I can’t really put my finger on what’s going on with you and the planets right now, but I’m guessing you’ve got an agreement of some sort going on with the Universe yourself. The planets seem to be instigating another week filled with clitty-tingles, pretty things and cute guys for you girlies. Now, I’m curious to know what you’ve promised to do in order to get these 3 full weeks of extra play-time with and everything else that a girl could ever dream of. But what can I say, I guess you girls have just been on your best behaviour and you can’t fight the Universe after all. So, you might as well go with the flow and enjoy everything you’re being offered to the fullest. You better just hope that when all the fun is over you aren’t getting 3 weeks worth of punishment in return. Although, that might be getting some of you excited too with Locktober being right around the corner too… So in the grand scheme of things, there’s really no way of losing here, for you my Lion babes…




This week the stars seem to be highlighting the sector of your chart that rules all things buoyant. So it looks like everything that feels and looks good as well will be flowing in your way, my sweet Lion babes. You’ve always been known as the over-the-top, comfort-loving, luxurious girls and this week it looks like the stars are making you embody that posh girl inside of you to the fullest. So you don’t have to worry about the pleasures of the past week coming to an end just yet. I can see you babes enjoying the perks of being a pretty and a well-kept girl for a little while longer. So, tell me, why are you still sitting here? Go get dolled up and treat yourself to a nice dinner, with some good wine, and don’t limit yourself with the desserts either. A girl who treats herself has to look like a treat herself too!  But of course you can’t forget about spoiling your other senses along with your taste buds also! Make sure to pamper your clitty and merit all the wonders of being a woman this week…



The last week of Virgo season looks very promising for you, Leo babes. It seems as if you will be continuing on nurturing your own needs in order to grow and get in touch with your inner girly self even more. This week the stars seem to be bringing you even more comfort and peace within, with your celestial ruler’s shift in the sign of Virgo. It’s almost as if the Universe is trying to remind you of all of your magical attributes and the beauty of who you are inside and out. So count your blessings and be grateful for this beautiful time the planets are offering you. To me it looks like the Universe has a soft spot for you girlies at this time. It seems like it also might be trying to make you reconnect with someone higher up. It might be your good-looking and kind of intimidating boss or someone special from your past who you admire and still look up to. So you girls better shape up and play fairly as well this week, and don’t forget to still be a good girl while you indulge in your girly pleasures.





With the ending of the wild transformational period the last few weeks were, this week on the other hand seems to be bringing you Leo chicks some cooler waves to ride. I can sense that this week with the beginning of Mercury retrograde in the sign of Libra combined with the ongoing Virgo season will finally be bringing you girls a sense of stillness. The days ahead will allow you to gather your thoughts and give you a chance to integrate all the change that has taken place the past weeks. I have a feeling that with all that’s been going on, your personal values and the way you look at life itself has begun to shift. You’re starting to see the smaller things in life and enjoy having time to yourself as opposed to the way you’ve usually been seen as. Don’t worry, that wild party girl is still there inside of you but now she knows when it’s her time to come out to shine. You’ve found another side to that girl instead. One that yes, would still be down for a night out with the girls any time but who also loves a good chill night in with just a wine glass in her hand, in a bath filled with bubbles, surrounded by candles filling the room with their sweet floral scent…




For all the Leo babes, this week in Virgo season will be about recentering yourself as some of you might be coming down with post-Leo-season blues. The earthy and more attuned to the world Virgo season offers you a good time to settle down for a minute. You can do that with your partner if you have one, or by yourself. Finding ways to accelerate your spiritual growth will be the best practice for this time. Activities that could help you do that are trying out a little cosplay or a new naughty game for example. Something that gets you excited and disconnected from reality for a minute in a way. Getting hot and heavy while pretending to be someone else could make you discover new things about yourself and leave you feeling even more connected to yourself, your femininity, and your clitty as it makes you see things from a new perspective. So go and find your sexy self by embodying someone else this week, ironic isn’t it?



With the end of your own season and the beginning of the humble and modest Virgo season I can see you girls getting real. There will be an energy coming towards you that’ll make you want to let down your hair and embrace the gloriousness of who you are deep down inside. This is the perfect time for you to rekindle the spark of your heart and open yourself up. Open up your heart along with your legs, and maybe even mouth to see what the world has to offer… Many great things start just by being open to change and by being true to yourself. With that welcoming and in your case, even alluring mindset, you’ll be able to start seeing everything you desire within your heart flooding your way. So take a quick look inside and stop cockblocking yourself, you might be doing it unconsciously you know. Spread your legs whenever there’s a chance and stop trying to hold back that inner slut of yours.



It’s time for you girls to finish off your big season with a big bang! Your season this year was a wild one, beginning with celebrations and big chances and coming to an end with a bit of chaos and trouble to spice things up. So I guess you could say this really was a time of embracing your true nature- sugar, spice with just a touch of sour. To wrap up this time of beautiful chaos I would encourage you girls to dedicate this whole week to you and yourself only. Have a day admiring your own beauty by dressing up, playing around with makeup, taking pictures, and dancing to girly tunes in your room as you relish being the gorgeous woman that you are. A day dedicated to your inner world pondering your thoughts, girly daydreams, your values, and desires. A day devoted to your tiny cherry giving it the gentle attention it deserves, pampering it with your favorite toys and cherishing it in all its glory wearing your softest pair of lacies… and so on. Enjoy these days ahead to the fullest and don’t let anything come in your way… unless the one cumming is you.



