Sponsorship (pay per piece)

Are you a content creator(videos, captions etc.)? Are you a sissy/shemale performer (in a professional or homemade videos/pictures) and want to earn some extra cash? Contact me and let’s talk. I pay you for referring this website in your picture/video.
Please contact shop@sissylover.com

Affiliate (pay commission)

Affiliate system is in BETA testing mode. You can already start using it. Any new user will be automatically registered as an affiliate. If you already have an account and want to be an affiliate, please contact me shop@sissylover.com and I will enable your account or fill out below registration form (if you can see it).
How to use?
Go to My account – Affiliate Area
There You will find a unique link you may share around. Anybody who uses your link and makes a purchase you earn money.
default link directs your sissy friends to https://sissylover.com/sissy-school
If you want them to link somewhere else in the website like https://sissylover.com/shop/sissy-school/sissy-training-book/ or your wishlist you can use URL generator
Why be an affiliate?
Share this wonderful site with all sissies, making the world a better place one sissy at a time 🙂
Earn $$ on every sale you refer.
Cashout via PayPal or use it for your next order.
none. Ask your questions so it can be posted here.

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