Sperm may be miracle cure for Corona Virus, Researchers Report

February 19, 2021

In a dramatic press conference in Sissylover research facility today, Doctors announced that treatments with human sperm have shown dramatic results in fighting the Wuhan corona virus.

Dr Han Johb speaks to a packed room of reporters and colleagues

“We’ve known for a long time what an amazing substance male sperm is, with many  rejuvenating properties,” Dr.  Ima Kumhund of the Sissylover Institute for the Study of Sperm (SISS) said in a morning press conference, “It creates life, so it’s not surprising that it should be curative too.”

Clinical testing

Dr. Kumhund noted that two main enzymes found within sperm, the Hyaluronidase and Acrosin enzymes, have anti-covid effects by reverting virus into breakable molecules.

“Seventy-five percent of patients treated with male sperm reported a positive outcome,” Dr. Kumhund continued.  “95% of female patients were completely cured, while 72% of male patients were cured for short period.  ” It is yet unknown while male patients are not completely cured as of yet Dr. Kumhund recommends recurring dosage of 5ml sperm weekly.

Dr. Kumhund cautioned: “The amount of ejaculate varies between men, and even between each of their loads. What you might not be aware of is the difference in potency, these enzymes although present in all sperm, are much more abundant in what is stereotypically called ‘Alpha-males’.”

Quick and effective method

Doctors also announced a revolutionary new method for administering the treatment, which requires internal injection of the sperm deep into the rectum, rather than with a needle into the buttocks, as is common with other medications.  

“This method speeds absorption and lasts up to 15 days “ reported  Dr. Han Johb, Director of Clinical Studies, “and patients responded surprisingly well to the new delivery method.  Perhaps a little pain at first for some, but then the majority of male patients found it rather enjoyable.”

However, this method comes with a cost of 1000$ but can be also done by another (preferably alpha) male’s direct insertion and ejaculation to recipient.

Since, we do not know when the pandemic is over it is recommended to learn to enjoy anal insertion by taking anal class. To be extra cautious and have anus semination more often than biweekly we have a class to make you an expert in emptying alpha’s balls from semen

Mouth Insertion

Doctor Johb did report mixed results on another delivery method currently being tested, injecting the sperm directly into the throat of the patient.  “The throat is very close to the lungs where the virus is centered, and theoretically this method should be more effective.

Dr. Johb cautioned: “With the rate of decay starting immediately after leaving the testies, the sooner that it’s ingested the stronger the dosage will be. Because of this we’re recommending that each dosage be consumed within 3 seconds of ejaculation.”


Since we need to take into consideration where the sperm is coming from in order to properly gauge the necessary dosage, and the fact that we are in the middle of a pandemic, with ever changing rules and regulations on isolation orders, our current recommendation is that every student should be consuming a minimum of 3 doses of their own cum loads a week ejaculated directly into mouth.

3 doses may sound repulsive at first. Therefore, we recommend taking 5 day assignment to cope with swallowing sperm

Alternatively, those of you who have a male donor, or when it is safe for you to do so, this should be replaced with a minimum of 1 male sperm load taken orally once a week or anally biweekly

Continued research

As to the differences in outcomes between female and males, Dr. Johb commented: “We are looking at other variables to determine why some males did well, and others not.  Some males seem to welcome the treatment, while others resist.”

The Institute plans a larger phase II trial beginning next week.

A patient at the Sissylover Institute for the Study of Sperm (SISS) awaits treatment.

Research Agenda

  1. Cum consumed orally within 3 seconds of ejaculation can help fight and prevent the Corona Virus for up to 7 days.
  2. There are no known side –effects or limitations on dosages.
  3. Alpha-Male Cum is more potent than a sissy’s cum, and is preferred whenever possible.
  4. Anal insertion is more effective

Sissylover School

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This is fiction article

23 thoughts on “Sperm may be miracle cure for Corona Virus, Researchers Report

  1. Amanda Keiko says:

    Hehehe, one more advantage for sex without coddoms (except when the partner has some STD diagnose)
    Creampies and swallowing cum will save the world!

