This week, in contrast to last week’s busy days full of chatting with cute guys and gossiping with the girls, I can sense that you babes might be in need of a minute in silence. A minute to recenter yourself and to set your mind back on more important things. Going out, having fun, talking to boys at the bar, and finding new best friends in the girls bathroom is amazing but you can’t let it turn you into a loozy girl. That means, you should definitely use the days ahead to iron your skirts’ pleats over, pull up your stockings and put your glasses back on again. You might as well dig out your tightest cages along with the other things because October is just around the corner and I think you girls already know what that means…You’ve got your big girl duties you need to focus on now and you know that! For example, how to be the best possible girl and obey your daddy or how to get an A+ on your next assignment on a girly knowledge paper.




You girls and your social life is just buzzing right now, isn’t it? This week I can see the Universe continuing to highlight that little social butterfly side in you. It feels like each day you wake up you feel like a caterpillar that’s about to turn into a beautiful butterfly for the day again and again or like a flower blooming each time the Sun comes up. In your case you are a beautiful woman that gets up every morning to put on her makeup and turn into an even prettier version of herself, of course. So it seems like you girls really are the IT girls now and I think the planets have a very soft spot for you babes at this time. That’s why it would be best if you could really relish this precious time by truly embracing your soft and kind nature while also remembering how special you are. You certainly cannot let this get to your head and get too cocky. I know a good and a very smart way to make sure this week will go by smoothly would definitely be to let a cock in your head through your lips instead of getting cocky yourself…



This week I can sense the Universe bringing you a need for association. You girls might be longing for that special someone or someones to be in assistance for you and by your side as the weather’s getting chillier and the nights are getting longer. I mean, everyone knows it’s easier to keep warm with someone else next to you keeping you company and retaining the heat between the two bodies, it’s common knowledge and has something to do with physics, doesn’t it? So I think it’s a given that you babes will be willing to do anything to share a bed with someone and while you’re at it you might as well get some physical activity in, that’s another great way to get the blood rushing and warm up! It looks like this will be a rather productive week for you girlies so you better put on the comfiest yet sexiest fit to lounge in and get physical in too. That sheetspread is cute but it isn’t going to keep you warm alone and that hole isn’t filling itself up now, is it?



Hey Scorpio babes, it’s time to comb out your hair and straighten your crown! All that fun but cluttered mess of the past Leo season is over and the ongoing Virgo season seems to be bringing you babes the desire to put your high heels back on the ground, or it might even be your knees that need to be down on the floor instead… I can see you girls surely, even furiously wanting to go for what you know you deserve. You’ll be driven like no other in order to get what you want, making you more fiery and fierce than you’re known to be. So I would only hope the best for those in your way on the days ahead because of what the stars are telling me right now. This week, no boy will be left unphased by your beauty and no other girl will stand a chance next to you. Great chances are, you’ll be sucking dicks left and right so you better get your lips glossed and ready for the week ahead. Don’t forget, the boys love a girl who knows what she wants! And I have a feeling all it is, is your mouth filled with cum, isn’t it?



This week in the new Virgo season I can see you girls feeling a need for connection within yourself. After a few weeks of intense physical vitality, now seems to be the perfect time to make your inner girly self feel more alive than ever. For that reason I would encourage you babes to pick up a romance novel or watch a chick flick, if you’re more of a picture goer kind of girl. Get lost in it and imagine yourself as the affable, gorgeous, and captivating main character of the chosen fiction. Let your imagination run freely and delve into details visualizing yourself as THE woman. This way of dreaming lets you come up with scenarios you’d never come up with on your own, and it leaves you room to pick and choose the exact ways you would portray yourself in your fantasies, or if you were to create a memoir of your own. So that one day, maybe a girl just like you could pick it up by chance and watch it or read it while getting lost in a fantasy daydream of her own… 



The last week of this eventful Leo season will go out in a blaze of glory. It seems like there will be a wave of good energy and luckiness coming towards you in the coming days. I can sense a continuance of the intense vitality that you might’ve experienced the week before. The planets piling upon planets seem to be sending many different options and choices  your way so you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed taking the whole course of this year’s Leo season into consideration. For that reason, I would encourage you babes to take some time to yourself this week. Search up a good hypno video and lose yourself in it. Enjoy some time ignoring everything else going on around you and just relish being in the company of who you truly are. Sometimes, it’s perfectly acceptable to surrender to circumstance and let fate take its own course. After all, when did guidance of any kind hurt a sissy (unless she wanted it to, of course)? So, hypno videos could be a perfect candidate to take control of the steering wheel for a little while. We all know you can be a bit of a mindless doll from time to time. Embrace it, sugar.



