Coming out as SISSY: turn your wife into your mistress

Hi, my lovely sissy girls! Today, we are going to discuss coming out to your partner. Well, duh, but something tells me you might need proper guidance here. So strap in, strap-on, mind hooked, clitty locked, eyes wide, boipussy tight and let’s go! I know all of you girls enjoy watching sissy porn, dressing up, […]

Love, sex & chastity: Why cuckolding is perfect for you and your partner(s)

I know, a wild guess here but if you have a wife, a long-term partner, or somebody you’d wish to see in that role – and if you are here, reading the Sissylover Academy‘s blog… Well, from time to time you probably fantasize about being a sissy cuckold;) Fantasies are, of course, good and all, […]

Coronavirus explained so even bimbos can understand

Stay healthy – The coronavirus is very susceptible to soap, more so than hand sanitizer. Therefore wash your hands frequently with soap.When touching anything outside your home then avoid touching your face. Avoid contact – Yes, this also means you cannot have sex with any new people. If you have a regular partner but you’re […]