I hope you Piscerian girlies made the most of the past week as it was the best time for you to show just how hard-working and determined you really are. I know your panties are already drenched and clitties aching for some freedom and a few soft strokes but you have to keep in mind not to let the temptations get to you. I can sense that this week, the Universe wants to test you a bit to see just how committed you actually can be. And what would be a better way to test that strength of yours than to start off the new week by watching as many sissy porn videos as you can while keeping your little dainty hands out of your panties. It’ll be hard, trust me I know but it will also be so very rewarding after you prove to the Universe and to yourself that you really are a good, obedient girl to the core. And what makes it even better is the start of Locktober at the end of this week! So go into the new week embodying that strongest most determined woman inside of you and I’m sure you’ll be glad you did…




This week seems to be an important one for you girlies. It’s going to be the prime time for growth in any area of your choosing. Although, you have to keep in mind that growth doesn’t always point to expansion in such a literal sense. For you my babes, growth could mean shrinkage in some areas instead. For that reason, I’d encourage you girls to keep those cages locked nice and tight indefinitely. The ongoing Mercury retrograde in the sign of Libra also seems to be suggesting you to be cautious and mindful of your actions. I know how exciting it could get when you try out a new dildo for example and it slides in so smoothly that you surprise yourself making you want to go even bigger and bolder. But that’s where it could go wrong. Don’t get me wrong, I would be more than happy to see you girls so eagerly wanting to stretch out your pussies that you jump up 3 sizes at a time but it could lead you to burn out. That’s why it’s better to go step by step and ease into the process. That way you’ll get even further more confidently. Plus, it’ll feel a lot more rewarding if you take into account how hard you’ve worked that pussy to get there.




During this week I can see you Piscerian girlies getting down and dirty. With the ongoing Virgo season along with Mercury doing its backwards dance all you girls will be thinking about is when the next chance to get sweaty on the bedroom floor will be… Mercury retrograding through the sexy sign of Libra will be forcing out your inner most sluttiest side. So you girls are in for a very racy week, I see. Your clitties will be drenched at all times no matter the time or the place and your pussies will just be aching, begging, and screaming for a fill of a thick, creamy load. That’s why, I think it would be best if you sluts got ready for the week ahead by doing all your girly rituals just before Monday to close off the intense first week of school, and to start this week off on the right foot. So shave your legs, shave your lady-parts, do a little scrub, a nice soothing facemask, and your mani-pedis. Because a slutty girl doesn’t mean a girl that doesn’t take care of herself. You have to know how to be that hot and well-kept little slut with a skilled set of pouty lips and a smooth pussy that’s ready for a stretching day and night, of course!



It’s back to school season, babes! And I know you hard working Pisces girlies love this time of the year. So I think it’s time for you to put on your shortest schoolgirl skirt, put your hair up in a cute little bun, throw on some stockings, and a pair of nice heels to look your best for the first day back in school. And no, I didn’t forget about the top, I figured you’d look better with just a lovely lacy white bra on instead. I’m certain that’ll help you get to the top of the class in your teacher’s eyes for sure. I mean, extra points in fashion are just as important as the ones you’d get for following through with your daily habits and keeping your training books up to date! Plus, showing up on the first day of school looking like a Billion bucks could get you noticed by the Head Mistress herself too. So I think it’s definitely worth a shot to put 100% of your fashion skills to work to start off the new school year on the right foot in a killer pair of heels. 




This week in Virgo season seems to be all about relationships and the roles you play in them, for you Piscerian girls. I can sense that this week, you will be pulled out of your usual romanticizing way of seeing things and you’ll start to see things and people for what and who they are. That means you’ll be able to evaluate your relationships depending on the pros and cons, one might say. Is the person you’re devoting all of your time to worthy of it, are they reciprocating the energy you give out, are you the one who’s always giving and giving but never receiving? Not even a slap on your ass? This could turn out to be a vulnerable time for you girls, but you have to keep in mind- vulnerability is one of the most admirable traits in a woman. So don’t shy away from conversations that might come up during this time leaving you feeling exposed in a way. Embrace and embody the softness of your spirit and don’t deprive the world of your gracefulness, you little angels.



Time to crawl out of your shell Pisces babes! With the new week fresh in Virgo season I can sense you girls trying to break out of a rut. With the ambitious and goal-oriented energy coming in with this new season I feel like you’ll finally be able to make a break-through of some kind. That could mean you are finally leveling up your girliness to its full extent. You might come to a realization that something you’ve been working hard on and trying to manifest is finally here. Whether it be fitting in that new cage you’ve been trying to fit into for ages now, or having your first strut down the stairs in those killer stilettos you’ve been dying to wear. Whatever it might be, that your little clits and big hearts desire, this week seems to be bringing it closer than ever. So go on and have fun, you deserve it, sugar!