This week I see you Scorpio girls feeling attractive, sexy, and desirable, and you’re going to be happy to be in the company of someone who sees you as the cat’s meow. You want it all like you always have and this week seems to be bringing it as close to the ideal as possible. In other words I’d say this would be the perfect time to put edging back into practice, don’t you think? The planets have given you plenty of energy this week and the best way to use it would be peaking over and over again until your cute little clitty-balls are drained. It seems like it would be perfect if there’s someone to enjoy this time with, who’d tell you when to stop and when to start, someone who’d command you… But if you happen to not have an Owner yet, then of course you could relish this time by yourself or with the help of Mistress Alyssa dictating you. The strong sensual energy of this time will give you the will-power to go even further than ever. Of course a great way to end off this week filled with intense desire would be to have a well deserved and intense release… or even more intense frustration.



It seems like the last month of this summer might be a big one for all the Scorpio babes. As the planets will be instigating you to welcome change into your life. I feel like if in the future you would think back  to this year you might come to realize that this was a time of shedding old skin and abandoning the old. Whether it be letting go of limiting beliefs, boundaries set up by the society, expectations, or old ways of thinking. This is a time of realizations, reintervention, new ideas and fresh starts. So try to go into this month perspicaciously and open-mindedly. New beginnings are on the horizon waiting for you to open up your heart. It could also mean a possible new love-interest might be coming your way as the stars are in your favor with the planet Jupiter being in the 5th house of your sign. Jupiter usually plays the role of improving and elevating relationships if you happen to have an Owner already. But if you’re a girl who’s still looking for her forever-key-holder,  know that the position of the planets at this time creates a perfectly hospitable environment for an exciting whirlwind romance if only you open yourself and your legs up to happenstance. Everything happens for a reason after all…



As one of the only four fixed signs just like Leo, this new season in the fiery sign will feel quite welcoming for you girls. You will be feeling confident and in your element as the week goes on. That means this is a great time to return to your roots and do whatever makes you feel as feminine as possible. Try losing yourself in your girliness by putting on some makeup, a sexy set of lingerie, a pair of pumps, a minidress, and just relish the warm feeling it brings you. Being able to enjoy every detail of your femininity is a big part of being a woman. Another great way to align with your feminine side is to please yourself. Dig up your favorite toy, get plugged, light some candles, and gently play with your clit. Give your cherry the attention it deserves. Relax and appreciate the Universe bringing you back a sense of self.



 As the first half of the month has been all about pleasure and popping your pussy you have most likely been feeling fairly comfortable and at peace with your slutty self. After all, embracing your sexiness is what comes to mind when you think of a typical Scorpio girl. So for the second part of this month I would encourage you girlies to start digging deeper. Explore the emotional side of things for a change. 

 I know, I know, emotional- ew, right? But try it out first and see how it makes you feel inside, for once not being the invulnerable girl you strive to see in the mirror. Actually, good chance you’ll find some comfort in knowing how to be a softer type of woman. Being gracious, delicate, and feeble is actually rather befitting for a proper lady once you’ve figured out how to handle your emotions and put these qualities into use. It might turn out to be very eye-opening and advantageable, one saddened look of a damsel in distress – and he’s already carrying you in his arms..




As the Cancer season has been extremely intimate for all the sexy Scorpios it seems like the latter part of this season will bring you loads more fun and experimentation in your love life. So, take what you learned from last week and again, don’t be tentative in trying out new things with your partner or just for yourself, if you’re still in search of a master/mistress.. Actually, spicing things up solo can be just as exciting if not even more. Having a night to yourself and your clit might be exactly what you need during this time. It will help bring your focus back on things that really matter. Like your own pussy and pleasure. As the Sun in the sensitive sign of Cancer could’ve been riling you up. So try to take this energy and put it into good use and let yourself enjoy being the alluring woman that you are deep inside. Pushing your boundaries just an inch by inch could be a good practice at this time too..



For the feisty Scorpio chicks the first week of July is going to be all about exploring yourself. At the beginning of the week you will be enthroned by the positive Moon and Jupiter. That means your inner strength will be indestructible, as well as your inner slut. You won’t be bothered by the little things and will get to enjoy life as it is. Including your clitty pleasures – actually, that cute thing of yours is the only little thing you’ll be bothering about this week. So take a deep look inside, figure out what brings you joy, explore your fantasies, and take avail of this great time. Complete a masturbation assignment, try out that new vibrator you’ve been eyeing, and relish being the slut that you are.

Seems like this would also be a good time to tap into some light pain play and gentle humiliation to finish off the receptive water sign season right. As it’s the time to follow your curiosity and intuition.