spirits run freely and to stop limiting yourself. You’re a good girl from the bottom of your heart and that’s why you shouldn’t have to keep a straight face and act like you’ve got everything under control at all times. Let your guard down, don’t try to push everything in a direction you assume is right, and just see what happens. Another way to put these days ahead into good use would be to get ready for the long awaited Locktober. Find out what happens when you push your arousal higher and higher without the usual outlet





In the first official week of a fellow air-sign Libra season I can see you girls feeling quite lucky. You’ll be optimistic, talkative, and in an overall good mood while feeling right at home in the ongoing airy season. Your clitties will be excited and quivering between those smooth thighs of yours because there’s just something different in the air at this time. Especially with the planet Mars, the planet of action, lingering around in another fellow air-sign Gemini, making you even more chatty, flirty, and playful. But, with all of this buzz going on you girls should make sure you’re not overbooking yourself while you’re high on life during this time. Also, keep in mind to take note of what that mouth of yours is doing in the days ahead. I can see you babes mingling around a lot which could lead you to opening up those pouty lips and accidentally spilling something that’s not worth spilling. Whether it be the hot gossip you promised to keep to yourself or a hot load of something creamy that you’d much rather swallow than spit out I assume. 



I can see a few exciting things coming your way this week, my lovely Aqua babes. It seems like on the days ahead the stars are bound to bring someone your way. Someone special who might make you feel like you’re finally where you’re supposed to be. With the harmony-seeking planet Venus joining the Sun which rules your house of relationships and connections making it even more likely. This one on one exchange with that special someone could get pretty tense. But tension isn’t always a bad thing, you know. I can think of some ways intense feelings and sensations might come up with a certain someone… With all of this going on astrologically, I think you could even run into your possible future Mistress on these days ahead. And with the help of the stars it’ll be impossible to miss this connection and belonging you’ll feel as soon as you dare to lay an eye on her. So you better be on your best behavior, girls. For this week, I would definitely advise you to keep your clit locked up at all times, your thighs as smooth as possible, hair done nicely, and be ready to obey the Mistress of your dreams at any minute of the day. You wouldn’t want to run into the woman you’ve been dreaming about your whole life with your hair up in a messy bun and your makeup undone, would you?



This week in Virgo season seems to be slowing things down for a bit here for my Aquarian girlies. Last week was all about excitement and sparking things up again while this week on the other hand, it looks like the Universe is asking you to change your pace a little. You can put the days ahead to use the best if you focus on getting back on track and starting up with your girly studies again for an example, as it’s also back to school season now, YAY! With both of your ruling planets Saturn and Uranus retrograding, it’ll be a lot easier for you to get the boys out of your head to make room for extra girly knowledge. My advice for you babes for this week would be to get caught up with the latest fashion trends for this fall season. I think you know this by heart by now, but looking good is the most important part to being a real lady. Plus, with the first day of school coming up you should also remember that first impressions are very important! So you girls better get your heads into every fashion magazine you can find and don’t show up to school unless you’re sure you look like a million bucks! Can’t risk getting caught by the fashion police on the first day of school now, can we?



This week, you Aqua girls should prepare yourself for some turbulence in your love lives. You might find yourself wanting to do a total rebrand. I can see you girls getting rid of old habits and introducing new daily rituals into your routine. So, out with the old and in with the new would be the motto to live by on the days ahead. That could mean switching up your usual nightly practice of pleasure by swapping your old dildo with a bigger and bolder one. Or maybe you and your partner have been thinking about sparking up your one on one time by bringing in a third… That sounds like something to be excited about. So whatever that rebranding of yours might come down to, I’d say go all in this week. Don’t let the doubts hold you back, it’s your story after all, hit them with a plot twist whenever you feel like it, sugar!



Time to dig out the gags and the whips my Aqua babes! This week in the new straight to the point Virgo season I can see you girls getting down to the wire. I feel like you could be in for a long but very hot and a very heavy ride. To me it sounds like there’s going to be a good chance for you to spend the days ahead tied to a bed, legs spread, and ready for anyone to stop by to get a good use out of you. So, I guess it’s time for you girls to give up every last ounce of dignity you have left, and completely embrace what you’re here for. I’m sure you knew deep inside all along that your job is to be used like a toy and then left for others to play around with. Own it!



