This week the planet that’s been dancing backwards will be returning to your sign babes. I know the Mercury Retrograde usually brings up a bit of fear and a lot of confusion but since it will be dancing around in your Sun sign, you girls are in luck! This week the planets could be bringing you a lot of unexpected chances instead of unexpected trouble as it usually would and that ironically just before the month of October comes around too. So, take this as a que to use up the last of the free clitty time you’re going to get for a little while now. But before that, you will be feeling like the luckiest girls ever because good things are just happening to you naturally. It could even feel like all of this is just too good to be true but you shouldn’t let those doubts get to you. Enjoy these precious times the Universe is granting you with and don’t question its choices. Since you only get something when you’re really ready for it. So, if you babes happen to have a series of fortunes in the days ahead, then know, it’s not a coincidence and you deserve it!





I hope you babes were on top of your game last week and did as I advised you and took all the chances you could get. A girl can’t let a chance to get some dick just slip by and you know that! For this week ahead you girls should keep the same mindset as always. Never say no to a dick, I mean that’s just pure courtesy at the least, just in case you needed a reminder. And secondly, for this week I can see the stars asking you girls to keep your eyes open and clits alert at all times because the planet Venus will be slipping into your own sign which could be starting to throw hints at you regarding themes that will be brought up during the last weeks of the ongoing Mercury retrograde. These hints could include themes like credit where it’s due and career paths. That could mean you’ll be up for a little reward from your Mistress maybe, if of course, you’ve been playing by the rules and keeping your act together. I know I told you girls to go all in last week with any hunk that comes along but a girl has got to have some manners still! Another thing you girls could focus on this week would be choosing a fitting career path for yourself and pursuing that. So if you feel like you would be the perfect maid girl for a higher up for example, then get into it now! The career path to becoming the best maid for your master would be extra fitting for you girls especially since your sign is represented by The Maiden after all.



The last full week of your birthday season is sadly coming to an end, my Virgo babes. But that doesn’t mean it’s the end of everything fun. Your season seems to be ending on a good, or even on a passionate note, you could say. The days ahead look like they could be bringing you all the good vibes and heighten your desire for pleasure. You will be in the flow blarneying your way through any situation to get exactly what you want. I wonder what that could be… So if you happen to run into a tall, handsome, dreamy guy this week then I’d say you should  just trust yourself and go talk the guy up. You’ll be smoother than honey with your way of words this week and sooner or later the dick of that suavely hottie might be slipping in and out of your mouth just as smoothly… So keep your lips glossed and tongue silver, ladies!




I know you gentle but hard-headed girlies have been waiting to get back on the grind so I hope you got a chance to let loose last week. It’s time to set your eyes back on the prize. While the start of this year’s third Mercury retrograde we will still be in your season. For that reason, it would be best if you girls could put 100% of your attention on the things that matter the most right now, as it could spin up some confusion in the financial and career section of your chart. That’s why I would encourage you to dig out your training books once again to get a better overview of the things that need to be done. Take a look at your finances and tailor the list if needed. Make sure it covers all the essentials and of course, leave room for your wants as well as your needs. A few pairs of cute lingerie and some extra toys to play around with could very well be considered as a need in my opinion. Same goes for pretty dresses to wear while you’re out on big girl duties and maybe a pair of cute boots for the starting of the frostier season to keep your pretty little toes warm.



In the second week of your big big season I can sense the Universe wanting you to expand in a way. The planet-sign positions right now seem to be asking you to let go of planning each day ahead and to try to go with the flow for a change. We all know how you girlies love to make detailed itineraries and plan out every other second of every single day but you have to learn to let loose and now seems to be the perfect time for it. With the Sun in your own pragmatic sign and the Moon entering through the sociable Libra. I think it just isn’t the time to focus on being a goody two shoes right now. So you better not go looking for your books and pens, just yet. Instead, dig out your sexiest party outfit and enjoy the last week of the summer having fun and letting loose with your girlfriends. After that you can get back to the important stuff. But for now, just relax and have fun babe!



Time to turn that spotlight back on the brightest setting and shine it your way! It’s your season, YAY! With the beginning of your new season I can see you girls turning into magnets for everything your hearts and little clitties desire. The odds along with the Sun are in your favor and now’s the perfect time to ask for what you want. Your sign is represented by The Maiden which symbolizes your need to serve and being of service. So this month, you can truly embrace that obedient side in you. Not that it isn’t expected of you the other 11 months of the year, but this time around I can see you girls really going all out. So dig out that cute little maid outfit you adore and feel yourself come alive when you put it on to get ready to enjoy the stardom of service.