  2. Jessica says:

    Although I enjoy the course, this type of email is really quite perturbing.
    This type of posting has been doing the rounds on YouTube and really is of no benefit to anyone.

    I can see that this is a bit of fun, but in these times when so many people are dying, I really think that this type of post should be avoided. It’s not as though you are going to benefit either.

    I am upset at receiving this particuar email and I guess that I wont be alone

    Please keep COVID out of it and stick to what you are really good at – training sissies.

  3. Joanie says:

    No wonder , i haven’t caught the corona virus , i consume loads of sperm all the time straight from the source , both anally and orally!

  4. Donna Cummuffin says:

    What a lovely article! Wish I had someone to give me the anal injections, but good to hear my own clit-squirt can at least be semi-effective.

  5. Joannie Sissy says:

    With care and luck, and a daily load of cum, let’s keep the virus away! I know this story was not for everyone, but I find humour where I can these days.

  6. summsumm says:

    I know times are very tough right now, but a little imagination can’t hurt to cope with it. The device and the mask in the picture are fucking awesome and I would love to try them out.

  7. Savannah cox says:

    Coming from a place of pure entertainment and comedic relief, this email and main posting is purely genius. And coming from a realistic and rational perspective, it in and of itself is absolutely beneficial in its ability to sate ones anxiety and stress that has been by and large brought on by the 24/7 fear porn that is plastered on every screen we a fired to look at every day. Right, there are people dying, but no more than would have any other year leading up to the present. So, I say MORE!!! Give us more like this please, along with a double dose of that sweet SPERM TREATMENT, I’ll one anally and one orally, unless there’s more to be had!!!

  8. CUNTy says:

    Question… Is it strange that the sperm of Alphas or even other sissies is Delicious to me (I even eat shirako) but, the thought of mine isn’t ac appealing?

  9. Nancy says:

    Love it, one more reason to do it 😉 . To help to understand that’s a fun comic (so necessary in this dark time), maybe could be better to put that note also on the picture and not only on text. Have fun.

  10. Robyn says:

    I know it is a fake story, but wow…
    What I wouldn’t give to receive anal injections twice a day to prevent COVID, and to increase my sissy nature.

    I have read elsewhere that an additional benefit to receiving spermatazoidal injections is that it may trigger your body to decrease the production of testosterone, and thus increase the percentage of estrogen in your body.
    I love the thought of becoming more girly just by receiving these injections.
    If anyone wants to volunteer to inject me….. email me at pantyboiinflux@gmail.com

  11. kimberly56 says:

    This post is to have some fun and including Covid is not bad. Covid is a new virus and will eventually be like the flu or pneumonia. People die from all kinds of viruses every year and there is not much that can be done. A vaccine has been developed but it is not a cure so the virus will still be around for centuries. Remember just because you take the vaccine does not mean you can’t get the virus. i take the flu vaccine every year but there at 39 different strains of that virus, i contracted the flu 3 times within 2 months.

  12. Anna Figueiredo says:

    Wish Ihave a male to treat me. I would be obedient and good patient taking all my medication from source. Im afraid of having covid. Sissy academy should provid a center for dose applications, where donnors could help sissies, like a drive thru, so they could receive their load weekly.

  13. Debie says:

    Really good work there!You nailed it like an alpha would nail a sissy pussy!I want to participate on the positive effet for cure into my sissy throat pretty please!As well as the effect of combining fresh injestion immediatly or simultaneously inserted to the rectum(2 alpha at once) And of courrse my question to the scientist about Alpha Transgendered women sperm effect too!Thanks for this article really good to read.

  14. Janice Swallows says:

    Omg, I got such a good laugh out of this article. Thank you very much for posting this, especially at this time! I hope everyone is staying safe!

  15. cosmocream says:

    Great article! Very creative. There needs to be more like these, new “evidence” or “studies” that come out on a regular basis.

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