Another week of your big season babes, I hope you’ve been enjoying it as much as you can. Even though every day of your life seems like a celebration, just as it should be, being the way you girls are. We get it, we get it, you’re the most charming babe to walk into any room. But even the most angelic girlies have to do the dirty work from time to time when they get a chance to pull their heads out the clouds into the real world. So instead of letting your head down anytime there’s a miscalculation or things don’t go your way this week, try taking charge of the situation yourself. Being in the driver’s seat should come naturally to you, I mean you are a lion baby after all. So don’t let any mishaps get in your way on the days ahead either. I’m precise you girls can overcome just about anything even if the whole Universe might be trying to have some fun at your expense with the planets bringing a bit of chaotic energy upon you. So put on your game face, your favourite set of lingerie, a pair of high heels, and gracefully strut into the new week with confidence and good intentions.



The second week of your big season seems to be making you girls feel right at home with all the attention and scrutiny you and your little clitty must be getting. As you’re used to being the one in the spotlight and taking the lead in everything you do. Although, this time of the month it feels like you might also be very prone to getting a big head and maybe a little too assertive. So I would definitely encourage you girls to tone down the boldness for a bit here and try to find that softer side in you again. Being a gentle girl with the mindset of a lion might turn out to be a bit dangerous for all the boys out there trying to get into your panties but you must know – that’s how you turn it into your own advantage. You have to play the game or the game plays you. That means this is the perfect time for you to try finding a balance between the ferocious, rebellious girl who just wants a dick in her mouth followed by some hard punishment on her ass, and the girl who truly desires only one thing in her heart- to find herself a Mistress whose wishes are her command. 



LEO HOROSCOPE | JULY 4TH WEEK (25th to 31st) 

 It’s the first week of your season my little lion babies! YAY time to celebrate! I know a good way to start off your season would definitely be sucking down on an alpha cock.. So if the opportunity arises, take it!! The whole theme for your new season is taking action, having fun, and big chances. And I think you know what big here stands for.. 

 This week you should seek and grasp as much pleasure and satisfaction as you can. You damn well deserve it, sugar..  Be sure to aid your own wants and needs first but don’t forget to give out as much as you take in as well. Meaning this is a great time to practice giving yourself the pleasure you merit but also making sure to please the ones who are worthy of it as well. Besides, serving others, making your Mistress or Master proud and content – doesn’t it fall under the category of sissy pleasures? Hopefully by now, getting down on your knees for a man is something that comes naturally to you girls. 



LEO HOROSCOPE | JULY 3RD WEEK (18th to 24th) 

This is going to be your week my lovely Leo girls! Your season is starting at the end of this week so the beginning of the week would be a great time to prepare yourself for the new season ahead. Tie up any loose ends and finish any projects you’ve been putting off so you could go into the new season with a clear mind and a sharp perspective. For example, if by some unspeakable happenstance you have a few unread sissy training emails or girly assignments from our Trainers you are yet to fulfill, do it now! After all, there’s always a new page to turn on your feminization journey. And a fresh start. A fresh start could be something you might’ve been longing for. A brand-new set of sexy lingerie along with a pair of killer stilettos could help you set off the week in the right tone as well. 

As much as you Leo ladies love yourself you do also have a lot of compassion for others. Your ability to balance things out is admirable and you should take pride in that! So don’t waste time pitying yourself over past situations and go into the week with set intentions to make peace. Trust your feminine intuition. No one holds a grudge like you anyway so you’ve got a head-start with that already.



LEO HOROSCOPE | JULY 2ND WEEK (11th to 17th) 

It’s almost your time to shine Leo bitches. Not that you aren’t shining every day of the year anyway. But this week will be a great time to get ready for your season. As it’s the prime time to do whatever sets your big souls and little clits on fire. And no, I don’t mean that literally.. Although, I know that probably got some of you excited. 

This week I would advise you to take things nice and easy and not get too excited just yet. As the Sun is in your 12th house at this time and also in the emotional sign of Cancer. Spend time relaxing doing something calming and grounding, mentally as well as physically. Be gentle on your clitty or keep it locked up all together just so it wouldn’t be so tempting. As it’s usually pretty easy for you to spend your days head high up in the clouds. Get a massage or have yourself a little spa day to prepare for the big season.


LEO HOROSCOPE | JULY 1ST WEEK (4th to 10th) 

Venus, the ruling planet of your 10th house, will stay in it, making you gain a lot of strength at the workplace for Leo babes. Which means it’s a great time to take a closer look at your professional life. Are you enjoying the career path you’re on or is your heart pounding for something else? You could try out different career pursuits and search up ways to execute them. I feel like there’s an itch you’re longing to scratch but haven’t quite figured out what it is yet.  For example, if you’re a cam girl but feel like you’re depriving the world of your presence, maybe look into becoming a porn star. There are so many ways of how a good-looking, ambitious girl can make it in life. You just have to get started and soon enough you’ll find what you’ve been seeking for all your life.