This week I feel like you babes might find yourself in situations that might bring up a bit of fear. Fear of rejection, fear of making someone mad at you, or fear of not being enough. But, I would hope that you girls know exactly where this is going by now. Because isn’t that feeling of dread and anxiousness something you can use? Something you can use to please a specific someone and be on their good side. The truth is, the more you fear the more dedicated you’ll be to serve, after all. That’s why I’m not going to warn you, per se,  about these feelings that might be coming up this week. I know you all have a side in you that wants to be petrified and must be put in her place. That being said I think the best way for you girls to get ready for this week ahead would be to put on your most submissive pair of heels and you might as well buckle up that choker yourself, you’re in for one hell of a week!



This week I’m sensing you girls being called by the Universe to take off the rose tinted glasses. It’s time for you to see the given situation for what it is. That could mean putting your high heels back on the ground and being realistic for a minute. You should try not to get too overwhelmed with the energy leaning towards you on the days ahead. I know it might sound scary as you’re used to living in a dreamland filled with glitter and daydreams about cute boys but it could mean it’s just time for you to set realistic and attainable feminization goals for yourself. So you girls better get out your training books once again, but this time, try taking a look at it in a sensible and logical way. With the rush and eagerness the planets gave you last week it might be practical to take another peek at your progress from a different perspective along with a new fierce mindset. So dig up your hottest secretary outfit and put your big girl panties back on babes!



The beginning of this new month seems to be very beneficial in your education section for all the Pisces girls studying at the Academy. The whole month of August will be promising if you’ve been waiting to see results. So by the end of this month you can expect to feel your feminine persona coming out more and more and feel like things are finally clicking and moving forward. If, of course, you keep up the work you’ve been doing to achieve your feminization goals. So this would be a good time to dust off your training books and better work bitch! Take a look at the progress you’ve already made and see which parts of the woman you want to become need more attention. That way it’ll be easier for you to set precise goals for yourself and of course, your clitty. If, for example you’ve been wondering about the ins and outs of anal then I think this is the week for you to get started with it. All good girls always stay after hours. Plus, being an expert at anal sounds pretty fun to me…



This week the planet of dreams, hopes, and desires – Neptune, will be in your sign, Pisces. Which is simultaneously the home sign of Neptune as well. That means this part of the month will be extremely lucky for you girls. So this is the perfect time to dream big, set clear intentions, and goals for your sissy self. Let yourself enjoy being the girl who’d rather daydream all day long and float through the days and nights imagining your perfect life. It’s a part of who you truly are so why shut it down all the time. Romanticizing your life and making up scenarios of the guy you fancy is something every girl does, even if it’s not as obvious as it is for you Piscerian girls. So don’t feel bad about it. And as we all know every goal starts off with a dream. So dream big and keep your head up in the clouds, you and your clitty will get everything you desire soon enough. And you know what can set a proper mood for a proper reverie? You guessed it, a beautiful tranquil spa day. Bubble bath, skin & hair care bottles, shaving / waxing stuff, candles, a facemask, and a glass of Rosé. Happy dreams, girl!



 This week all the gracious Pisces natives should stay determined like they did last week but try not to be too hard on yourself. This week I’d advise you to rather take a little step back and look at your journey. Assess your own progress a bit and think out your goals. Have you been making the right decisions to move forward and reach whatever it is your feminine side desires? 

 Also, be sure to get some physical activities this week as your mind could be a bit clouded with the new flaming Leo season. Doing cardio is a great way to ease your mind and let out some steam. Whether it be getting your sweat on in between the sheets or something even more outgoing and exciting. A spontaneous cardio session with a hot guy out in the wild could be exactly what you need to cut some anxiety loose. Throwing on a tight yoga set will definitely add some proper workout vibes. 




This new week will bring in a lot of strong-will and intense determination to succeed for all the Pisces.It seems like any challenge you might face you’ll just squash with your stiletto heels.. You know what, with all of the sissy power you are bound to possess this week, edging could be just the perfect pastime for you. Don’t you just love the rush of getting all worked up and then cooling down so you could do it over and over again.. You could save the release for the weekend as a treat for yourself to really show your determination and will-power. First frustration, then pleasure, right girls? But don’t forget to clean up after yourself too! I’d advise you to use your mouth for that occasion of course. Having a titbit to look forward to will surely add to the process.




Good news my little Pisces babes! This week is going to be your time to shine. This is the perfect time to get lost in that creative project you may have been thinking about for a while now. Let your imagination flow and enjoy doing something crafty. Play around with makeup or try to DIY something cute and girly. This will also be a great time to get back into yoga and be mindful. Let your body rest and clear your mind as it could’ve been clouded for some time now. Or you know the other way you might be familiar with to blow off some steam..

Manifest, manifest, and manifest! Your brain and your way of thinking plays a significant role in the way your days unfold. Keep up the good girl act and set clear intentions for yourself. Do you want to be a nice submissive sissy girl or are you in the mood to stir up some drama and be put in your place? Confidence is the key to success even if it’s not 100% genuine. As the saying goes- fake it till you make it! That’s what manifestation is all about. So, if you really think about it, daydreaming isn’t as bad as it’s usually made out to be, you just can’t let yourself get too oblivion into it.