This week I can see you girls trying to dim down the light of your own in contrast to last week. The last week of this Leo season is bound to bring you some grounding energy to calm down a bit and get ready for your own season ahead. On these days you might feel like there’s a need for you to let others take the spotlight. Which in hindsight, might not be a bad thing as you’ve had a week to focus on yourself and as you usually are the one to steal the attention off others whenever you walk into a room with your radiant energy. So I would advise you girls to take off those shiny high heels, that sequinned dress you love, and the bedazzled earrings, just to give your pretty little feet some rest and other girls a chance to feel as if they were the stars in the room. Have a rest, be the Queen laying her watchful gaze from the shadows, observe and prepare for your big season. Don’t forget to use up that face-mask that’s been sitting in the back of your cabinet!



The second week of August seems like it isn’t so much about the others than it is about you and your relationship with yourself. This Leo season might be inspiring you girls to honor the deity within, practice self-love, and step into a committed relationship with growth. Although, growth for you girlies can also mean shrinking in a specific area, so don’t take that so bluntly… You should rather try accomplishing that relationship on a higher level within yourself in a more spiritual way. Because this journey you’re on is more about unlearning and unbecoming the things you’ve been told about yourself. A big part of this mission requires you to accept the shadow parts of your being the same way you accept and cherish the light within. This time of the month could also be reminding you that your task is not to seek love but to become love. You have to begin to embody the things you desire in your outer reality. That way you’ll become magnetic for everything you crave… 



While the beginning of August might have an odd vibe to it with the stars making you feel kind of all over the place, you should be beginning to feel right back in your element on the 4th of August when the ruling planet of your sign, Mercury, enters Virgo. This time, with your reigning planet in its home sign will help you excel in any tasks or assignments you need to complete. Say you have your mind set on learning how to draw perfect eyeliners – time to purchase one and start practicing. Those cat eyes won’t draw themselves! Or maybe you’ve been having trouble with your gag reflex – girl, this week it’s time to start training your throat for a proper pounding. And as the week goes on you’ll befeeling more and more confident in your own skin and any choices you decide to make. So for example, if you haven’t been able to get your mind off of that sexy dress you saw a while back or a new shiny vibrator– this is the time for you to give in. Go splurge on yourself and enjoy it to the fullest.. 



Following up on last week’s theme, this new season in Leo will be bringing all my V-babes another wave of confidence in your intuition. So, this is again, a great time to put trust in your clit and wherever it might lead you.

 But, this time around you should also try to see if it might be telling you not to do something. Maybe it’s trying to tell you to cut it some slack, like “wait, you’re going too hard on me and I need some gentleness”.  Your sissy pussy might also have a voice in this matter. Maybe it doesn’t want to get too loose, maybe just some cute gentle toy for it to keep its girly vibes going is enough this week. Remember, even though it feels so good to keep on pounding your pussy and rubbing that clitty of yours as fast as possible, every girl needs a bit of tender love once in a while.



 This week is going to be bringing you a new wave of confidence when it comes to your intuition as it’s the beginning of Leo season. So I’d encourage you to lean into your sissy self and trust your gut as well as your clit. If you feel like doing something out of the ordinary this week but you don’t know if you really should then I’d say go for it! Everything happens for a reason after all so there’s really no need to overthink anything. Go out wearing that sneaky pair of tiny panties you adore, try out a new plug, or challenge yourself to a new task. Anything you decide to put your mind to will lead you somewhere new and consistency as we all know is the key to success. So keep on being a good good girl and work that pussy of yours inch by inch… Your natural inner-strength and determination will help you along the way big time.




I know the past few months could’ve been hurling you Virgo babes up with the Mercury in Retrograde from May to June and the already bewildering eclipse season but there’s no need to worry anymore. This week will be much more grounding and calming than the last couple of months of your life could’ve been. This is a great time for fixing and mending stuff that might have been neglected – for example, putting your sissyhood wagon back on the rails in case it slipped off. The Sun is moving through your 11th house of relationships and alliance therefore I can see the Cancer season bringing some lighter and brighter energy back into your life. 

But don’t forget to stay in your lane and still be a good submissive girl. Know your strengths and weaknesses and keep your feet on the ground as, being the sweet naive girlies that you are, it’s fairly easy for you to get caught up in vicious cycles of acting like a bad girl while staying a good girl. Don’t worry, hun,  this is a no judgment zone here, everyone gets a little naive if it comes down to a good looking guy.. or two.



Virgo sissies should spend the first week of July integrating the lessons they’ve had to learn in the past few months, while there was a lunar eclipse and Mercury was in retrograde. Especially because Mercury is the ruler planet of your sign. This is a great time to get fired up and bring new ideas to the table. It’s a chance for new beginnings and possibilities. I feel like there’s great prospects for you to meet someone new too. So maybe think about creating yourself a profile on a dating app as you could be meeting your future master sooner than you would have imagined. 

Another thing Virgo girlies should keep in mind would be to pay respect to those in authority! Don’t hold back showing reverence to your teachers and other people you might admire. If you’re enrolled at the Academy then take a look at your study habits. Make sure you’re not half-assing through the assignments and try to stay at the top of your class.