Benefits of Chastity

For such a simple thing, the benefits a sissy can gain from wearing chastity are astounding! If you’re reading this then chances are you’re at least a little curious about locking your “cock” 😉 so let’s look at some of the plus points you can expect when you take the plunge, admit you should be locked and order a chastity cage.

Focus on your sissification 

Once you can’t stroke anymore you can focus on approaching your body in a much more feminine manner. All that wasted time can be much more productively spent on your sissification.

This can be done when you’re unlocked but when you’re in a cage, it becomes the norm instead of an optional extra that you need to work at.

It’s easier to focus on fashion or makeup when you’re locked (because you’re not going to get distracted by the pretty ladies) and watching porn becomes something inspirational that you can learn from instead of something to get yourself off too. Chastity wearing can be difficult and uncomfortable at first. We have created a chastity class for beginners so that you could extend your locking time from few hours to few months.

Purge resistance

I’ve lost count of the number or e-mails and DM I get saying “I really want to be a proper sissy but every time I cum, I lose the urge”. A lot of times when I point out, “then stop coming” it’s like I said the moon is made of elephants! 

Many, many sissies get stuck in a cycle of starting their sissification, then they release and pause things (or swear off it forever) and a week or two passes and they start again. Locking yourself safely away stops all of this. 

Once you can’t have a release, you can progress past this and reach the point where purging (and even the threat of purging) simply disappears because your sissy side becomes accepted as a valid part of your identity.

Stress relief

I imagine you’ve heard that jerking off relieves stress and this is true but pretty much any aerobic activity is equally as good. Locking yourself up can cause a little tension in the short term as your body adapts to the cage and it’s new situation, but after a couple of days your base level of stress will drop significantly.

An erect cock is a cause of stress and erotic tension because it’s a sign that you need to do something and it’s constantly calling out for your attention. Once you remove your ability to become erect, that stress ceases to exist and even better, your mood will even out a lot. 
And we have a comfy cage available now

Emotional responsiveness

When you’re locked your ego gets suppressed and this makes it a lot harder for you to feel angry or frustrated and you’ll be able to hear your emotions much more clearly. This is something a lot of sissies are surprised by even though it goes hand in hand with what we’ve just talked about. Once you’re locked you become much more emotionally available and caring. 

One of our student’s wrote to tell us that they’d realised that once they’d started to wear a cage regularly, they had begun to focus more on the needs of others which had benefited their marriage and their work.


Not being at the beck and call of your clit gives you so much free energy that you won’t know what to do with it all. A lot of sissies lose weight when they start wearing a cage and it’s because they become much more in touch with their body and their new found energy makes exercise much more appealing. 


Your sissy sexuality will become supercharged. Everyone (hopefully) knows that if you can’t release your arousal will climb and climb but the things you watch and read and listen too will become so much more arousing and impactful too. 

Imagine you’re watching a sissy hypno video. Text is flashing up, “you’re not a man”, “feminize yourself”, “no pussy for you” and so on. Just watching this normally is hot, and it’s how a lot of people find their way to sissification, but watching it when you’re locked makes it so much hotter!

When you’re wearing a cage you’re not a man because you can’t fulfill the sexual role of a male. You’ve already started to feminize yourself and of course there’s no pussy for you, you’ve locked yourself in a cage! Chastity makes it hotter because it makes it real.


As well as making it so much easier for you to work on your sissygasm (because you can’t “slip” when you’re bouncing on a dildo and “accidentally” start stroking when you’re locked), when you do unlock after a while in chastity any releases, you have will blow your silly sissy mind. Whether you stroke, use a vibrator or just come in your panties because the sensation of them rubbing on your sissy clit is too much, locking yourself up for at least a week will give you mind blowing orgasms.

This will also push you to lock for longer…if it’s that good after a week, how about two…or a month…or a year?

If you don’t have any experience but want to get started, our “Chastity Training: Beginner” course will talk you through picking out the right cage to start with and build you up so you can lock for a week.

If you’re comfortable with the basics, look into our “Locked in chastity” assignments which let you pick how long you want to be locked for and keep you horny with daily tasks.

What are you waiting for? If you want the benefits, you need to start locking yourself!
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9 thoughts on “Benefits of Chastity

  1. Lack ts says:

    First thing, I want to thank you for accepting me into the school, I am very interested in sharpening my feminine mannerisms, and I find relentless happiness when in femme, I have developed superb edging skills , will a device for locking be required to complete the course? I ask sincerely, also I am open to prove my skills I have developed over the years if so please know I mean no disrespect,I am on a fixed income and only work part time do know that I will buy if you see fit my feminization I have decided to put first for a change, while some men will find great satisfaction, I adore the way my panties fit when I am tucked i sometimes go for many months never releasing I so enjoy being in ,femme I discovered the benefits of Chasity some time ago, how ever if mistress desires I shall order the device.thank you again for accepting me ,I know I have a lot to learn yet ,peace and love every one .

  2. Nessa Rodgers says:

    I had always said chastity wasn’t for me in my previous and failed attempts at coming to terms with my self as a CD and/or sissy. Last night though I bought a cute little pink cage along with two good sized dildos and some buttplugs from Sissy Lover to assist me in my training at the Sissy Academy.

    I am *so* excited to try it on, it can’t come fast enough.

  3. Missy100599 says:

    Hello I keep myself in the holy trainer V4 Nano tube. I’ve been in sense September 1 2020. I started the Sissy Academy November 1 2020. I am doing my morning routines. I’m on day 11. I take my chastity off off for my morning routine. After the routine I put myself back in the chastity without any orgasm. After the first 30 days I’ve been trying to achieve sissygasm through self penetration. I was hoping chastity would help. In 2 month I have not been able to sissygasm. Hoping I may be able to get help here. Thank you.

  4. julie says:

    Locking for a week to 10 days now. Going to get small pink cage to wear as it seems proper to replace my clear one. Looking for best milking toy now. Thank you

    • missy says:

      Hi Julie. I found if you stay away from transparent or open cages was best for me. This way I can’t see my clitty and if I can’t see my clitty I tend not to pay attention to it and tend to forget about it. I’m still looking for the best milking toy. Good luck…..

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