The last week of this hot and heavy Leo season seems to be all about passion and sensuality for my passionate Aqua girls. I can see you girls looking for ways to let out that inner slut wherever you go. And this week I’d say go for it! Go all out and enjoy being that slutty little babe you are. Let your clitty lead the way on these days ahead and for once, don’t listen to your head over it. Truly embracing being the mindless dollface you are is the best way to go about this week! The planet of love, intense passion, beauty, and pleasure – Venus, is moving through your 7th house of partnerships. Which means there’ll be plenty of chances for you to let out that girl inside of you, who just wants to be used and discarded. All that’s left for you to do, is to throw on your most scandalous pair of panties, or you know what’s even better? Don’t put on any! A tight skirt and a pair of stripper heels should do the job… 



This time of the month of August seems to be all about letting go of things. Things that might be holding you back in some ways. I feel like this week the Universe could be asking you to let go of the belief that you have to be perfect in order to attract the things you long for. You have to understand that everyone makes mistakes from time to time and that’s all part of the process of getting where you want to be. So don’t be too hard on yourself this week. Cut yourself some slack, get a night of well-deserved rest in a soft nightie, pamper yourself a bit, and then get back on the horse. After all, you are the only one responsible for the way you go about things. And if you happen to have a slip-up this week then know, there’s always ways to reclaim yourself. Keep in mind girlies- progress over perfection!



This week I’m hoping to see all my Aquarian girls moving forward and working on their goals as the last week was all about setting things into motion. And I hope that the last day of the previous week brought you all something you had been wishing for… Now, this week you will still need to keep working on yourself and your goals since the position of the planets seems to be very promising in regards to achieving your deepest darkest desires. But it could also be creating a little hassle in your love life. The Sun will be transiting in Leo and might be bringing out the cocky side in you. Although I know you girls would love to read that as a cock IN you, I’m afraid the stars are not that straightforward here. Let’s put it this way: don’t let a cock get into your head, down your throat- is the only suitable route for this week. As it could cause some problems in your relationships due to a self-centered approach. You should know by now that dominance is not one of your strengths, so stay nice and obedient and you’ll see how things fall into their place as smoothly as a lubed up dildo slides into your pussy…



As the past few weeks have been all about reflecting, observing, and thinking through your next moves, this week on the other hand, will be about setting things into motion. Taking action and stepping a high-heeled foot forward will be the theme for you this time of the month. Especially as the Sun will be in the sign of Leo on the last day of the week making it the luckiest day of the season. So avail yourself of the whole week and get up and ready for the weekend to make a move. This could mean finally letting go of all of your limiting beliefs and being your girliest self. Enjoy the hot weather and the beaming sun. When the Sun is shining, smile at the cute boys and give into your femininity without a doubt in your mind. Just make sure to apply some bb-cream and sunscreen in the mornings. We don’t want sun rays getting in the way of your skin care routine, do we?




 For the Aquarius girls this week of the month I would advise you to take note of the people you keep running into and what it could mean. Think about what these people represent and what they are bringing out in you. The Universe might be trying to send you a message through these interactions. For example, you keep running into a handsome hunk on your way to work and he seems interested – maybe it’s time to flirt? Or maybe your girlfriend keeps noticing your panty line – maybe it’s time to let her know of your true sissy self? After all, the stars don’t propel you towards consequential actions without a reason – maybe you’re long overdue for some changes in your life. Especially regarding the people you surround yourself with and the habits you might’ve picked up from them. But babe, there’s no need to worry! It doesn’t necessarily mean that something’s wrong. Maybe you’ve been having interactions that bring out your slutty side instead. That could mean you need to put more attention on being a slutty little girl as well. So this week you should just observe and reflect before setting anything in motion. And you know what helps best when I need to reflect? A relaxing beauty spa day. So gather your skin & hair care products, get yourself a nice bubble bath and immerse into pampering yourself. And you’ll figure it all out, believe me.



For all the altruistic Aqua girls this part of the month will be an interesting one. The planet Saturn is on a continuous journey through your selfhood zone and will stay on the road till the year 2023. So you will be doing lots and lots of self-reflection. And as we are now in Cancer season there will be even more conscious introspection since the water sign is known for its devotion and intelligence. So don’t be hesitant to take a look inside. Explore your deepest desires, dreams, and fantasies. It seems like it could be a great time to start trying out different kinks and experiment with them. I can sense that you wouldn’t mind some CNC with a hot looking guy, would you? Or getting down on your knees for an alpha and him whipping out a gag.. 

Of course you can’t forget about pleasing yourself either! Exploring yourself could just mean trying out different vibrators or a bigger dildo, wearing panties, and doing stuff that makes you feel all girly on the inside. I see that you’ve already started by reading this horoscope. Good girl!



As an air sign just like Libra and Gemini, Aquarius girlies should also keep their priorities straight and not go too hard on themselves at the beginning of July. It’s a great time to do some long-term planning. Maybe map out your expenses and do some budgeting. I know how easy it is to go shopping and splurge without even realizing how much you’ve spent. You should also make time to do some self-reflecting and figure out what it is that you want from life. Is getting down on your knees to suck a juicy cock everyday for the rest of your life something you dream about? I bet it is.. 

But, constructive thinking could be your best weapon during this time. So if you do happen to meet someone new try not to go in head-first. Instead lay low and don’t give everyone the benefit of the doubt like you usually do. Be aware that dominance is not one of your strengths this week so try to be nice and submissive but keep your clit alert.